Important information about your cover and Coronavirus (Covid - 19)

There's information for new and existing customers and answers to frequently asked questions on our Coronavirus page.

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Our Travel Insurance policy doesn't cover most claims relating to Covid-19, SARSCoV-2 or any future mutation or variation. This includes but isn't limited to cancelling or cutting short your trip, changes in FCO advice after booking or any costs associated with being placed under quarantine in the UK or abroad. However, providing you're travelling to an area where no FCO advice against travel exists we'll provide cover relating to medical emergencies and repatriation for Covid-19.

There's no cover under any section of our travel policies if you travel against FCO advice.

Travel Insurance for Turkey

Ancient history meets modern lifestyles

Get a cultural awakening in Turkey

What's covered?
Pre-existing medical conditions

Holiday Insurance to Turkey

With almost six months of summer in the south, Turkey has long been a favourite of British sunseekers who flock to the sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Turkish Riviera.

The fascinating country has a rich history, perfect for curious holidaymakers who want to explore the old meets new of Istanbul and the country’s ancient ruins.

For those with a head for heights, Aladaglar National Park has become a popular choice for rock climbers, while walkers can tackle a whole host of trekking routes taking in the country’s mighty mountains and valleys.

With so many exciting adventures on offer, it pays to get the right travel insurance in place for a trip to Turkey – particularly if you need to access healthcare or medical treatment while you’re away.

Do I need travel insurance for Turkey?

Travel insurance isn’t compulsory, but it’ll cover you for emergency medical treatment and the unexpected things like:

  • Cancelling or cutting your trip short
  • Your personal belongings being stolen
  • The airline losing your bags

Admiral has three levels of cover - Admiral, Admiral Gold and Admiral Platinum - so you can choose your cover based on your budget and needs. Plus you can choose Single Trip if you just want to cover one holiday, or annual cover which will protect you for multiple jaunts throughout the year.

No matter which you choose, all our policies cover:





£100 £75 £50

Emergency medical treatment & repatriation (Limits up to)

10M 15M 20M

Cancellation or cutting short your trip (Limits up to)

£1K £2.5K £5K

Personal belongings (Limits up to)

£1K £1.5K £2.5K

Money & documents (Limits up to)

£300 £400 £500

Read the full list of benefits in the policy summary booklet.

Is Turkey part of Europe?

For insurance purposes, we class Turkey as part of Europe. Our European Travel Insurance covers 50 countries, and stretches the boundaries of Europe to include places like:

  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey

Some insurers may not class Turkey as part of Europe, so you’d need to look at their worldwide cover – make sure you check before buying your policy.

Despite Turkey being classed as Europe, the EHIC (European travel insurance card) isn’t valid there so you’re liable to pay for any medical costs out of your own pocket if you don’t have valid travel insurance in place.

Do I need a visa for Turkey?

British citizens with a standard UK passport can travel to Turkey without a visa for 90 days during any 180 day period. If you plan to stay in the country for longer than 90 days, a Short Term Residence Permit will be needed. These can be applied for from the Turkish Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration

British citizens with a different type of British nationality (e.g British Overseas Citizen) will need to apply for an e-visa from the Turkish E-Visa website before travelling, as these passports are considered “Special Passports” .

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Despite years of political uncertainty and terrorist attacks (as recently as 2017) in the south and east of the country, as well as Ankara and Istanbul, millions of Brits continue to flock to Turkey every year.

In 2018, Brits made 2.3million visits to the country, most of which are trouble free, according the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

There is, at the time of writing (March 2019) advice against travel to areas within a 10km border with Syria. The FCO also advises against all but essential travel to:

  • All other areas of Sirnak, Mardin, Kilis (including Kilis city) and Hatay provinces
  • Provinces of Diyarbakir, Tunceli and Hakkari

You won’t be covered by Admiral Travel Insurance if you visit a country that the FCO has advised against ‘all travel’ or ‘all but essential travel’.

Read more about the things you should know before visiting Turkey in our Turkey travel guide.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a short or long term illness or injury you have or have had before you buy travel insurance. This includes having symptoms, tests, diagnosis or medical treatment for a condition.

You can declare your pre-existing medical conditions during the online quote process to see if we can offer cover. If you’re unsure what needs to be declared or you have multiple conditions and one of them isn’t on the medical screening list, please contact us on 0333 234 9913.

Your pre-existing medical conditions won’t be covered unless you’ve declared them all on your policy, received acceptance of this in writing, and paid any additional premium in full. If you don’t tell us about your pre-existing medical conditions or give us incorrect information your policy may be invalid, we may refuse your claim or not pay your claim in full.

Your questions answered

Is terrorism covered?

Terrorism is excluded from all sections of the policy except for the Emergency Medical and Repatriation section, Personal Accident section and Hijack section (where cover is provided as part of the platinum tier only).

Terrorism is any act or threat of action by a person or group intended to influence a government or to frighten the public or any section of it.

Acts of terrorism can include:

  • Violence against a person
  • Damage to property
  • Putting life in danger
  • Creating a health risk to the public
  • Interfering with or seriously disrupting computer systems or transport services including cyber terrorism
  • Biological, chemical or nuclear force or contamination

Do I need vaccinations for Turkey?

The NHS Fit For Travel website recommends checking your primary courses and boosters are up-to-date, including a tetanus. You could also consider vaccinations against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and rabies for your trip to Turkey. For more information, read our guide to travel vaccinations.

Is the EHIC valid in Turkey?

No, the EHIC doesn’t work in Turkey so you’ll need travel insurance in place or enough money to cover the cost of any medical treatment you receive.

Can you travel to Turkey with three months left on your passport?

The Turkish government advises you should have at least six months validity on your passport when you travel to Turkey. You should also have a full blank page for the entry and exit stamps.

Read more about Turkey’s entry requirements: Travelling to Turkey? Don’t forget your e-Visa.

Does travel insurance cover me for travel to Turkey with a pre-existing medical condition?

You can travel to Turkey with pre-existing medical conditions if you declare them when you’re buying your travel insurance. Find out more about travelling with medical conditions.

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