How to delete Your App Account

This guidance is for customers with the Admiral Insurance app on how to delete your app account.

Important: This will only delete your app account and will not cancel your insurance policies you have in place.

1. Open the Admiral Insurance App

Locate and open the app on your device.

2. Access Account Settings

Look for the 'cog' icon to open your account settings. This is found at the top-right corner of the app.

3. Navigate to 'Account'

Once you have clicked the cog, use the menu to locate the option 'Account'.

4. Select 'Delete app account'

Now you are on the 'Account details' page you will have the option to 'Delete app account.'

5. Confirmation Deletion

Ensure you read and understand the information provided and the consequences of deleting your account:

  • This will only delete your app account and will not cancel any insurance policies you have in place.
  • After deleting the app account you will lose any progress you made with the MyTrips telematics feature and all the benefits that come with it.
  • If you're a LittleBox Pod customer, you must keep the app installed on your phone to share your journeys alongside your Pod. If you're having any problems, please contact us.

If you wish to cancel any policy please call us 0333 220 2003

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What’s in the Admiral Insurance app?

Do you have MultiCover, MultiCar, Home, Car or Van Insurance? Looking for your Admiral account login? Well, there’s now an app for that! Download the Admiral Insurance app to easily manage your cover from your phone or tablet.

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A video guide to the Admiral App

The Admiral app for Car and Van Insurance customers

Customers who insure their car or van with us can also take advantage of some extra features on the Admiral app. As well as the emergency assistance feature, you can opt in to MyTrips to track your journeys and safe drivers get a great deal on their renewal with MyTrips.

Emergency assistance

Use the emergency assistance feature to get help after an accident.

Learn about your journeys with MyTrips

If you're opted into the app accessing your location, it collects data about your journeys.

Control your data

You can control your data, tell the app whether you were the driver or passenger, and ignore bus or bike journeys if they've been collected too.

No penalties

We won't use this data to raise your insurance price – so there's no disadvantage to taking part.

Did you know?

The Admiral Insurance app can do anything you can do in MyAccount on the website.

Deleting your App account on mobile devices

If you need to delete your Admiral App account, view this short guide.