Landlord Legal Protection

Legal support for your rental properties for just £20.76

Up to £100k legal costs

With no excess to pay

Free 24/7 legal helpline

Access to legal advice around the clock

Unlimited claims

No limit on supporting you

What’s landlord legal protection?

Landlord legal protection is a landlord insurance add-on. It helps with legal costs if you go to court with a tenant for issues like eviction, property disputes or chasing unpaid rent.

Any claim must have a 51% or greater chance of us winning the case. We also don't cover incidents that happen within the first 90 days if you haven't had a landlord legal protection policy before.

What legal disputes are covered?

Our Landlord Legal Protection covers you for common disputes such as:

Evicting a tenant

If your tenant doesn’t meet their tenancy obligations

Pursuing rent arrears

If you need to chase a tenant for missed rent payments

Property disputes

Pursuing or defending any property damage disputes

It also covers

Criminal prosecution

For any prosecution brought against you relating to the letting of the property

Identity fraud

Where someone uses your identity without your knowledge or permission

Tax disputes

Arising directly from business enquiries

Hotel expenses and storage costs

While attempting to get a possession order

Contract disputes

Costs following a breach of contract

Tenant dilapidations pursuits

Where a tenant has caused damage to your property

What isn’t covered?

While we aim to help you with your legal disputes, here are some of our general exclusions:

  • rent, rate or land tribunals, rent assessment committees or rent officers
  • civil claims with less than a 51% chance of us winning
  • court-ordered fines, penalties, compensation or damages
  • disputes within 90 days of taking out cover, if the tenancy started before you took out this policy
  • incidents that happened before the policy start date
  • claims reported more than 180 days after you found out about the insured incident

However, always refer to your policy document to find what is and isn’t covered.

How do I add Landlord Legal Protection to my policy?

Gold and Platinum Landlord Insurance includes Landlord Legal Protection as standard. Existing and new Admiral tier customers can add it to their policy for just £20.76.

If you want to add it to your existing policy, get in touch

How can Landlord Legal Protection benefit me?

Below are some case studies where Landlord Legal Protection helped landlords like you.

Damp from neighbour’s property

The landlord discovered damp in their property and obtained a report that showed the neighbour’s property caused the issue. The neighbour refused to accept liability.

Outcome: The landlord put in a Landlord Legal Protection claim and had a panel solicitor appointed. The panel solicitor agreed that the neighbour should cover the repair cost.

Damage by previous tenants

The landlord discovered a previous tenant caused extensive damage to the inside of the property. This had to be repaired at a cost to the landlord before another tenant could move in.

Outcome: Using Landlord Legal Protection, the appointed solicitor recovered the repair cost from the tenants.

Hotel and storage costs

The landlord needed a possession order so they could move into their property. However, while this was processed, they had nowhere to stay.

Outcome: Landlord Legal Protection covered the landlord’s costs for staying in a hotel until the possession order was granted.

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Your questions answered

Can I use my own solicitor?

Yes, in certain circumstances.

While most claims will be dealt with by our recommended solicitors, there are instances where you can request your own, such as when legal proceedings have already been issued, or if there’s a conflict of interest with the recommended solicitor.

If a non-recommended solicitor has been approved, then the costs payable are limited to our standard advisor's costs, which is £100 per hour (this amount may vary).

What can invalidate Landlord Legal Protection?

Incorrect or missing tenant referencing is a common reason for invalidated Landlord Legal Protection.

Tenant referencing is a legal requirement that verifies whether tenants are right for you and your property. At a minimum, it involves a credit check.

We have a guide on tenant referencing for landlords if you need help.

How do I claim?

If your policy started:

  • on or before 31st August 2022, call 0333 234 3316
  • on or after 1st September 2022, call 0117 927 1853

If you're unsure when your policy started, check your documents in MyAccount.

What happens if the claim goes to court?

We’ll appoint a solicitor based on their specialist knowledge and expertise, so they can best support your claim.

If you use our recommended solicitor, all legal costs in your claim are covered up to the maximum amount payable under your policy as long as they meet policy criteria.

Can I claim for past disputes?

No. We don't accept any claims for something that happened before your policy start date.

What costs won't you cover?

We might not cover any costs incurred without our consent. We recommend you speak to us before seeking help from third-party companies.

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