Gadget cover

Cover for all the tech you couldn’t live without

Up to £1.5k cover

For gadgets that are lost, stolen or damaged in a trip

5 Star rated cover

Our Platinum Travel Insurance has Defaqto's highest rating

Unlimited gadgets

From your camera to your smart watch and more

What’s gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance, also known as gadget cover, is a travel insurance add-on which covers tech items like cameras or mobile phones. It pays for either repairing or replacing lost, stolen or damaged gadgets while you’re travelling.

If you choose to add gadget insurance to your travel insurance, we’ll pay up to £1,500 for the gadgets that you need to claim on in a single trip.

Do I need gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance is useful for anyone travelling away with high-value gadgets like cameras, laptops or phones.

You should check whether you're already covered elsewhere:

  • On your home or contents insurance - home insurance policies often cover gadgets away from home
  • With your phone provider - your phone might still be under warranty, although this usually only applies to mechanical faults
  • On your travel insurance policy - many policies cover personal belongings, but only up to a certain amount

Personal belongings cover

On your standard travel insurance policy, you'll have a certain amount of cover for your personal belongings, including valuables like gadgets.




Total valuables limit




What gadgets we cover

Digital cameras


Smart phones

We also cover:

  • Audiovisual and television equipment
  • Electronic book readers (Kindles)
  • Binoculars
  • Telescopes and accessories
  • Satnavs
  • Drones

Check your policy book for the full list.

We'll cover these gadgets up to £1,500 if you bought them new; we can only cover refurbished gadgets from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer.

What isn't covered

Gadgets left in public places

Including tents, cars, hotel storage rooms, or as checked-in baggage.

Wear and tear

We don't cover general wear and tear or gradual deterioration of performance. As the value of gadgets declines over time, we also don't pay out the full cost if the gadget is more than a year old.

Unattended gadgets

We don't cover gadgets you leave unattended unless locked in a safety deposit box where available, or stored safely and hidden from plain view in your locked accommodation.

Mechanical faults

This includes damage caused by the failure of electrical equipment, software, or any associated equipment.

Check your policy book for the list of exclusions.

How to add gadget cover to your policy

For new customers, you can add gadget cover as a policy upgrade when buying your travel insurance. If you’re an existing customer, you can add it to your policy through your travel portal.

How to claim on your gadget insurance

Below are the most common claims, but get in touch with us if you're unsure.

My phone's been stolen

If your phone has been stolen, you need to:

  • report any theft to the police or your transport operator within 24 hours
  • get a police or property irregularity report for the items stolen
  • contact your network provider within 24 hours
  • have receipts and any other supporting documents ready
  • visit our make a claim page to register your claim with us

Remember to check your excess limits.

I've lost my gadget

Contact your accommodation or transport provider to report your gadget lost in case they locate it. When you're sure it's lost, you need to:

  • have receipts, evidence of loss or any other supporting documents ready
  • visit our make a claim page to register your claim with us

Remember to check your excess limits.

My gadget's been damaged

If your gadget's been damaged, you need to:

  • take pictures of the damage to your gadget with another device
  • have receipts, proof of ownership or any other supporting documents ready
  • visit our make a claim page to register your claim with us

Remember to check your excess limits.

Your excess limits

Excess is the amount of money you pay to your insurance provider if you need to claim. This applies to each insured person for each type of claim you make. For gadget insurance, your excess limits are:

  • £50 for Admiral policies

  • £50 for Admiral Gold policies

  • £50 for Admiral Platinum policies

Always check your policy schedule, as your excess limits might differ if you don't buy directly through us.

Still have questions?

We've answered a bunch of your frequently asked questions.

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