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Things to tell us about

What do I need to specify on my policy and what will happen if I don't?

A specified item is any high-risk item that exceeds the ‘Unspecified item limit’ and therefore must be listed on your Home Policy Schedule. Please tell us if any high-risk item with a value of more than the ‘Unspecified item limit’ needs to be shown in your policy documents

Do I need to tell you if I have made changes to my outbuildings? (e.g. garages/sheds converted into an office, bar, or home gym).

Yes. Please tell us about any changes to your property.

How do I make a change to my cover?

If you need to make changes to your cover, simply log into your MyAccount or contact us using the information in this link.

What if my circumstances change?

You must tell us about changes like moving home, renovations, renting or leaving your property unoccupied. Please refer to the "Keeping your policy up to date" section of the policy book for the full list and details of when the policy must be updated and how to do this.

If I claim for a specified item, do I need to tell you about the replacement?

If you lose or damage a specified item and is replaced as part of a claim, we will remove the item from the policy as it will no longer require cover. If the replacement is over the unspecified limit, you will need to specify the new item with our Customer Services Department. If the claim is validated and you receive vouchers or a cash settlement and choose NOT to replace the item you will not need to take any action.

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What our Home Insurance covers

What is accidental damage?

Accidental damage is the sudden, unexpected and visible loss or damage which has not been caused deliberately.

Am I covered for accidental damage?

Accidental damage to your Buildings/Contents is only standard to the Platinum tier of policy however, don’t worry, if you wish to add this onto to your Admiral or Gold tier policy simply request it at the point of sale or during your policy term to upgrade.

What is wear and tear and is it covered under my policy?

Wear and tear is not covered under the home insurance policy. It refers to damage which is caused by anything that happens gradually. For example, this could be as a consequence of wet or dry rot, gradual exposure to sunlight or other atmospheric conditions, the house settling in the ground over time, or mould, mildew, rust, or corrosion.

What is matching items cover and when does it apply?

Matching items cover is included on Platinum tier cover. This covers you for the replacement of undamaged items if a part of a set is damaged and Admiral are unable to find a replacement. For example, bathroom suites, fitted kitchens, or floor coverings.

How do you decide if there has been a storm and are gates, fences, and hedges covered?

The policy definition of storm is wind with gusts of at least 48 knots (55mph), heavy rainfall at a rate of at least 25mm per hour, snow to a depth of at least 30cm in 24 hours, or hail that causes damage to hard surfaces or breaks glass.

Loss or damage to any gate, fence or hedge is not covered if it is damaged by storm. However, please check in your policy booklet if you are claiming for a different claim cause.

What is new for old?

If your claim is valid and an item is replaced rather than repaired, the item will be replaced as if it is brand new rather than second hand.

Are my bicycle and its accessories covered?

There is standard policy cover (please see limits in your Policy Schedule) for bicycles and their accessories. There are some circumstances however where it is necessary to add your bicycle as a specified item. You can find out more about how to contact us to do this by clicking here.

Are my musical instruments covered and do I need to specify them?

Musical items are covered under your policy as a High Risk Item. Please be aware that if the item exceeds the unspecified limit (this can be found in your Policy Schedule), it will need to be specified under the terms of your policy. You can find out more about how to contact us to do this by clicking here.

What if my TV model is not still in manufacture, will you settle my claim at the same amount that I paid for it?

If your television is no longer manufactured we will look to provide you with a similar replacement with the same specification. If this is not possible, your claims handler will discuss your options with you.

Is my mobile phone covered under my household policy and do I need to specify it?

A mobile phone is classed as a high risk item and cover is available under the contents policy for it. If your mobile phone is worth more than the unspecified items limit (which can be found in your Policy Schedule) there may be a requirement to specify it on your policy. You can find out more about how to contact us to do this by clicking here.

What if I have a leak and can't see where it is coming from?

Sometimes leaks can happen where we can't see them. If you suspect there may be a leak within your home, and you are a Gold or Platinum tier customer, you may have cover to remove or replace any part of the buildings to resolve this under trace and access cover (subject to policy limits). If you need to make a claim please contact us using the contact details by following this link.

I've recently had some work done to my home which is poor. Am I covered?

Faulty workmanship, installation, or design are not insured under the home policy. However, there may be cover under the Family Legal Protection policy for attempting to resolve issues such as this. Full details can be found in your Policy Wording.

Is damage by pests/pets covered under my policy?

Your policy does not cover damage caused by pets (chewing, scratching, tearing, fouling or vomiting), and neither is there cover for any damage by insects or pests.

What is 'cover away from home', is it included on my policy?

This element of the policy covers personal possessions (for the Platinum tier of cover) and items you have specified individually (on all tiers of cover) when you take them away from your home. If you would like to add this to your Admiral or Gold tier policy, request it when purchasing your policy or it can be added during your policy term. More information on how to do this can be found here.

What is the difference between my business equipment and my personal equipment?

