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5 Star Car Insurance from Admiral

5 Star rated comprehensive Car Insurance

Our comprehensive cover has Defaqto’s highest 5 Star rating.

LittleBox in four simple steps

Step 1: Buy LittleBox

You buy your LittleBox policy. You can drive your car as soon as your policy starts - no need to wait for the box to be active.

Step 2: Happy driving

Once the box is in place, you can continue to drive as normal.

Step 3: Check your feedback

After a couple of weeks, your feedback will be ready.

Step 4: Discounts for the best drivers

The good news is the best drivers gets a discount when it comes to renewal!

What is black box insurance?

Black box insurance - also called telematics - is a type of car insurance which sees a small device fitted out-of-sight in your car and it measures how well you drive in order to reward safe drivers with discounted insurance.

The smartphone-sized piece of technology records:

  • Careful cornering
  • Good braking
  • What time you drive
  • Journey lengths

This lets insurers price your cover accurately and fairly, based on how you drive rather than just your age and postcode.

Awarded Defaqto's highest rating

Our fully comprehensive cover has been awarded Defaqto’s highest rating of 5 Stars, based on the features and benefits included in our policies.

Defaqto is a financial information business, helping financial institutions and consumers make better informed decisions.

Three reasons to choose Admiral LittleBox...

Discounts for safe drivers

If you drive safely, you're more likely to get a discount when it's time to renew.

Your car, your miles

You choose your maximum mileage – it just needs to be over 1,900 miles a year.

Free Theft Tracking

If your car’s stolen when LittleBox is active, call our claims team with your crime reference number and we'll speak to the police to help give you the best chance possible of getting your car back.

Upfront car insurance discounts could be yours

You want affordable car insurance and that's what we want to give our customers! With Admiral LittleBox, drivers could get great upfront discounts on Admiral Single Car and MultiCar Insurance policies. The clever telematics technology inside every LittleBox helps us give you feedback on your driving style and tips to help you become a better driver.

Drive well and save money on your renewal!

Is black box insurance for me?

LittleBox is great for lots of people, and if you’re facing high insurance prices you could get a discount by having one of our clever little boxes active in your car.

The technology in our box looks at how you drive – if you drive safely, you could be rewarded with a lower price. But if you do lots of journeys throughout the day or you regularly drive at night, LittleBox may not work for you.

If you feel you're being punished for other people's bad driving, and particularly if you're a new driver or young driver then LittleBox could be for you.

Want to know what our customers think? Take a look at our LittleBox reviews

Isn't it like having 'Big Brother' in my car?

No, we aren’t like ‘Big Brother’. While the unit does collect your location data, we only use it for what we need to; this helps us to create your personalised driving score.

And great news – if the LittleBox is active and your car’s stolen, we’ll be able to help track its location.

Black Box Myths - Busted!

Not all black box policies are the same - find out how LittleBox is different as we bust some common myths around curfews, monitoring and data.

What kind of information does black box collect?

The technology and data from Telematics insurance is used to help drivers get a fair price for their car insurance - not to try and catch them out.

LittleBox collects information about how and when you drive, along with other risk factors to calculate your driving score.

We use that information to work out what kind of driver you are, and ultimately, how safe you are behind the wheel.

Don't worry, we only share the information with the data companies who provide the services, like the LittleBox provider - your information won't be sold or shared with anyone else.

If you’re a good driver, the information collected by the box can help you get a lower insurance price at renewal. On the other hand, consistently bad drivers may find their price increases and the very worst drivers risk their cover being cancelled.

See what kind of driver you are

You'll get regular updates on how good a driver you are and tips on how you can improve your driving score.

Your questions answered

We've answered the most commonly asked questions here.

Are there any eligibility criteria for having a LittleBox?

LittleBox can be great for any safe driver looking to save money on their car insurance, there are just a few things you need to make sure suit you:

  • Your car needs to be worth at least £250
  • You'll need to drive at least 1,900 miles annually
  • Your car must have been manufactured in the last 15 years

Can I drive my car before LittleBox is installed?

Yes, you can drive as soon as your cover starts.

Does LittleBox know where I am?

Yes, LittleBox does send location information but we also look at how well you drive in order to offer you the best discount possible. We take a positive approach to your car insurance and encourage our customers to enjoy driving.

How big is LittleBox?

Our units are about the same size as a modern smart phone and are fitted out of sight in your car.

How much does it cost to have LittleBox installed?

There is no additional charge for the first installation.

Do you share the information with any third parties?

We only share the information with those companies required to provide the services under the policy, such as the telematics LittleBox service provider. Information isn't sold to or shared with anyone else.

Is there a restriction on how many miles I can drive?

During your quote just let us know how many miles you will cover over the year, and your premium will automatically include these. If during the year you need to travel further you will need to inform us, so we can increase your mileage to ensure you remain covered. Minimum mileage restriction applies (1,900 miles).

How does LittleBox get installed, do I have to go somewhere?

We will contact you regarding the installation of your LittleBox. This can be completed at a destination of your choice.

Who do I contact if I need to re arrange the installation date?

You will be provided with a number for our installation team and you will be able to re-arrange.

Will I have a curfew with the policy?

No, you can drive at any time of the day or night with no curfew - however frequently driving at risky times, such as after 10pm, may reduce your driving score.

Will I have to pay anything if I do not renew my policy at the end of the first year?

No. If you do not renew your policy there will be no additional charges. You will only have to pay the cancellation fee if the policy is cancelled before renewal.

How do you know who was driving?

We do not ask you to tell us who is driving the insured vehicle at any particular time. Your driving score will be calculated on overall use of the car, so you will need to make all named drivers aware that they can influence your driving score.

Where is the box fitted and will it damage my car?

LittleBox hard install device is fitted at no extra cost to you, out of sight behind your dashboard. It's fitted by a trained technician and won't affect the vehicle's warranty.

You'll be contacted by our installation team to book an appointment with the engineer. They come out to you and the fitting only takes around 40 minutes.

If you have a LittleBox plug and drive device, this just needs to be plugged into the 12V power supply or cigarette lighter – this is something you can do at home.

Will you cancel my cover if I drive badly?

LittleBox is all about rewarding good drivers, so if someone is constantly driving poorly we’ll get in touch to try and help them improve. They’ll be given 30 days to improve their driving performance and score. If this doesn’t happen, a cancellation notice will be sent. 

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Very helpful from start to finish

David, Derby

Mar 2021

Good insurance at a good price


Jennifer, Wrexham

Mar 2021

I am happy from this service

Khawaja, London

Mar 2021

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