Bicycle Cover

Protection for your and your family's bicycles

Whether you cycle to work or simply head out on two wheels on a sunny weekend, bicycle insurance will protect all the bikes in your household.

What does bicycle insurance cover?

Bicycle insurance covers loss or damage to your or your family's bikes depending on the level of cover you took out with your home insurance policy. This may include cover for your bicycle at home or away from home.

All bicycles worth up to £350 are automatically covered in and away from the home with Contents Insurance.

Whose bicycles are insured?

You and family members who live at the same address are covered.

Insurance for bikes worth up to £350

All bikes worth up to £350 are covered inside and away from the home if you buy Contents Insurance.

Insurance for bikes worth more than £350

Bikes worth more than £350 must be listed individually on your policy.

Cover away from home is optional on all tiers and provides cover anywhere in the world.

Ebike insurance

You won’t need separate insurance for electric bikes as they’re automatically covered under your Admiral Contents Insurance, as long as they don’t need a licence to be used on the road.

Just like regular bikes, if your electronic bicycle is worth more than £350 it’ll need to be listed individually on your policy. Optional cover away from home can be added too, and this will cover your ebike anywhere in the world.

There's no legal requirement for bicycle insurance, but getting the right insurance offers peace of mind that your wheels are covered against loss and damage. For more information, read our jargon-free guide to bike insurance.

We've also put together a cycling mythbuster to help cyclists and drivers share the the road harmoniously.

Looking for other policy upgrades?

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