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Coronavirus Advice

Please find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your cover below

Motor Insurance

I'm a motor customer and I'm eligible for the Stay at Home Refund, what do I need to do?

First of all, thank you for staying at home and helping keep everyone, particularly NHS frontline and key workers safe.

The great news is you don’t need to do anything, we'll take care of it. All refunds will be processed by the end of May and you will get a specific communication when we are ready to process yours, depending on how you pay for your Car insurance. If you do require further information, please click here.

What if I can't afford the Direct Debit payments for my motor insurance?

If you’re struggling to make your payments due to the impact of COVID-19, please let us know as soon as possible through one of the options on the contact us page (phone, webchat or email). 

Depending on your circumstances there are different ways we might be able to help, like:

  • Postponing the date payment is due
  • Changing your policy details to reflect your new circumstances (e.g. reduced mileage or fewer named drivers)
  • Removing any optional extras or policy upgrades you don’t need
  • Suspending your policy 
  • Cancelling your policy (if appropriate)

Can I stop my motor insurance payments while we're in lockdown?

If your policy is active we can’t stop your payments altogether but we can suspend them for 28 days and take the payment next month alongside your existing instalment. If you think you’ll be unable to make your payments it’s important to let us know as early as possible so we can discuss your options and see how we can help.

The monthly payment for my motor insurance is about to be rejected; will you charge me a fee for this?

No, we're waiving all payment rejection fees during the COVID-19 crisis. 

My monthly motor insurance payment has been rejected by my bank. What should I do now?

If your payment has been rejected by the bank, please contact us and our advisers will be able to help you in a way that's tailored to your needs.

I’m an NHS/emergency services/health care worker and I’m worried I’ll be stuck without a vehicle if I have an accident – what can I do? 

If you or a named driver on your policy work in the NHS, emergency services or health care, we’ll give you a replacement vehicle to keep you on the road during the lockdown period and for 14 days after it ends or until your vehicle is repaired. This applies if your vehicle is undriveable after an accident, is a total loss or is stolen.

And to make life a little easier if you have an accident, we’re also waiving your excess – find out everything you need to know in our dedicated FAQs.

I’m not using my vehicle so can I suspend my insurance?

Although you may be using your vehicle less at the moment, depending on your level of cover, your insurance still covers you if your vehicle is stolen or if your vehicle suffers accidental damage. However, if you're looking to suspend your insurance, we can temporarily cancel your policy. From the date of cancellation you’ll have 90 days or up to 33 days before your original renewal date to reactivate your policy. You’ll have the cancellation fee refunded and you’ll keep your No Claims Bonus for the year, providing no claim has been made. 

As it’s a legal requirement, if you cancel your insurance with us please make sure you either look for an alternative policy that better suits your needs at this time, or declare your vehicle off road (SORN). You won’t need insurance if your vehicle is SORN. You can do this here

I’m unable to take my car for its MOT – will this affect my cover?

From 30 March 2020 for 12 months, all cars and vans will receive a 6-month exemption from MOT testing to allow essential travel. Being unable to get your vehicle tested won't invalidate a claim providing you keep your vehicle safe and roadworthy during this time. Please see GOV.UK for advice on how to keep your vehicle safe. Garages will remain open for essential repair work during this time.

My motor insurance renewal's due soon, when will you contact me?

We’ll send your renewal invite a few weeks before your renewal date. This will include your renewal price and will be sent to your delivery preference (post or email).

Your renewal information will also be available on MyAccount.

How do I renew my motor policy if I can't get through via phone?

Most policies will renew automatically so you shouldn't need to speak to us. This will be clearly stated on your policy documents.

You can update your payment details or make changes to your policy on MyAccount.

I'm a motor customer and I'm volunteering for the NHS, do I need to tell you?

No, there's no need to update your occupation details, how you use your vehicle or your mileage. If you're transporting people, delivering medical supplies or equipment, your insurance policy is still valid. If you’re doing more or less driving than usual because of your volunteer work, you don’t need to update your policy. The cover does not extend to Blue Light use.

I’m volunteering to give local people lifts – will this affect my cover?

