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Getting young drivers on the road, not out of pocket

You're no longer a learner driver – the L Plates have gone and you've got a Full UK licence to prove it. But the cheaper temporary insurance will have bitten the dust too and now you need a new option.

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Avoid high costs

For young drivers, the cost of car insurance is often too much to even consider – under 25s face some of the highest premiums in the country.

Why? Because young drivers are statistically a "higher risk" which means you're more likely to make a claim than say an older driver with years of driving experience.

We've got your back

But, at Admiral we know you can't tar all young drivers with the same brush so we have a couple of options to help get you on the road without the eye-watering insurance price tag.

MultiCar Insurance

Our family-friendly MultiCar Insurance puts all the cars in your home - yours, mum's, dad's and your siblings' - on one policy.

This can work out cheaper than individual policies as each car added earns a MultiCar discount.

Be sure to get every driver's permission before you take out a MultiCar policy.

Cars can live at different addresses

If you’re living away at uni, or have your own place, you can still get MultiCar for all your immediate family cars.

Your No Claims Bonus is safe

Plus, every car earns a separate No Claim Discount. So if one person on the policy needs to make a claim, it won’t affect everyone else’s discount.

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How does multi car work?

Black box insurance

For many young drivers, a Telematics insurance policy is often the best option when it comes to getting more affordable cover.

Earn LittleBox discounts

Our black box is called LittleBox and it measures how well you drive and when, alongside other risk factors, to calculate a driving score - giving you the opportunity to be treated as an individual.

How it works

It’s a small device that fits in the palm of your hand. Once it’s in place, you can continue to drive as normal and within a couple of weeks you’ll get feedback on your driving. The good news is the best drivers get a discount when it comes to renewal!

But bear in mind this works both ways, so bad drivers may find their insurance price increases and the very worst risk their policy being cancelled altogether.

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Three great reasons to choose LittleBox

No mileage restrictions

There's no upper mileage limit with us - you can drive as much as you want.

Theft Tracking

As long as LittleBox is active,
our Theft Tracking service is included as standard.

Courtesy Car

For comprehensive policyholders, if your car is under repair at an Admiral approved garage.

Black Box Myths - Busted!

Heard horror stories about black box insurance providers watching your every move? (Think Big Brother #00sreference) Well, we heard them too, which is why we wanted to set the record straight.

We can’t tell you what other black box providers do, but we can certainly tell you what we do so check out our black box insurance mythbuster.

What level of cover do I need?

Our fully comprehensive cover on LittleBox and MultiCar offers the highest level of cover you can buy. They include cover for your car against fires and thefts as well as paying for any damage you cause to other peoples' cars or property.

Windscreen Repair

Policyholders are eligible for the repair and replacement of windscreens (excess applies).

Courtesy Car

Use of a courtesy car while your car is being repaired at an Admiral approved garage.

European Cover

Up to 90 days' cover in Europe so you can enjoy a driving holiday in France without having to arrange extra cover.

Stereo Cover

Unlimited cover for standard audiovisual equipment.

Still not sure? Read our 'which level of cover?' guide for a breakdown of each level.

Insurance for young drivers - checklist

Whether you choose our black box cover or decide to insure your car along with another one on MultiCar, you should have the following information to hand to get your insurance quotes.

You will need:

  • Car registration
  • Insurance renewal date
  • Main driver name
  • Date of birth
  • Details of any insurance claims
  • Details of any driving convictions

The 10 cheapest cars for young drivers to insure

Now you've got to grips with the insurance options, why not take a look at the cheapest cars to insure for 17 to 25-year-olds.

Our Pricing team studies our policy base to find the cars which were cheapest on average over the previous three months (Oct-Dec 2019).

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