Business equipment are items that is used mainly for you or your family's profession, business, trade or employment, or belongs to your employer. used for commercial purposes. Personal equipment are items that are owned and used by you for recreational purposes.

How can I prepare for winter storms?

Information about how to prepare your home for winter can be found here.

Do you cover renovations or improvements to my home?

The purpose of insurance is to cover you for unexpected loss or damage to your home or contents. Unless the renovation is a repair as a result of damage caused by one of the elements covered by your policy, this would not be covered. In the event you wish to make a claim, please contact us as soon as possible.

What does buildings insurance cover?

Buildings is considered as your home and its permanent fixtures and fittings. Further information about this can be found in the 'Definitions' section of your policy wording.

What does contents insurance cover?

Contents are considered to be household goods, high risk items, and personal belongings which you or your family own, or are legally responsible for. On our policies tenant's fixtures and fittings are also considered contents. Further information about what is and is not included as contents can be found in the 'Definitions' section of your policy wording.

What’s subsidence and am I covered for it?

Subsidence is when the ground below your home sinks. It puts your home at risk of damage as the foundations can drop, resulting in movement. This can cause cracking in your walls and floors and across different structures, such as the main home and an outbuilding, e.g., garage, porch, or conservatory.

We offer cover for loss and damage caused by subsidence, heave, and landslip, with some exclusions applicable to this cover.

If you suspect your home is suffering from subsidence, then contact us to discuss the best course of action.

Find out more about subsidence.

What causes subsidence?

There are several potential causes of subsidence; 

  1. Shrinking and swelling of clay soil, made worse by the roots of nearby trees extracting moisture. This results in dryness of the soil and downward movement of the foundations, causing cracking.
  2. Gravel and sand-like soil being washed away by a leaking water or drainage pipe.
  3. Movement of different soils underneath the foundations of your home. Where movement occurs, this may result in subsidence.
  4. Soils such as peat may decompose, resulting in ground movement.

If you suspect your home is suffering from subsidence, then contact us to discuss the best course of action.

Find out more on subsidence.

How do I spot subsidence?

Cracks caused by subsidence are commonly diagonal or vertical and are usually wider at the top and taper to a point. Wrinkling or creasing of internal wallpaper is also a common sign of subsidence.

If you suspect your home is suffering from subsidence, then contact us to discuss the best course of action.

Find out more on subsidence.

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The claims process

How long will my claim take take?

This depends on the multiple factors, like the complexity of the claim, the availability of evidence, and the type of repair or replacement that is needed. If you have to register a claim, the claims handler you speak to will be able to explain the steps of the claims process in more detail.

Is it worth me making a claim?

We're not able to suggest whether or not you should make a claim. However, our claims handlers are available to answer any questions you may have to help you better understand how the claims process works.

How do you decide whether my item is repaired or replaced?

There are a number of ways that a claim can be fulfilled; these include repairing an item, replacing an item, restoring (cleaning) an item, providing vouchers, or to pay you the cost to undertake repairs, replace, or restore your home or belongings. We will also take into consideration policy limits and the sum you have asked us to insure you for (both available in your Home Proposal Document).

Can I just replace the item or complete the repair and send you the invoice? What about emergency repairs?

Your policy requests that you notify us of your claim as soon as possible, where we can help by giving advice, guidance, and validate your claim. If you proceed with repairs prior to informing us, it may limit the amount of information we have to validate your claim and may result in your claim being turned down, or your settlement being decreased.

However, if you need to undertake emergency repairs to limit the damage happening to your home we may be able to reimburse you for reasonable costs for this by sending us a copy of the receipt/invoice and the claim is validated.

Why have you appointed a supplier to deal with my claim?

Suppliers are appointed to assist us in validating and resolving your claim. We use loss adjustors and surveyors to visit your property and validate claims. If the claim is accepted, we have a network of specialist suppliers who can then work together on restoring the various parts of your home or contents. We also have other suppliers that can assist with electronics, alternative accommodation, glazing and locks, and many more.

What information will you need from me to support my claim?

We may ask you for information to support your claim such as: receipts, invoices, or valuations dated before the item was insured, instruction booklets, photographs, or details of where and when an item was purchased. Please don't throw away the damaged item as it could help us settle your claim faster. If you do not provide documents to support your claim it may limit the amount you can claim for or result in your claim being turned down.

Can I have a cash payment to settle my claim?

If a cash settlement is requested and agreed, we will pay in cash or vouchers up to the amount we could repair, restore or replace the item for.

Can I use my own trades if I want to?

Once your claim has been validated, we will discuss options on how to best settle your claim with you. We will often agree for you to use your own tradesperson if this is what you would like to do provided that their costs are reasonable. We do this by asking for at least 2 detailed estimates and compare this to our own supplier network.

Should I get estimates/quotes before making a claim?

If you experience a situation that you wish to claim for, please notify us as soon as reasonably possible. If you are not sure whether to make a claim you can obtain quotes to help you decide. Please remember though, your policy requires you to limit the damage that is occurring to your home and we'd ask that the estimates/quotes are produced by a qualified person in the particular field of repair.