Giving other people lifts for free won’t affect your cover. You don’t need to let us know if you’re giving lifts to people for free.

I’m volunteering to deliver food and supplies to people who are self-isolating – will this affect my cover?

Volunteering to deliver food and supplies for free to those who are vulnerable or otherwise unable to leave the house due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) won’t affect your cover. You don’t need to let us know if you’re delivering food and supplies.

I’ve had to close my restaurant and want to deliver food instead – will this affect my cover?

If you’ve had to close your restaurant but you’re offering takeaway instead, you can use your vehicle to deliver food temporarily until government advice changes or restrictions are lifted.

If restaurant staff are expected to temporarily deliver food instead of their usual duties, we’ll also accommodate them if they’re insured with us. If they’re driving your vehicle, they’d need to appear on your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

We’ll continue to review our approach in line with Government advice.

My vehicle is due for repair, what do I do?

In peak demand we'll prioritise undriveable vehicles. If your vehicle is still roadworthy we may contact you to change the original booking date. We’ll do our best to minimise any inconvenience.

My vehicle is a total loss, what will happen?

Customer total loss settlements will be our priority. Please check for emails or take calls from us to discuss validation and settlement.

Has the Third Party Insurer admitted liability yet?

If you get any urgent documents or correspondence from other companies, please email us with the claim reference number in the title field.

If you're awaiting a decision on liability or any other part of your claim, please don't contact us for the time being.

What should I do if the way I travel to work has changed?

If you have to use your vehicle to travel to work, to a different site or multiple sites due to the COVID-19 outbreak, your insurance will still be valid, and you don’t need to contact us to update your policy.

I’m self-isolating and my vehicle is being kept at a different address to the one on my policy – will this affect my cover?

As this is a temporary change due to very unusual circumstances, your cover won’t be affected and there’s no need to contact us to change your address.

Do I need to change my mileage?

If you’re doing more mileage due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, you don’t need to update your mileage. If you continue to have a higher mileage after the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact us to update your policy.

If you estimate your annual mileage will be lower and would like to update this, you can do so using My Account.

I drove to Europe before the outbreak and I’m currently unable to return to the UK. Will I still be covered if I go over the usual 90-day travel limit?

If you’ve driven to mainland Europe and are now unable to get back because of restrictions on travel due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you’ll still be fully covered, even if you go over the 90-day limit.

Please keep a record of your travel as we may need this to validate your claim. You don’t need to contact us to let us know you’re still abroad.

Can someone else drive my vehicle if I’m unable to?

If you need someone else to drive your vehicle you have two options:

  1. Add them to your policy. We’ll only cover someone who’s named on your policy to drive your vehicle. You can do this online through our Make a Change portal
  2. Some insurers allow motorists to drive other cars so check if their own insurance covers them to drive your vehicle. It should say in their insurance documentation whether they have this cover and under what circumstances this can be used

I’m on lockdown at a different address, how will this impact my driving score?

Since 15 March we’ve frozen driving scores to make sure our customers aren’t impacted by the current situation if your vehicle isn’t at your home address during this period.

My installation appointment has been cancelled, will my insurance be cancelled or my discount removed?

No, you're still covered and the price won’t change. We’ve temporarily suspended all installations for customer and installer safety and we’ll be in touch to rearrange after the restrictions have been lifted across the UK. 

I recently bought a policy where the device should be sent out to me but I haven’t received it yet?

We’re still sending devices out to Plug & Drive customers, when you get yours keep hold of it and only plug it into your vehicle when you’re back on the road, driving again. If you haven’t received it yet it’s on its way to you so please don’t worry. Your cover is still active and we aren’t removing discounts.

I recently received a letter about my policy falling into the bottom 5% of drivers and advising I need to improve or my policy will be cancelled, I don’t have a chance to improve my score so will the policy be cancelled?

No, your policy won’t be cancelled during the Coronavirus restrictions. If, after the restrictions are lifted and your driving score falls into the bottom 5% of our drivers, we’ll contact you to let you know that the 30-day improvement period is starting again.

I've had the device plugged in for six months. When and how can I send it back?

We’ll contact you about returning the device when it’s safer to do so. Until then, you can keep the device plugged in.

