Bicycle Cover

Protection for you and your family's bicycles

Whether you cycle to work or simply head out on two wheels on a sunny weekend, bicycle insurance will protect all the cycles in your household

What does bicycle insurance cover?

Bicycle insurance covers the loss or damage to you or your family's bike dependant on the level of cover you have chosen to take out with your home insurance policy. This may include cover for your bicycle at home or away from home.

All bicycles under the value of £350 are automatically covered inside the home under Contents Insurance. Here are a few more details to help you decide what policy is best for you.

Whose bicycles are insured?

The policy covers you and family members who live at the same address.

Insurance for bikes worth less than £350

All bikes under £350 are covered under Contents Insurance whilst inside your home.

During your quotation we will ask you if you need cover for personal possessions and bikes away from your home. Please tell us how much cover you need, including any bikes under £350 to ensure your bikes are covered away from your home.

If you choose our Platinum cover, there is £2,000 of Personal Possessions cover included as standard which covers bikes under £350 away from, and at home.

Insurance for bikes worth more than £350

Bikes over £350 must be individually specified on your policy.

Theft from Outbuildings is included in Admiral Gold and Admiral Platinum only. This cover is subject to policy limits.

Cover away from home varies across our three tiers:

  • Admiral - covered within Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands
  • Admiral Gold - Europe
  • Admiral Platinum - Worldwide

What is the maximum level of cover I can get?

If you have a number of bicycles, they will be covered for:

  • Admiral - Up to £2,500 (£2,000 per bicycle)
  • Admiral Gold - Up to £5,000 (£3,000 per bicycle)
  • Admiral Platinum - Up to £10,000 (£4,000 per bicycle*)

*We may be able to cover some bikes over this value subject to criteria, please call for a quote.

Looking for other policy upgrades?

Admiral offers great value, flexible policy upgrades across all our Home Insurance products.