Multi Car Insurance

Multiple cars? You could save over £355 with Multicar

1st Dec 2016 and 31st May 2017, 1 in 10 customers who provided a best alternative price saved £355

  • Immediate discount Other cars can join at a later date and get their own MultiCar discount. Just tell us about them now.
  • Add friends & family to the policy Perfect for insuring your kids, parents, housemates, or your partner.
  • Combine cars from different addresses Even if family members live away from home, they can still join the MultiCar policy.

How does Multi‑Car Insurance work?

It's as easy as

Start with one car now and get your first MultiCar discount

Other cars can join the policy later, when due for renewal

Each car gets its very own MultiCar discount

3 cars with multi car insurance

What is Multi‑Car Insurance?

If you have more than one car in your household you can insure them all on one multi-car policy. Every car you add to the insurance policy earns its own discount. Plus, each car gets its own No Claims Bonus for every year it remains claim free and at renewal you’ll have just one date to think about.

Are multi car policies cheaper?

Not only will MultiCar save you time and paperwork if you own and insure more than one car, it can also save you money - £355 actually.

Although individual polices could be cheaper, with Admiral you get guaranteed MultiCar discounts for each of the cars on the policy.

And 10% of respondents (Dec - May 2017) who gave us a best alternative price when getting a quote saved £355 with Admiral MultiCar!

How does multi car discount work?

Insure multiple cars on one policy and get a multi-car discount for every car you add. You’ll get an immediate discount when the policy starts and every car you add earns its own discount. Add your friends and family to the policy to earn more discounts.

Four reasons why you should choose Admiral

Great customer service

Over 91% of our customers said they would renew based on the claims service (Jan 2017 – Jun 2017).

You could save over £355

1st Dec 2016 and 31st May 2017, 1 in 10 customers who provided a best alternative price saved £355

Voted by consumers Best Car Insurance Provider

Voted by consumers as the Best Car Insurance Provider 2016/17 for the fourth year running (Personal Finance Awards).

Millions of happy customers

Since 2005, more than 4 million cars insured with MultiCar.

Crammed with features and benefits

Our comprehensive policy is crammed with great features and benefits as standard.

Windscreen Repair

Policyholders are eligible for the repair and replacement of windscreens (excess applies).

Courtesy Car

Use of a courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired at an Admiral approved garage.

European Cover

Up to 90 days cover in Europe so you can enjoy a driving holiday in France without having to arrange extra cover.

Stereo Cover

Unlimited cover for standard audiovisual equipment.

£5,000 Personal Injury Cover

Get £5,000 of personal injury cover for you and your spouse.

Named Driver No Claims Bonus

Any Named Driver could earn themselves an Admiral No Claims Bonus for use with Admiral policies.

Sat-Nav and Personal Belongings Cover

If your personal belongings or effects are damaged or stolen while in your car, we'll pay up to £100 to help you replace them.

24 Hour Emergency Helpline

Comprehensive and third party, fire & theft customers can call if they have an incident and we're liable for the damage.

Bonus Match

Insure a second car with us and, in most cases, we'll match your No Claims Bonus on that vehicle as well.

Uninsured Driver Promise

If you're hit by an uninsured driver and you successfully claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau, your NCB will remain untouched.

Compare multi car insurance policies

We believe you shouldn't have to compromise on cover. See how our standard comprehensive policy compares to others in Jan 2016.

First Car Discount Courtesy Car European Cover
Admiral Yes Yes Yes
Aviva No No Yes
LV No No No
Direct Line Yes Yes Yes

Family Friendly Insurance

The great thing about our cover is its flexibility, so the whole family can save. As long as the cars belong to immediate family members, they don't even have to be registered to the same address. It really is as simple as that!

Our customers love us

Look at what they're saying...

Financially well worth it. Good follow up from their customer dept. I really appreciate their others offers for eg recovery deal and the time spent to explain to us the benefit of having MultiCar.


August 2017

Multi-Car Insurance; low prices comparing with others and excellent customer service.