Home Insurance

I’m working from home due to Coronavirus restrictions, do I need to contact you about my home insurance?

If your work's clerical only (such as using a PC or doing paperwork) you don’t need to contact us. If this becomes a permanent change you'll need to tell us. If your home working involves visitors entering your home or activities other than clerical work, please contact us. 

I'm using my own laptop/PC while working from home, is it covered by my home insurance?

If you own the office equipment (laptop/PC) it's covered on Gold and Platinum policies (contents section) while you're using it to carry out your work from home. Equipment owned by your employer isn't covered.

Do I need to tell you if my main home (permanent residence) or holiday home will be unoccupied for longer than I previously told you?

No, you don't need to tell us. Unoccupancy exclusions shown in your policy documents won't apply if Coronavirus restrictions prevent you from living in or checking your home. 

You've asked me to send your home insurance team a copy of a valuation for my high value item. I'm unable to get one carried out due to Coronavirus restrictions. What should I do?

We'll continue to cover the item until you can send us a valuation. We may ask for proof of purchase in the event of a claim, so keep receipts or photos as evidence you have the item.

What should I do if renovation/building work is delayed due to Coronavirus?

If you've already told us about the building work, you need to contact us as soon as possible if you won't now be living in your home. If you're continuing to live in your home, you only need to contact us when you have a confirmed completion date. 

You've asked me to send you a copy of a structural survey report but I can't see a surveyor due to Coronavirus restrictions. What should I do?

We'll continue to cover your home until you're able to get a survey. Once complete, please send us a copy of the report.

I’m looking after a friend’s child because their school/nursery has closed. Do I need to tell the home insurance team?

No, you don't need to tell us. If this becomes a permanent arrangement and you take payment on a regular basis then you'll need to tell us.

What if I have medical equipment in my home?

Please let us know if you have any equipment over £1,000 so we can update your policy details.

I'm currently abroad, are my personal possessions/specified items covered?

If your policy schedule shows you have Cover Away From Home, items are covered outside of the UK for 60 days. We'll continue to cover these items beyond 60 days if your return home is delayed. You don't need to let us know.

My property’s undergoing building repairs following a claim, what will happen?

Our supplier dealing with your claim will let you know about any changes to agreed repair plans and times. If you want to discuss this further, please use webchat or email us, We’re currently working with reduced staff levels but will respond as quickly as possible.

I sent your home insurance team written communication and/or evidence in support of my claim, what will happen now?

We’re working through all written communication and responding as quickly as possible. If you’re concerned we haven’t received your letter please email us with your claim reference number in the subject line. Due to Coronavirus we’re working with reduced staff levels so it may take us longer than usual to respond. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

I’m currently in, or need, alternative accommodation due to my property being uninhabitable as a result of my claim. What should I do?

If you need to make a claim and your property’s uninhabitable, please call us on 0333 220 2035. If you’re already in alternative accommodation and have questions please contact us through webchat or email. We’re working with reduced staff levels so it may take us longer than usual to respond.

My home insurance claim's underway and I’ve been dealing with an Admiral supplier, what do I do?

Our suppliers will still update you on the progress of your claim; you can find their contact details on any correspondence you have from them.

Travel Insurance

Coronavirus & Travel Insurance guidance

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Coronavirus a 'pandemic' as of 11 March. Admiral will therefore not offer cover for any trips booked after 17 March at 19:30 as Coronavirus is considered an 'anticipated event'. For any trips booked prior to this date, the following will apply.  

Admiral Travel Insurance is very busy and prioritising helping customers who're due to travel in the immediate future. 

If you've booked your trip through a tour operator or agent, you're entitled to refund from them. You can review the Travel Arrangements Regulations here  

Here are some useful external links for guidance on your entitlement in the Coronavirus situation.

1.    To review your rights for trip cancellations and refunds visit ABTA
2.    Customers planning to travel should refer to the FCO Coronavirus travel advice page and sign-up to e-mail alerts
3.    UK citizens overseas can review travel advice for the country they're visiting to help plan accordingly
4.    Civil Aviation Authority gives information for customers, holidaymakers and the industry on Coronavirus

Please only call to register your claim if: 

  • You’ve returned from a trip and need to claim 
  • You’ve had a trip cancelled and you’re due to travel within the next 30 days and your airline, tour operator or accommodation provider won’t reimburse your costs or make alternative travel arrangements for you.  

