Multi Pet Insurance

Get a multi pet discount for each dog or cat you insure with us

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What's covered?

How to choose pet insurance

Whether you're a brand new pet owner or more experienced, choosing the right pet insurance for your dog or cat is a big consideration.

There's lots to think about to make sure you choose the policy you need for your pet, including the level of cover you need and what the vet fee limits are.

But what if you have more than one furry friend?

What is multi pet insurance?

Multi pet insurance is a handy option for anyone with more than one cat or dog.

With our multi pet insurance, you can pick different levels of cover for each pet you want to insure, tailoring your choice to the pet. When you compare quotes with other providers, make sure you check if you have this option.

You'll also get a 5% discount on each policy for each pet if your premiums are a minimum of £93.38 per dog or £68.33 per cat - that means you'll get a £7.50 discount on a £150 policy or £10 off a £200 policy. It also means multi pet insurance could be cheaper than insuring your pets separately.

(New)24-Hour Vet Helpline

We know how distressing it can be when our little pets are under the weather, so we’re delighted to offer Admiral Pet Insurance customers access to a 24-hour vet helpline.

With any level of pet insurance you buy, our vet helpline offers you peace of mind that a professional is always just a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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What's covered?

We offer three full categories of multi pet insurance. Please read the full policy benefits before making your choice.

Lifetime Cover

Lifetime Cover is the most comprehensive policy provided. It covers accidents and illnesses up to the total policy limit, with no time restrictions. At each renewal the policy limit for veterinary fees is reset, so if you've reached your policy limit the previous term, you can start claiming again.

Choose between Classic, Premier and Premier Plus products.

Maximum Benefit Cover

Maximum Benefit Cover provides an allowance of veterinary fees for each condition. Each condition will continue to be covered with no time limit, until you have reached the policy limit for that condition. Once that limit has been exhausted, those conditions will no longer be covered.

12 Month Cover

A 12 Month policy provides an allowance of veterinary fees for a period of 12 months from the date the condition is first treated. When either the veterinary fee limit or the 12 months has been used up, the condition you claimed for will become excluded.

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The cost of owning a dog

How much does it cost to have a dog?

Our pets are members of the family just like anyone else, but the costs of owning a pet can mount up surprisingly fast. And according to Money Advice Service, the average cost of owning a dog throughout its lifetime is £21,000.

It stands to reason that the more pets you have, the more it costs to look after them. That's not just the day to day costs but vet bills too - double or triple the number of pets means double or triple the potential medical costs.

Let our multi pet insurance give you some peace of mind.

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