What is Family Legal Protection?

Family Legal Protection protects you and your family if you are in a difficult situation. Issues such as property or employment disputes, personal injury and personal identity theft are all covered, as long as the event happens after your policy has started.

As long as your claim is likely to succeed, we'll provide you with expert legal help and up to £100k worth of legal costs to help give you the support and advice you need.

Consumer disputes

Costs to pursue a legal action following a breach of contract you have for buying or renting goods or services and defend a legal action brought against you following a breach of a contract you have for selling goods

Motor contract disputes

We will help you with contract disputes relating to the sale or purchase of goods or services relating to a vehicle

Personal injury

We'll cover the costs for legal action for financial compensation for damages after an accident

Employment disputes

We'll help you pursue a legal action brought before an employment tribunal

Property disputes

Costs to pursue a legal action for nuisance or trespass in relation to your home plus we’ll help you take legal action for financial compensation against a person or organisation that causes physical damage to your home or personal effects


If you're subject to an HM Revenue and Customs full enquiry you will be covered for the costs incurred by an accountant


If there is a dispute involving the will of your parents, grandparents, children, step-children or adopted children the costs to pursue legal action is taken care of

Personal cyber and identity theft

Access to a helpline for advice on cyber-related issues including identity theft, fraudulent fund transfer, cyber extortion, financial loss, breach of personal information and cyber bullying.

Vehicle cloning

Covers you for costs in legal action arising from use of the vehicle's identity without your permission

Jury service

Cover for any loss of income if you take time off work for jury service as long as these costs aren't recoverable from either your employee or the court

24 hour helpline

Access to a 24 hour legal advice helpline for advice on any private legal problem

What are the benefits of Family Legal Protection?

  • Cover up to £100,000 for legal costs
  • No excess to pay

Who does Family Legal Protection cover protect?

The policy covers you and family members at the same address who are either:

  • A partner including civil or co-habiting, and any children

  • Parents of the policyholder
  • Brothers and sisters of the policyholder

How do I get Family Legal Protection?

You can take out Family Legal Protection when you buy Admiral Home Insurance online or over the phone.

It's included as standard on our Platinum level of cover, and can be added as upgrade to Admiral or Admiral Gold home insurance.

Policy documents

You can read more about Admiral Family Legal Protection in our downloadable PDF documents.

Need to make a claim?

Please call our legal advice team on 0117 927 1852 to discuss your options.

If your claim incident start date is before 31st August 2022, you were insured with our previous supplier Arc Legal, you may be directed to them.

You can also submit a claim form online.

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