We are always here for you and if you change your mind or you would like to register a claim, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Excesses and renewals

What's my excess?

If you are an existing customer, you can find all your total excess amounts in your Policy Schedule by logging into MyAccount

How do I know which excess applies to my claim?

Your total excess is made up of a compulsory excess and the voluntary excess you chose when you purchased your policy. If you make a claim for Escape of Water, Flood, or Subsidence a higher compulsory excess will apply.

If your claim involves both Buildings and Contents, the higher of the two excesses will apply.
To view your excesses please log into MyAccount to view your documents.

How does a claim impact my future premium?

If a claim is made on your policy it may have an impact on your future premium. At the point of claim, we are often unable to tell you what impact, if any, it will have. However, when your renewal package is sent, full details of the new premium will be included.

Where can I find the limits of my policy?

These can be found on your Home Proposal of Home Policy Schedule. These documents can be found in your MiClaim account or you can contact us if you require guidance.

If my limit is £1000, do I get £1000?

The amount of money you receive in settlement is not the maximum limit of that section of the policy. Instead it is the cost of the replacement/repair of the item net of any excess.

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Alternative accommodation

What is alternative accommodation?

Alternative accommodation and loss of rent is available if your home is not fit to be lived in because of an event covered under your policy. This part of the policy covers you for reasonable costs of temporary accommodation for you, your family and your pets, while your home is being repaired. It may also cover any ground rent you still have to pay, rent you would have received under a contract if your home were let (including short-term letting). Please check your policy booklet for the full terms and conditions of what is and what is not covered.

If I need to move out of my house, where will I go?

If your home is not habitable, we will discuss a number of options with you, these might include a hotel stay, short-term let etc. dependent on your personal circumstances.

I don’t want to move out, but I don’t have full facilities at my house. Can you help?

If you would rather not leave your home but it is safe to remain living there, we can help make you more comfortable by providing temporary washing, cooking or cleaning facilities or offer a payment to cover the inconvenience this causes. If you would like to look at this option rather than alternative accommodation and it is safe to do so, please speak to your Claims Handler.

What will happen to my pets if I need to move out?

Under the cover for alternative accommodation we will cover the reasonable cost of temporary accommodation for you, your family and your pets, while your home is being repaired. For full terms and conditions, please refer to your policy wording.

If I need to move out, will you reimburse me for additional expenses?

If the accommodation we provide creates additional costs you would not normally have in your everyday life, we may provide you with reimbursement of some costs (e.g. additional travel) provided that receipts are available.

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Home and boiler emergency

What is the difference between Boiler Emergency Cover and Home Emergency Cover?

Admiral Gold tier policy customer have Boiler Emergency Cover as standard, which covers 2 call outs per year for heating- or boiler-related emergencies.

Admiral Platinum tier policy customers have Home Emergency Cover as standard. It covers not only the same emergencies as boiler emergency cover but also has extra cover for various other causes, like plumbing, and drainage. Under this policy there is no limit to the number of claims you can make.

You can upgrade to Home Emergency Cover for Admiral and Gold-tier policies at the point of sale or during the term of your policy (further information can be found here).

My boiler will cost more to repair than replace, will you make a contribution to its replacement?

Boiler emergency and home emergency cover provides temporary repairs only, so there is no cover for a contribution to replace your boiler.

What happens if the cost of repair is more than the policy limit?

The cost of the claim is covered by Admiral up to the policy limit. If your temporary repair will cost more, Admiral may ask you to pay a contribution towards the repair. However, we will always discuss what options are best for you and other areas of cover that may exist within the policy that could help.

Is there an excess?

No excess applies for a boiler emergency or home emergency claim.

If I make a claim on my Boiler or Home Emergency policy, will this affect my premium?

Boiler emergency and home emergency claims do not usually affect price of your policy.

Can I get my own quotes so I can use my own tradesperson?

We are happy for you to use your own supplier to resolve your emergency, however, please contact us and notify our home emergency department beforehand.

My spare keys have been stolen and there's no damage to the doors. Will you replace my locks?

Theft of keys is not covered under your home emergency policy, however there may be cover under your main household policy. To find out how to register a home insurance claim for this please follow this link.

Can you replace my boiler?

Boiler and Home Emergency covers temporary repairs only. As such, a full boiler replacement is not covered under the terms of the policy.

Am I covered for other full repairs?

Boiler emergency and home emergency policies cover temporary repairs to protect you and your property from further damage. Full repairs are not covered under the terms of the policy.

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Family Legal Protection

What is family legal protection and what does it cover?

This cover is included as standard with your Platinum policy, but if wish to add it to your Admiral or Gold Tier policy please contact us. This cover considers the costs associated with appointing solicitors handle a range of legal matters. For full details of the cover, please refer to the 'Guide to Family Legal Protection' in your policy wording.

Why do you use a supplier for this type of policy?

Admiral uses a supplier for this service to ensure that you have the benefits of the specialist guidance, assistance, and representation you need.