Do I need travel insurance for a UK holiday?

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Travel insurance is mainly associated with trips abroad, but did you know that you can get the same cover for staycations in the UK.

Below we’ve explained whether you need to buy travel insurance for a holiday in the UK, and how it could help during a staycation.

What does UK travel insurance cover?  

Despite the familiar surroundings, you can still encounter problems when you holiday in the UK. Below are a few things you’re covered for:

Cancelling or cutting short your trip

This includes cancelling a trip after you booked it but before you leave, and cutting your trip short in an emergency.  

This can be for a number of reasons such as the death, illness, injury or complications of pregnancy or childbirth of you, your travel companion, a close relative, a close business associate or anyone outside your home area that you planned to stay with.  

However, exclusions apply, and you should check your policy documents for more information.

Lost, stolen, damaged or missing personal belongings

If your belongings are misplaced, damaged or stolen during your trip or they don’t arrive in one piece when you arrive at your destination, you may be entitled to claim depending your policy.  

However, if you aren’t carrying your personal belongings with you, they must be locked out of sight in your accommodation or stored in a locked safety deposit box or safe to be covered.

Again, exclusions apply and you should always check your policy documents for more information.

What about medical cover?

Medical cover is a key part of travel insurance when travelling abroad as getting ill abroad is often expensive.

In the UK, your medical care is covered by the NHS. However, UK travel insurance will cover things like:  

  • inpatient travel expenses to and from the hospital
  • if a doctor advises you to return to your home area

There’s also no NHS medical cover for UK travellers in the Channel Islands.

Do I need travel insurance for Northern Ireland?  

Usually, we’ll cover you for trips to:

  • Northern Ireland
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • The Isle of Man
  • Channel Islands

You must travel more than 25 miles away from your home address and be staying for two or more consecutive nights to qualify.

What about my home insurance and breakdown cover?  

Your contents insurance policy may include cover away from home: check if Personal Possessions cover is included on your policy schedule.  

Some items need to be named on your policy (known as a specified item) to be covered while travelling; for example, a piece of jewellery or a camera worth over £2,000 may need to be added as a specified item.  

If included in your policy, we’ll cover loss or damage to you or your family’s personal possessions up to the policy limit, or any explicitly specified items.

If you’re travelling in the UK in your own car and break down, you may have cover for costs related to your vehicle if you have Admiral national breakdown cover.  

You won’t be able to claim on your travel insurance for your own car troubles (like car repairs or being towed home) while in the UK.

Can I get cover for both UK and abroad trips?

Yes. Our annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for up to 31 consecutive days for trips in the UK and abroad.

If you need cover for longer, we may be able to accommodate you – just choose how many days you need and we’ll give you a quote if we can cover it.  

If you’re only planning on one trip this year, single trip travel insurance is probably better suited for you. 

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