If you’re abroad and have a medical emergency (hospital treatments likely to incur medical expenses over £500) or need to cut short your trip, please call our 24-hour emergency assistance helpline on +44 292 010 7777.

You may be entitled to a refund through your credit/debit card provider. 

If you‘re unable to recover some or all your costs, your claim can be registered by calling 0333 234 9914.  

Our Claims team will register your claim and be in touch to ask for: 

  • Confirmation of the original booking, and which parts are non-refundable 
  • Evidence you’ve tried to get your money back through the airline, tour operator or accommodation provider 
  • Details of any self-isolation advice you’ve been specifically given by either your GP or from NHS 111 if appropriate 
  • Other supporting evidence relevant to your claim 

If you've already registered your claim, please understand our claims team are extremely busy but rest assured we'll get in touch and aim to contact you within 30 working days of the date you submitted your claim documentation.  

My travel insurance is due to renew – what should I do?

If you’d like to discuss your renewal please give us a call on 0333 234 9913.  We understand travel plans are uncertain at the moment but if you have trips planned to take place in the future, or you're thinking of booking a trip, you should consider whether you have cover in place that meets your needs.  

I have Admiral Travel Insurance and am due to travel to an area where the FCO has advised against travelling and I want to cancel my trip. What do I need to do?

  1. Get in touch with your travel agent, airline, hotel or accommodation provider, and ask for a refund. If they don’t allow a refund it may be possible to reschedule your trip,
  2. If you are unable to recover any, or all your expenses, as long as you purchased your policy before the FCO advised against travel, you can call our claims department to register your claim for consideration
  3. To submit a claim on your Travel insurance policy you will need to evidence that all the above has been completed and provide documentation
  4. Your policy terms and conditions can be found here

Can I cancel my trip because I'm worried about Coronavirus?

You can cancel, but you will not be able to make a claim through your travel insurance policy. Travel insurance won’t cover customers for "disinclination to travel" i.e. not wanting to travel.

My airline has cancelled my flight, what should I do?

If your flight has been cancelled by your airline, you should be offered an alternative flight or a full refund by the airline.

If your flight has been cancelled and there's no alternative available within 24 hours you may be able to claim to abandon your trip.

If I’m stuck abroad due to the Coronavirus and can’t come home on my planned return date, will my travel insurance be extended to cover me until I can get home?

Don’t worry, if you can’t finish your trip as planned due to illness, injury or a delay to the public transport system that can’t be avoided, which includes your quarantine or flight cancellation, your cover will be extended for you at no extra cost until you can reasonably finish your trip. You don’t need to contact us as your policy will automatically extend. 

If your original return journey is delayed or cancelled, your travel agent or airline should help you find alternative transport, accommodation or arrange a refund. You may have to book another plane, train, coach or boat yourself. 

During this time Admiral can help cover costs of food through our travel delay benefit - £25 per day, per person, up to the limits of your policy.  

To register a claim click here for details of our claims team.

If I'm quarantined during my trip because of the Coronavirus, will my travel insurance cover me?

If you're quarantined by local government or law enforcement while abroad, your travel insurance will be extended to cover medical costs, until you're home safely. You should contact our Emergency Medical Assistance team on +44 292 010 7777 as soon as possible if you're put into quarantine or isolation so assistance can be offered if necessary.

Will my travel insurance pay out if I'm quarantined/isolated in my accommodation?

Any additional accommodation or food costs should be covered by the authority that issued the quarantine, along with any reasonable out of pocket expenses that you incur. You should speak to your tour operator or resort manager to arrange this. However, if this is not the case you can call our claims department to register a claim. Associated costs such as loss of earnings due to your isolation are not covered.

My travel is essential – am I covered?

Unfortunately not.  Admiral Travel Insurance doesn’t offer cover if you travel to a country or area where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against ‘all travel’ or ‘all but essential travel’. If you’re not sure if there’s a travel warning for your destination please check with the FCO website

I've booked an event, excursion and/or a tour but they've been cancelled by the provider due to the Coronavirus, what should I do?

