Electric Van Insurance

5 star rated insurance for your electric or hybrid van

Our comprehensive cover now includes 
New Vehicle Replacement as standard.

What's covered?

5 Star Van Insurance from Admiral

5 Star rated comprehensive Van Insurance

Our comprehensive cover has Defaqto's highest 5 Star rating.

Great reasons to choose Admiral Electric Van Insurance

Our comprehensive electric van insurance is crammed with these great features and benefits as standard.

9.3/10 for our service

Customers score our customer service staff 9.3/10 (average 2021 SMS responses)

Electric and hybrid battery cover

Batteries covered for accidental damage, fire and theft.

Protection for charging equipment

Cables covered for accidental damage, fire or theft.

Our Electric Van Insurance is crammed with features and benefits

Buying van insurance isn’t all about the chapest price (although we do like a good deal when we see it). Remember to compare cover and features, and make sure it meets your needs. As standard, Admiral cover includes...

Your Questions Answered

We hope you’ve found everything you need, but maybe you have a few questions. You can find answers in this section.

Do I need specialist insurance for an electric van?

No. While you can choose to take out dedicated electric vehicle insurance if you wish, we’re working to normalise EV ownership as much as possible. And this means you needn't take out any kind of specialist van insurance.

Is electric van insurance cheaper?

EV buyers may wonder whether insurance is cheaper on electric vans, but all sorts of things can affect the cost of your electric van insurance.

Your choice of van is one of them, as is the fact that electric vans offer a different driving experience. Peak pulling power is available from a standstill, meaning they often offer surprising acceleration, all in relative silence.

What happens if I'm leasing the battery?

To reduce the cost of buying an electric van, some manufacturers offer the chance to buy the van and lease its battery separately. However this is less common now since technology has improved and batteries last longer.

Let us know when taking out your policy if you're leasing the battery. If the van is written off, we need to make sure the payouts for the van and its battery go to their respective owners. If you own the battery, its value is combined with that of your van – this then makes up your van's market value.

What if someone trips over my charging cable?

If you're charging your van while it's parked in the street, it’s possible that a member of the public might trip over your van’s charging cable. This opens you up to allegations of negligence and a personal injury claim.

You’re covered against this under Section 1 of your Admiral Van Insurance ('Liability to other people'), as long as you've taken reasonable steps to prevent such an accident or injury from occurring.

The cables would be covered if they were bought as part of the van. Aftermarket cables aren't covered unless they were a direct replacement from the manufacturer.

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New Vehicle Replacement

Comprehensive Van Insurance policies sold from 1 February 2019 include Vehicle Replacement cover as standard.

If your vehicle is 12 months old or less and you're the first registered keeper and the vehicle:

  • Is stolen and unrecovered or
  • Suffers damage that's covered by the policy and the cost of repair is more than 59% of the current UK list price (including VAT)

We'll replace your vehicle with one of the same make, model and specification, as long as anyone else with interest in your vehicle agrees.

If we settle a claim under this section, the lost or damaged vehicle becomes our property.

What isn't covered:

  • Any vehicle where the original purchase invoice is not availabe
  • Any vehicle which was not supplied as new in the UK
  • Any vehicle purchased under a finance or lease agreement where ownership does not pass on to you
  • Vehicles sold as 'ex demonstrators' and 'nearlyne'
  • Campervans and motorhomes

If you don't want us to replace your vehicle or a vehicle of the same make, model and specification is not available from stock held in the UK, we'll pay you the market value at the time of loss (less any excess applicable).

Pick the right cover and policy upgrades for your van