We've partnered with Zap-Map to help you calculate how much you could potentially save by going green.

Compare an electric model against a petrol or diesel car to reveal your potential savings for road tax, company car tax and congestion charges over three years.

This utility is provided by an external party for the benefit of Admiral customers, and not by Admiral directly.


We've partnered with Zap-Map to help you calculate how much you could save on a journey by switching from a petrol or diesel car to an electric vehicle (EV).

Select an EV and a petrol or diesel car from the drop-down list, then enter your journey details. We'll also need your home electricity and petrol costs.

After a few seconds, we’ll show you a full breakdown of how much you can save by switching to an EV.

This utility is provided by an external party for the benefit of Admiral customers, and not by Admiral directly.


We've partnered with Zap-Map to help you find your nearest charging point, if it's in use or whether it's not working.

Read detailed information on each charging point and use the route planner to make sure you're always close to a recharge on your journey.

You can use filters such as connector types, networks and access. Enter your postcode, town or city below to get started.

This utility is provided by an external party for the benefit of Admiral customers, and not by Admiral directly.

Electric Car Insurance

Get the right cover for your electric car or hybrid

Protect your electric or hybrid car with our car insurance, or add it to a MultiCar policy to enjoy additional discounts and benefits.

5 Star Car Insurance from Admiral

Admiral, Gold, and Platinum comprehensive cover has been awarded a five-star rating by Defaqto

Why choose Admiral Electric Car Insurance

24 hour Emergency Helpline

Comprehensive and third party, fire & theft customers can call if they have an incident and we're liable for the damage.

MultiCar discounts available

We'll give you a MultiCar discount if you insure your other cars with us.

Up to 90 days cover in Europe

Travel across the channel in your electric car or hybrid without having to arrange extra insurance cover.

Electric vehicle tools

We've partnered with Zap-Map to offer these helpful tools and calculators designed to help you make the switch or keep your journey going.

Making the switch to electric

Electric cars are cheaper to run and better for the environment.

The government has announced all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans are set to be banned from sale in 2030. New hybrids will be sold until 2035, but they must be capable of covering a "significant distance" in zero-emission mode - a term which the Government has yet to define.

A motoring revolution like this can't happen overnight, and that means more and more of us are going to be buying and driving electric cars in the near future.

Car manufacturers are already working hard on developing this entirely new generation of cars, with some brands like Tesla and more EVs becoming more familiar sights on our roads.

The fuel costs for an EV are smaller than for petrol and diesel engines - and the price of an annual service will be lower too.

And because electric vehicles produce less CO2 they are currently exempt from road tax.

As with any other car you’ll still need valid car insurance to drive on UK roads but you don’t have to buy specialist insurance for your electric car.

Whether you already own one, or are looking to buy an EV, our electric car insurance includes 24-hour emergency helpline, battery and charging cable cover for your electric or hybrid car.

Supercharged car insurance

Our comprehensive electric car insurance (excluding Essential tier) has these features and benefits as standard.

£5,000 personal injury cover

Get £5,000 of personal injury cover for you and your partner.

Sat-nav and personal belongings cover

If your personal belongings or effects are damaged or stolen while in your car, we'll pay up to £200 to help you replace them.

24-hour emergency helpline

Comprehensive and third party, fire & theft customers can call if they have an incident and we're liable for the damage.

Bonus match

Insure a second car with us and, in most cases, we'll match your No Claims Bonus on that vehicle as well.

Battery cover

Electric and hybrid car batteries are covered for accidental damage, fire and theft.

Charging equipment

Protects your electric vehicle or hybrid's standard charging cables against accidental damage, fire and theft.

Top 10 EVs with Admiral Electric Car Insurance

Here are the top 10 most popular electric cars we cover:

BMW i3

Volkswagen e-Golf

Nissan Leaf

Jaguar I-PACE

Renault ZOE

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model 3

BMW i3s

Tesla Model S

Audi e-tron

Your questions answered

Do I need specialist insurance for an electric car?

No. While you can choose to take out a dedicated electric vehicle insurance policy if you wish, insurance providers like Admiral are working to normalise electric car ownership as much as possible. And this means you needn't take out any kind of specialist car insurance.

Is electric car insurance cheaper?

We’ll consider a number of different factors to calculate the price you’ll pay for your electric car insurance. These include your, age, occupation, claims history and type of vehicle, along with the cost and availability of spare parts for any repairs. Prices can vary a lot as a result.

Because electric vehicles cost more to buy and repair they do tend to be more expensive to insure than fuel powered models. We also consider if an accident is more likely because electric cars offer a different driving experience. Peak pulling power is available from a standstill, meaning they often offer surprising acceleration, all in relative silence.

However prices have come down a little as uptake increases and repairs have become more common.


How do electric cars work?

Electric cars and vans (or EVs) are powered by electric motors which use rechargeable batteries, rather than petrol or diesel fuel. They can be charged with a charging cable plugged into a charging point at home, or at a public charging station. It may take between 30 minutes to 12 hours to reach full charge depending on a number of factors.

What happens if I'm leasing the battery?

To reduce the cost of buying an electric car, some manufacturers (such as Renault and Nissan) offer the chance to buy the car and lease its battery separately.

The monthly lease amount is typically less than two full tanks of fuel – saving you no money on running costs but doing a fair bit for the environment.

You should notify us when taking out your policy if you're leasing the battery. If the car is written off, we need to make sure the payouts for the car and its battery go to their respective owners. If you own the battery, its value is combined with that of your car – this then makes up your car's market value.

What if someone trips over my charging cable?

If you're charging your car while it's parked in the street, there's the possibility that a member of the public might trip over your car's charging cable.

This opens you up to allegations of negligence and a personal injury claim.

Under Section 4 of your Admiral motor insurance policy ('Liability to other people'), so long as you've taken reasonable steps to prevent such an accident or injury from occurring, you're insured against this.

The cables would be covered if they were bought as part of the car. Aftermarket cables aren't covered unless they were a direct replacement from the manufacturer.

What's the difference between a hybrid car and an electric car?

A hybrid car uses both a traditional petrol engine and an electric motor as power sources, whereas an electric car is fully powered by electrical sources.

How much does it cost to recharge an EV?

The cost of fully charging an electric vehicle will depend on its battery size. Most people will charge their car at home and pay their energy supplier.

Some public charging stations are free but others may require payment, depending on the provider and the type of charger. Rapid charging points are usually more expensive than fast charging points.

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