You may find that some of your planned excursions or tours have been cancelled. As these have been cancelled by the provider, you should seek a refund from them directly.

If the reason you are travelling is for an event that has since been cancelled, you will not be able to make a claim for cancelling your whole trip.

Remember, if you paid for your excursion or tour with a credit card, you may be able to claim back your money. Contact your credit card provider to discuss this in full.

If I'm quarantined in the UK and subsequently need to cancel my trip, can I claim for trip cancellation?

If you’re quarantined by local government or law enforcement within the UK, you may be able to make a claim for trip cancellation if you’re unable to recover any or all your expenses from your travel agent, airline, hotel or accommodation provider. 

You’ll need to give evidence when registering your claim.   

See ABTA's website for support and to understand your rights with ABTA.

Does my Admiral Travel Insurance cover me if I contract Coronavirus while I'm away?

Provided you didn’t travel against FCO advice or against the advice of your GP, and your trip was booked before 17 March 2020, your medical costs should be covered. However, you must contact our Emergency Medical Assistance team on +44 292 010 7777 as soon as you become unwell, so they can help you get the help you need. 

I've been diagnosed with Coronavirus before I travel; can I cancel my trip?

So long as your trip was booked before 17 March 2020 then yes, you should be able to cancel your trip if you’re declared not fit to travel by a doctor.

Please call us to register a claim, you’ll need evidence from your doctor to support your claim.  

The airline/tour operator I booked with have gone into administration – what should I do?

Unfortunately, we won't cover claims due to the actions or failure of any company providing or organising your transport or accommodation, to provide those services (whether caused by error, insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation, omission, default or other reason).

If you have not yet travelled and you had flights arranged as part of a package holiday you'll have ATOL protection, meaning you'll either be reimbursed or the company you booked with will find alternative flights.

If you bought your flights using a credit card, you'll have credit card protection so should contact your credit card provider for a refund.

If you used a debit card, you may also be able to get a refund from your bank - if you have the same protection benefit which is attached to some debit cards.

If you're already abroad, you should either contact your tour operator, if the flights were booked as part of a package, or you'll need to arrange a new flight to return home and pay for the new ticket. You should then seek a refund for the cost of the original flight, using one of the above methods.

ABTA has more information.

Am I covered if the country I'm due to travel to suspends UK residents from entering their country?

Being refused entry isn't a coverable reason under our cancellation cover, claims can only be assessed when the FCO has advised against ‘all travel’ or ‘all but essential travel’ to your intended destination.

You should speak to your travel provider as they may be able to help you, and you should continue to monitor the FCO advice.

If your flights have been cancelled and there's no alternative available within 24 hours of your original departure time, you may be able to claim for irrecoverable costs if you choose to abandon your trip. Please check your policy documents to see if you have cover for this scenario.

Your policy terms and conditions can be found here. Section 4: Delayed or missed departure

What happens if I'm not allowed back into the UK after travelling if the UK goes into “lock down”?

It's highly unlikely the UK would refuse to accept their own residents back, even if they're refusing entry to non-UK residents.  

If flights were disrupted and you were unable leave a country after a lockdown, we'd advise you to to monitor the FCO website to seek advice.

If your travel duration is extended because of disruption to your flight your policy will extend automatically. If you're travelling back to the UK, check the Public Health England advice for travellers returning to the UK from certain countries.

Admiral emailed to say they consider Coronavirus to be an anticipated event and any trips booked after 19:30 on 17 March 2020 won’t be covered for any losses as a result of Coronavirus. Will that affect my cover?

Your travel insurance excludes cover for anticipated events so as of 19:30 on 17 March 2020, any new trips booked or rescheduled trips won't be covered against losses due to Coronavirus.

This applies to all sections of cover including, but not limited, to:

  • Section 1: Medical emergency
  • Section 2: Cancelling or cutting short your trip
  • Section 4: Delay and missed departure - trip abandonment
  • Section 9: Catastrophe cover

If you booked (or re-booked) your trip and bought your travel insurance before this date/time, your cover won't be affected.