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Are your personal possessions insured for travel?

Most of us take our smartphones with us wherever we go, including abroad, so it’s important that you make sure they are covered


Most of us take our smartphones with us wherever we go and taking expensive personal possessions on our travels is becoming increasingly common. 

Staying in touch with home, making sure everyone sees your latest beach selfies and accessing local information are some of the reasons we like to take expensive tech devices on holidays.

But with the tech gadgets consumers regularly carry around getting more valuable, the risk of them being lost or stolen while abroad increases as well. 

According to a 2016 study by RAC, the average British traveller takes three gadgets on their holiday, amounting to a staggering £20.2 billion in value being carried around by tourists.

Clearly, if you are taking possessions worth hundreds of pounds on holiday, making sure your insurance covers those items is a must.

Are your personal possessions covered under travel insurance?

The first thing you need to do is check your policy’s ‘single item limit’. Your policy’s single item limit is the maximum amount you will receive for a single item that is lost or stolen. If you were planning on going with the cheapest option, you might want to pause for a second and check the maximum you can receive.

The cheapest policies will tend to have single item limit of around £100-200. If you will be taking items that cost more than this limit, you may need to pay a little more. 

Some policies will let you increase your single item limit for an additional fee. This is not, however, the only thing you need to examine potential policies for.

Many policies will not offer blanket coverage for all tech items, so it would be a mistake to assume that all of your gadgets are covered unless it says so. You may need some form of specialist cover to protect certain items.

Do you need specialist cover? 

If, after searching through a few travel insurance policies you still haven’t found one that covers the specific items you want to travel with, you should turn your attention to specialist cover.

This is especially true for the equipment needed for activities like mountaineering and scuba diving, but might also apply to high-end cameras and recording equipment. These specialist policies also often cover accidental damage, which is one of the most common reasons for claiming while travelling.

Depending on the kind of items you are looking to insure and the kind of rigours you are planning to put them through, you may want to get cover for things like mechanical breakdowns and liquid damage.

With regards to smartphones, it can often be worth paying more for the guarantee that you will be able to get a replacement. A lot of policies will also cover you for any unauthorised calls or data usage you incur as the result of having your phone stolen.   

Admiral Travel Insurance 

Admiral Travel Insurance offers gadget cover as an add-on to our travel insurance policy. We cover a range of different gadgets, from cameras to gaming consoles. We offer three different levels of cover, so make sure that the cover you buy is enough to protect your possessions. 

What about your home insurance? 

A lot of people looking to insure their personal possessions using travel insurance are unaware that their home insurance contents policy could already cover them. Many contents policies cover your expensive gadgets and specialised equipment, even if you decide to take them out of your home and on your adventures with you. 

However, not all policies are created equal; many home insurance policies have cover for personal possessions but the level of cover will vary between insurers, and there will be limits in place. 

Bear in mind too that claiming for loss of personal possessions under your home insurance policy could push your premium up, and you may have to pay an excess that could amount to more than the cost of the gadget itself. 

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