Are your personal possessions insured for travel?

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The total cost of all the personal possessions you take on holiday can add up quicker than you think.

On top of the essentials like clothes and toiletries, you’re likely bringing a smartphone and possibly some other tech like cameras or tablets.

Making sure you have insurance that covers all these items is essential.

Are your personal possessions covered?

You first need to know your policy limits for personal possessions. Within your overall policy limit, there will usually be separate limits: ‘single item’ and ‘valuables’.

The single item limit is the maximum amount you can receive for each single item that’s lost, stolen or damaged while you’re on holiday.

Make sure this figure matches the value of each of your items, so you can get the right compensation if you need to make a claim. Some policies will let you increase this limit for an additional fee.

The ‘valuables limit’ refers to your valuable items, which we define in our policy book. If your policy has a separate valuables limit, check whether this limit applies per valuable item or if it is the total limit for all valuable items you need to claim for. 

For our policies, the valuables limit is the maximum we pay for all valuable items together.

Remember, you might need specialist cover to protect certain high-value items.

Do you need specialist cover for your personal possessions?

It depends on what possessions you need cover for. If it’s just for the general contents of your suitcase, a standard travel insurance policy should give you adequate cover.

You'll likely need specialist insurance if you have specialist equipment for activities like mountaineering or scuba-diving. These policies will generally cover things like accidental damage or theft.

If you need cover for skis or snowboards, you can be covered for your trip and equipment with our winter sports add-on

Insurance for your gadgets and tech

If you’re travelling with high-value tech like an expensive camera or laptop, gadget insurance can cover these.

It doesn’t just apply to common items like phones, cameras and laptops: we also cover specific tech items like drones, telescopes or television equipment.

Are your personal possessions already covered? 

You should check whether personal possessions are already covered by your home insurance or your contents insurance. Many of these policies cover your possessions away from home up to your policy limits.

Although some home insurance policies might not include away from home cover, and the level of cover will vary between insurers, so it’s important to check.

Take a look at our guide on personal possession cover on home insurance policies

How to keep your possessions safe

Don’t leave valuables unattended

Your insurer probably won’t cover your possessions if you leave them unattended. For instance, if you leave your camera and phone in plain sight on your towel while swimming in the sea. 

Choose the right bag

If you’re using a rucksack, don’t leave valuables or documents close to the zip where they could be easily swiped from. Wear it on your front or use a bum bag to keep the important items in. 

If you’re using a smaller bag while out and about, wear a crossbody one that a thief couldn't pull off your shoulder easily. 

Use a safe

If you’re leaving your hotel room or accommodation, lock your valuables in a safe or lockbox to protect them. Your insurer most likely won’t cover your items if you haven’t taken this precaution. 

Be aware of local scams

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) often have up-to-date information on local scams in the area so you can avoid any dangerous situations where you could have your passport, documents or valuables stolen. 

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