Annual Travel Insurance

Cover for every holiday you take in a year (up to 31 days at a time).

rated 5 star defaqto rated 5 star defaqto

5 Star Travel Insurance from Admiral

5 Star expert rated Platinum Travel Insurance from Admiral

Our Platinum level cover has Defaqto's highest 5 Star rating.

Remove the hassle of arranging insurance for every trip

If you take to the skies regularly, an annual policy could be just what you're looking for. It removes the hassle of arranging insurance for every trip – simply sit back and relax knowing all your holidays within the year are covered with Admiral Travel Insurance.

Admiral's Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance can insure you for destinations almost anywhere in the world, and for a range of activities including scuba diving, windsurfing and canoeing.

And if you travel more than once a year, annual cover could be more cost effective for you than a single trip policy.

Depending on the level of cover you have, you may be able to add Winter Sports, Cruise, Golf or Gadget Cover.

What benefits do I get with Admiral's annual cover?

  • Unlimited travel for trips up to 31 days
  • Medical Emergency Cover(including repatriation to the UK if needed)
  • Personal Liability
  • Legal Protection
  • Personal Belongings Cover

Annual, multi trip travel insurance is perfect for regular holidaymakers or business travellers (as long as you aren’t doing any manual work) – and it can cover you whether you're in the UK, Europe or worldwide.

What level of cover do I need?

Just like Admiral Single Trip Insurance, three levels of cover are available - Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum Cover - on our annual, multi-trip policies.

Here is a small sample of the benefits included with each level of cover. You can read the full list in the policy summary booklet.




Cancellation or cutting short your trip
(Limits up to)




Emergency medical treatment
(Limits up to)

£10 Million

£15 Million

£20 Million

Personal belongings
(Limits up to)




Money & documents
(Limits up to)




If you fancy the adrenaline rush of a skiing holiday, or you're taking to the seas on a cruise, you’ll need to add on our winter sports cover upgrade or cruise upgrade to your policy as these activities are not covered otherwise. If you're buying Admiral Platinum cover, cruise cover comes as standard.

Are there any exclusions?

Like any insurance policy there are some things that are not covered by Admiral Travel Insurance including:

  • Claims made as a result of drug-use or excessive alcohol consumption
  • Failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Any claims resulting from an illegal or criminal act carried out by the policyholder
  • Any losses or expenses you can recover from elsewhere, or are more specifically insured by another policy

You can read the full list of exclusions in our policy documents.

Do I need travel insurance if I have a European Health Insurance Card?

Yes, you do. The EHIC doesn't replace medical and travel insurance. It entitles you to state-provided healthcare if you need it during your holiday in the UK, European Economic Area or Switzerland.

In some cases, it'll cover all or part of your medical costs, but it won't cover other expenses such as airlifting from ski resorts or repatriation.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

You still may be able to get insured. To check this, call Medical Screening on 0333 234 9913.

Your pre-existing medical conditions won’t be covered unless you have declared all conditions, received acceptance of this in writing, and paid any additional premium in full.

What happens if my holiday is cancelled?

You'll be covered for certain cancellation reasons with Admiral Travel Insurance. Depending on the level of cover you choose – Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum Cover – you could receive up to £5,000 to cover the costs of your trip.

How do I get a quote?

You can call 0333 234 9913 for a quote or hit the green button below.

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