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Admiral have different options to help you get behind the wheel of a new car. Not sure if Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase or an Unsecured Car Loan is best for you? Take a look below.

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Usually requires a deposit




Secured against the car




Excess mileage charges




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Everything you need for Admiral Car Finance

For a car finance quote that won’t affect your credit score, we need:


Name and date of birth


Three years of address history


Loan amount


Contact details


The date you want your monthly payments to leave your bank account

To apply you'll need:


Income, outgoings and employment history


Bank details


Car dealer’s address and bank details (if you choose HP and PCP)


Registration number and current mileage of the car you’re looking to buy

Ease of application through to confirmation

Matthew, Callington

Nov 2018

Nathan and Andy customer service was so nice and truly helpful when explaining any questions I asked.


Jacqueline, Essex

Nov 2018

Efficient, easy and time effective


Helen, Leeds

Nov 2018

Your questions answered

Who can apply for Admiral Car Finance?

To be eligible for a loan you must:

  • be a permanent resident of England, Wales or Scotland,
  • have lived in the UK for at least three years,
  • be aged between 18 and 74 and won’t be 75 or over at the end of the loan term
  • be in employment, or retired and have a minimum annual income of £10,000
  • not have had any County Court Judgements (CCJs) in the last three years
  • not have been made bankrupt, had any Debt Relief Orders or gone through Individual Voluntary Arrangements in the last six years
  • have a UK bank account in your name
  • not be using the car for commercial purposes.

Can I get car finance if I’m self‑employed?

Yes, Admiral offers car finance to the self‑employed as long as you meet our other criteria, and pass our credit and affordability checks.

What's the difference between PCP, HP and a personal loan?

PCP and HP are both finance options that are secured against your car. A personal loan is unsecured. For more information about these, read our guide to car finance types.

Will a car finance application have an impact on my credit rating?

Before you make a full application, you can get a car finance quote. This is a soft search, which is only visible to you and won’t affect your credit history. You can edit your quote while you’re shopping around for your new car, without affecting your credit rating. When you’ve found the car you want and applied for Admiral Car Finance, we’ll run a full credit check which will leave a hard footprint on your credit file.

Why was the APR I was offered different to the representative APR?

The representative APR advertised is the APR that 51% of customers get offered. The actual APR offered depends on the amount you want to borrow along with your personal circumstances, financial circumstances and credit history.

Do I need to know the car reg I'm buying before getting a car finance quote?

If you're not sure which car you're going to buy, you can get an indicative car finance quote which will confirm if you’re eligible for Admiral Car Finance (subject to affordability, fraud and vehicle checks). Once you know which car you’re going to buy and can give us the car registration number, we can give you an accurate quote.

Can I part‑exchange my current car?

We don’t currently offer part exchange as part of Admiral Car finance. However, if you speak with the dealership you are getting your new car from they may be able to part‑exchange your car. You can then enter that amount into the ‘deposit’ section.

How long does Admiral take to the pay the dealership for my car?

If you choose our PCP or HP options, we pay the dealer directly. As soon you give us the dealership details we will contact them, verify their details and pay them – this usually takes a couple of hours but can take as long as one working day.

I've chosen the Admiral car finance unsecured personal loan option - how long does it take to come through?

The money will go into your bank account, just after lunch time, on the third working day.

What car can I get on finance?

We offer finance for used cars and nearly-new cars. We don’t offer finance for brand new cars, electric cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, caravans or motor homes.

Can I get car finance for an electric car?

Sorry, we don’t offer finance for electric cars at the moment.

Can I buy a car from any dealership using Admiral Car Finance?

We work with most UK dealerships.

What is APR?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This is the total charge for the loan, including fees and interest, shown as a percentage. The APR you're offered may differ from the representative example displayed. This is because each loan application is assessed on an individual basis using several factors, including the information provided in your application and data obtained from credit reference agencies. Read more in our guide: What is APR?

What 'personal circumstances' could affect the finance rate I'm offered?

The APR and interest rate we offer depend on your personal and financial details as well as independent verification of your credit and repayment history using information from credit reference agencies (e.g. Experian, Callcredit and Equifax).

I’m a car dealer, can you help my customers with car finance?

We’d love to! Admiral car finance is only available directly to customers; we don’t sell it through car dealers, so please direct your customers to us here at

I’m struggling to pay my Admiral loan – what shall I do?

Give us a call as soon as you can on 0333 234 6009 or visit our payment help page for more information.

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As a basis for qualification, you must be a permanent resident of England, Wales or Scotland, having lived in the UK for at least 3 years, be between the ages of 18 and 75, and with no recent history of bad credit such as County Court Judgements (CCJs), IVA or bankruptcy. The rate offered will depend on the amount you wish to borrow and your individual circumstances. You can apply for any amount between £1,000 and £35,000 for a period between 12 and 60 months.

APR stands for annual percentage rate. This is the total charge for the loan including fees and interest expressed as a percentage. The APR you are offered may differ from the representative example displayed, this is because each loan application is assessed on an individual basis. The maximum APR we offer is 29.9%.

Admiral Financial Services Limited is registered in England and Wales at Tŷ  Admiral, David Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EH (Reg. No. 10255225). Admiral Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference number: 771862). These details can be confirmed by visiting the Financial Services Register,

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Please see our terms and conditions here.

AFSL are a member of the Finance and Leasing Association(FLA) who are an industry leader in promoting best practice within the motor finance, consumer and asset businesses in the UK. As a member we are subscribed to their Lending Code. Click here to download a copy of their Lending Code.

When you submit an application for a loan, we will conduct an application credit search which may affect your credit score, so you may wish to keep applications to a minimum to protect your credit rating.

If you have any queries about the manner in which your data is processed, please write to: Data Protection Officer, Admiral Financial Services Limited, Tŷ Admiral, David Street, Cardiff CF10 2EH.

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