Cruise Travel Insurance

Add our Cruise Upgrade to your Admiral multi-trip or single trip travel insurance to get the right cover during your cruise holiday.

Relax and enjoy complete protection

A cruise is a great choice for those who want to sit back and watch the world go by; total relaxation, no hassle and everything in one place.

While there's no arguing a holiday on the open water is a great experience, it can pose a slightly trickier problem if something goes wrong.

If you're unlucky and fall ill while you're at sea and need to be taken to the mainland, it could prove a costly move without the right insurance. With Admiral Cruise Insurance you're covered for everything from missed departures to cruise itinerary changes whether you're seeing the Med or enjoying a round-the-world cruise.

And if you fancy plunging into the water for a spot of snorkelling, you can take part knowing you're covered with Admiral Cruise Insurance.

Do I need to add the Cruise Upgrade to my travel insurance?

If you're planning on going on a cruise, yes!

By adding the Cruise Upgrade, your Admiral holiday insurance will be validated while you're on board the cruise ship. You will not be covered for any part of your cruise without the add-on.

Our cruise add-on is automatically included with Admiral Platinum Travel Insurance, but you can also add it to Admiral or Admiral Gold policies for an additional premium.

What's included in Admiral's Cruise Travel Insurance Upgrade?

While your Admiral Travel Insurance covers you for all the holiday essentials such as luggage and medical expenses, our essential cruise add on covers you for the following:

Missed port departure

If you miss the departure point of your cruise, as a result of any of the following reasons, and incur accommodation or travel expenses getting to the next dock, Admiral will cover them up to the limit shown on your policy:

  • Delays or failures to scheduled public transport (excluding taxis)
  • An accident or breakdown of the vehicle you're travelling in
  • An accident or breakdown ahead on the motorway or dual carriageway you're travelling on, causing a delay
  • Strike, industrial action or adverse weather

Cruise cabin confinement

For every 24 hours you are confined to your cabin, by the ship's medical officer, for medical reasons (including declared pre-existing medical conditions) we will pay up to the limit shown on your policy. You must provide written confirmation by the on-board medical officer.

Unused excursions

Don't worry if you miss a pre-booked excursion due to cabin confinement through illness or an accident; we'll pay up to the policy limit for any sickness or accidents covered under the emergency media and repatriation section of your travel insurance.

Cruise interruption

If you fall ill during your cruise and seek medical treatment on dry land, missing part of the cruise, we'll pay any travel expenses you incur to rejoin the ship (up to the policy limit specified). You must get a medical certificate to confirm.

With all of the above examples exclusions do apply - please see your policy guide for more information.

What happens if my cruise holiday is cancelled?

If your cruise is cancelled for any of the following reasons, you'll receive up to £5,000, depending on the level of cover you choose, to cover the costs of your trip:

  • Death, illness, injury or complications of pregnancy or childbirthof you, your travel companion, close relative, close business associate or anyone outside your home area you planned to stay with
  • Court cases and quarantineif you or your travelling partner, or anyone outside your home area you planned to stay with, is quarantined, called for jury service or as a witness and the court refuses to reschedule
  • Redundancycover for you and your travelling partner if either is made redundant from the company you've been employed at continuously for at least 24 months
  • Armed forces and emergency servicesif you or your travelling partner is a member of the British Armed Forces or the emergency services and has authorised leave cancelled due to an unexpected emergency
  • Home damageyou or your companion can't travel if your home is burgled or seriously damaged by a fire, storm or flood within seven days of your departure
  • Passport or visayour passport or visa is stolen in a burglary at your home in the seven days before your departure and you're unable to get a replacement in time

How do I get a quote?

Call 0333 234 9913 for an Admiral Travel Insurance quote and ask to add on the Cruise Upgrade, or buy online and select ‘Cruise Upgrade’ during the quote process.

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