Important information about your cover and Coronavirus (Covid - 19)

There's information for new and existing customers and answers to frequently asked questions on our Coronavirus page.

New Customers

Our Travel Insurance policy doesn't cover most claims relating to Covid-19, SARSCoV-2 or any future mutation or variation. This includes but isn't limited to cancelling or cutting short your trip, changes in FCDO advice after booking or any costs associated with being placed under quarantine in the UK or abroad. However, providing you're travelling to an area where no FCDO advice against travel exists we'll provide cover relating to medical emergencies and repatriation for Covid-19.

There's no cover under any section of our travel policies if you travel against FCDO advice.

Annual Travel Insurance

All of your holidays covered in one go

Cover for every holiday you take in a year (up to 31 days at a time).

What's covered?
Pre-existing medical conditions and directory

4 Star Travel Insurance from Admiral

4 Star rated Platinum level Travel Insurance

Our Platium level cover has Defaqto's 4 Star rating.

Take out the hassle of arranging insurance for every trip

If you take to the skies regularly, an annual policy could be just what you're looking for. It takes out any hassle of arranging insurance for every trip; simply sit back and relax knowing that all your holidays within the year are covered with Admiral Travel Insurance.

Admiral's Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance can insure you for destinations almost anywhere in the world, and for a range of activities including snorkelling, windsurfing and sea kayaking.

And if you travel more than once a year, annual cover could be more cost effective for you than a single trip policy.

You may also be able to add Winter Sports, Cruise, Golf or Gadget Cover.

What benefits do I get with Admiral's annual cover?

  • Unlimited travel for up to 31 days per trip
  • Medical Emergency Cover
  • Personal Liability
  • Legal Protection
  • Personal Belongings Cover

Annual, multi trip travel insurance is perfect for regular holidaymakers and it can cover you whether you're in the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

What level of cover do I need?

Just like Admiral Single Trip Insurance, three levels of cover are available - Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum Cover - on our annual, multi-trip policies.

Here is a small sample of the benefits included with each level of cover. You can read the full list in the policy summary booklet.




Cancellation or cutting short your trip (Limits up to)

£1,000 £2,500 £5,000

Emergency medical treatment (Limits up to)

£10M £15M £20M

Personal belongings (Limits up to)

£1,000 £1,500 £2,500

Money & documents (Limits up to)

£300 £400 £500

If you fancy the adrenaline rush of a skiing holiday, or you're taking to the seas on a cruise, you’ll need to add on our winter sports cover upgrade or cruise upgrade to your policy as without these, your trip won’t be covered at all.

Are there any exclusions?

As with any insurance policy, some things aren’t covered by Admiral Travel Insurance.

Exclusions include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions you don’t tell us about
  • The pre-existing medical conditions of a relative not on your policy
  • Any losses or expenses you can recover from elsewhere, or are more specifically insured by another policy
  • Anticipated events
  • Coronavirus
  • Travelling against FCDO or medical advice

You can read the full list of exclusions in our policy documents.

Do I need travel insurance if I have a European Health Insurance Card?

Yes, you do. The EHIC is not a substitute for medical and travel insurance; it entitles you to state-provided healthcare that may become necessary during your holiday in the UK, European Economic Area or Switzerland.

In some cases it will cover all or part of your costs for medical care, but it will not cover expensive needs such as airlifting from ski resorts or repatriation.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a short or long term illness or injury you have or have had before you buy travel insurance. This includes having symptoms, tests, diagnosis or medical treatment for a condition.

You can declare your pre-existing medical conditions during the quote process to see if we can offer cover. If you’re unsure what needs to be declared or if you're unable to find your condition on the medical conditions list, please contact us on 0333 234 9913.

Your pre-existing medical conditions won’t be covered unless you’ve:

  • Declared them all on your policy
  • Received written confirmation that we’ll cover your medical condition
  • Paid any additional premium in full

Policy terms and conditions apply. Please note, if you’ve had a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 in the last two years and sought medical attention, this needs to be declared on your policy.

If you don’t tell us about your pre-existing medical conditions or give us incorrect information, your policy may be invalid, and we may refuse all or part of any claim you submit.

For a quote with us, click the green button above.

The Money Advice Service Medical Directory

If you have or have had a more serious pre-existing medical condition and are struggling to find travel insurance, the Money Advice Service medical directory may be able to help. This directory has a panel of travel insurance providers who specialise in covering serious medical conditions.

Alternatively, you can call them on 0800 138 7777. (Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00, closed on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.)

What happens if my holiday is cancelled?

In the unfortunate event your holiday is cancelled, you will be covered for certain reasons for cancellation with Admiral Travel Insurance. Depending on the level of cover you choose - Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum Cover - you could receive up to £5,000 to cover the costs of your trip.

How do I get a quote?

Hit the green button above or call 0333 234 9913 to speak to a member of our team.

Your questions answered

We're sure you'll love our great products but maybe you have a few questions. You can find answers in this section.

Does annual travel insurance cover UK holidays?

Your Admiral policy will cover trips to: 

  • Northern Ireland
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • The Isle of Man
  • Channel Islands

You must be travelling more than 25 miles away from your home address and staying for two or more consecutive nights to get the cover.  

Does travel insurance cover repatriation?

Yes, Admiral’s holiday insurance covers emergency medical treatment and repatriation as standard. Our emergency assistance service may arrange for your repatriation to your home area if our medical adviser or the doctor treating you thinks it’s safe. The amount covered depends on the tier you choose: 

  • Admiral: up to £10m
  • Gold: up to £15m
  • Platinum: up to £20m  

Can the adults on an annual multi trip policy travel separately?

Yes. This policy covers each insured adult, whether travelling on your own or together.

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