MultiCover Insurance

Bundle your Admiral car and home insurance and get yourself a deal

MultiCover discount

Your other cars or home can join at a later date and get their own discount - just tell us about them now.

Different renewal dates?

You don’t have to cancel your existing policies – they’ll join automatically.

Different addresses

Even if family members live away from home they can still join the MultiCover policy.

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What is multi cover insurance?

Admiral MultiCover is designed to cover all your cars and home on a single policy.

Start with one or more cars or your home and any other cars or home join when they're due for renewal - it's a standard 12-month policy and everything will renew on the same date.

One renewal date, zero hassle.

Admiral Multicover

Dave gets MultiCovered

Dave snaps up easy-peasy MultiCover discounts on his car and home insurance.

Combine cars and homes with Admiral MultiCover

Dave is looking for a great deal on his car insurance. If he switches to a MultiCover policy he can combine his cover with his girlfriend, Sarah's, car as well as their home on one policy for a MultiCover discount.

Just give us the heads up now

Even though Sarah’s car insurance isn’t due for another 3 months and their home for 5 months, Dave gives us the heads up now and gets his discount on his car straight away.

Everything is taken care of

Because Dave told us the renewal dates of their home and Sarah's car insurance, Admiral takes care of everything for them when they're due to come onto the MultiCover policy.

Admiral MultiCover.
Great discounts, zero hassle.

What do I need to get a MultiCover quote?

For both your cars and home, make sure you have your renewal dates to hand.

For each car you'll need:

  • Car registration and/or make and model

For each driver you'll need:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Details of any insurance claims
  • Details of any driving convictions

For your home or contents insurance you'll need:

We save the personal details from your first quote so you don't have to enter them twice!

Did you know?

You can add all of your cars to your MultiCover Insurance and each driver builds up their own No Claims Bonus. With your car and home insurance combined, all of your cars and home will renew at the same time on the same date so you don't have to worry about separate policies and renewal dates.

Four reasons to choose Admiral MultiCover Insurance

Voted by consumers - Best Car Insurance Provider

Voted by consumers - Best Car Insurance Provider

Voted by consumers as the Best Car Insurance Provider 2017/18 for the fifth year running (Personal Finance Awards).

14 million policies

14 million policies

The Admiral Group has served millions of policies to millions of happy customers. They can't all be wrong.

Great claims service

Great claims service

Over 91% of our customers said they would renew based on the claims service (Jul 2018 – Dec 2018).

Flexible cover - 3 levels of home cover to choose from

Flexible cover - 3 levels of home cover to choose from

You can tailor your home cover to suit your needs - choose from Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum.

Crammed with features and benefits

Admiral MultiCover Insurance gives you the same benefits we offer with MultiCar and our flexible home insurance policies.

Bundle your Admiral car and home insurance and get yourself a great deal.

Our comprehensive MultiCar policy includes these great benefits as standard.

Windscreen repair

Policyholders are eligible for the repair and replacement of windscreens (excess applies).

Courtesy Car

Use of a courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired at an Admiral approved garage.

European Cover

Up to 90 days' cover in Europe so you can enjoy a driving holiday in France without having to arrange extra cover.

Stereo Cover

Unlimited cover for your vehicle's standard, permanently fitted audio or visual equipment.

Flexible Home Insurance from Admiral

Whether you're a homeowner or a tenant paying rent, you will still save money with MultiCover if you combine your car and home insurance.

Homeowners may want to purchase a full home insurance policy which combines buildings and contents cover while renters, or people living in serviced properties where buildings insurance is included in the service charge, only need to look at contents insurance.

Our flexible home insurance comes in three simple cover packages.

Great Value

Our great value Home Insurance package covers the essentials.

Gold Cover

Our Gold Home Insurance gives the value of Admiral cover with added extras.

Platinum Cover

Our full featured Platinum Home Insurance is for people who demand extra security and peace of mind.

Your questions answered

Will my car No Claims Bonus be affected if I make a claim for my home on the MultiCover policy?

No, any claim you need to make for your home will not affect the No Claims Bonus of any of the cars on your cover.

How many years am I tied in to the policy?

The cover lasts 12 months and you can choose to renew at the end of year as normal.

Do the cars need to be registered at the same address as the home insurance policy?

Immediate family can live at different addresses and will each build up their own No Claims Bonus.

If I take out a MultiCover policy will I have to cancel my existing policies?

No, you won't need to cancel your car and home insurance until they are due for renewal and then they'll simply join your MultiCover policy.

How many cars and homes can I add to the policy?

If you are doing an online quote you can add one home and seven cars. If you would like to add more cars or additional properties, please call one of our friendly agents on 0330 134 3208.

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