Gayle, St.Helens

August 2017

The staff who dealt with me were knowledgeable, polite and at times humorous. This may not seem important to a lot of companies but to me they are at the forefront of the company and the most important part of the sale. Admiral staff passed with flying colours.

Mish, Lancashire

August 2017

A video guide to Admiral MultiCar Insurance

All you need for a quote

We've tried to make getting an Admiral quote as easy as possible but you will need some information to hand so we can help you get your discounts.

For each car, you will need:

  • the car registration and/or make and model
  • their renewal dates

For each driver, you will need:

  • their name
  • their date of birth
  • any insurance claims they've made
  • any driving convictions they have

Your questions answered

We're sure you'll love our great discounts, but maybe you have a few questions. You can find answers in this section.

Will I be able to drive all the cars on the policy?

You must be named as a driver under section 5 of the car's Certificate of Motor Insurance, to be able to drive it.

How many years am I tied in to a MultiCar policy?

The policy lasts 12 months; you then have the option to renew at the end of the year as normal. If you add another vehicle mid-term they will be insured up to the original renewal date on a pro-rata basis.

Is MultiCar Insurance for me?

If you have multiple private cars including camper vans or a classic car (not company or commercial), then it could save you money. Read our guide to find out more about Multi-Car.

Will my No Claims Bonus be affected if a claim is made?

If a policyholder covered by your policy makes a claim or a claim is made against them, only they are affected. The No Claims Bonus of any other policyholders covered by the same policy won't be affected.

Do the cars need to be at the same address?

No, if you are immediate family then you can live at different addresses. So, if your son or daughter has left home you can still get the benefit of a discount.

Who can drive my car?

Only the people listed under section 5 of the current Certificate of Motor Insurance for a particular car can drive that car. If you want to add drivers to one of the cars, either for a few days or for the rest of your policy term, call our Customer Service Department. The drivers must be eligible for insurance with Admiral. There is a charge for adding drivers to your policy, which we'll tell you when you call.

If all the renewal dates are the same, won't I get a big bill?

No – you get discounts on each car you insure and you can spread the cost by paying for your insurance over 12 months.

If my son crashes will it affect my NCB?

If your son, daughter, wife, husband or any other policyholder on your cover makes a claim, or a claim is made against them, while they're driving their own car it won't affect any of the other policyholders' No Claims Bonus. However, if they have an accident in your car (which you are policyholder for) then your No Claims Bonus will be affected, but not for the other cars.

What if I already insure with Admiral?

If you currently have your car insured with Admiral but would like to get a quote for a MultiCar policy that's fine. You can start a quote online, or, if you'd prefer to talk it through with someone, you can call our sales team and they'll guide you through the quote.

You won't have to cancel your existing policy as you'll receive your discount on your new car straight away.

Your existing car will continue to run until its renewal date, at which point it will be added to the new policy and you will just pay a pro rata amount. All cars on the policy will renew on the same date.

If I buy a MultiCar policy will I have to cancel my other insurance policy for the second car?

No you won't need to cancel insurance for the other cars until it's up for renewal - they simply join our policy when it's time for renewal. When they're ready to come onto your policy they'll earn their own discounts.

Won't it be difficult to change my car?

Not at all. You can change cars any time you like during the term of the insurance policy. And depending on what you change to, you might get a refund. (Admin fee applies).

Do I have to be married to get Multi Car Insurance?

No, you can cover all the cars registered at one address no matter who they belong to, as there will be multiple policyholders. For immediate family members they can still be covered under your policy, even if they live at different addresses.

How do I make a claim?

Call our Claims Department. Our Make a claim page will give you some more information about making a claim.

We're open Mon - Fri 8am - 9pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm.

Can I use my no claims discount on two cars?

No Claims Bonus (NCB) or No Claims Discount applies to a single car so can’t be applied to another car on your multi car policy; each car on the policy earns its own NCB. If you sell a car, you can transfer its NCB over.

Can the cars have different levels of cover and excess?

Yes - on a two car policy, for example, one car can have Comprehensive cover while the other can have Third Party, Fire and Theft. The excess can differ based on various criteria such as age of drivers and type of car.

Can I add a van to a Multi-Car policy?

You can only add cars to a MultiCar policy.

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