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What’s landlord emergency cover?

Landlord emergency cover is a landlord insurance add-on that protects your property against unexpected incidents like plumbing issues with your pipes or radiators, or when your boiler has a total breakdown.

It covers the cost of the callout, and for a tradesperson to temporarily sort out the problem.

The cover is active after seven days and it doesn't cover general repairs such as wear and tear, the cost of any damage caused or the permanent fixing of the issue. You'll have to contact your own tradesperson to get a permanent repair.

What’s covered with Home Emergency cover?

Landlord Emergency Cover

Boiler and heating system

Alternative accommodation

Temporary heating

24-hour emergency helpline

Up to £500 cover

Claims per year


Included in policy

Admiral Platinum





Windows, doors and locks


Gas pipes

How do I upgrade?

New customers can add it as an upgrade when buying an Admiral or Gold Landlord Insurance policy. Platinum customers have it included as standard.

You can add Landlord Emergency cover to your existing policy at any time by contacting us.

What property emergencies do we cover?

Landlord Emergency cover provides up to £500 for callout charges, labour, and parts to sort out problems with your property 24/7.

This cover includes:

Alternative accommodation

We'll pay up to £250, including VAT, for overnight accommodation and transport if your property is unfit.

Boiler and central heating

We cover boilers and central heating when they undergo total failure. We define it as a complete loss of heating and hot water.

We'll even supply £50 for a temporary heater if we can't repair your property's heating system.

If your boiler is under warranty, you must contact the manufacturer for any repairs - Landlord Emergency Cover can't cover boilers under warranty.


We help if your property is uninhabitable due to total electrical failure. We don't cover power cuts or National Grid issues, however.

Gas pipes

We repair leaks between your meter and a gas appliance in your property. However, this only applies if the National Gas Emergency Service has isolated and found the leak.


We'll sort out hornet, rat, mice, wasp, grey squirrel and cockroach infestations.


We help with water pipes between the main stopcock and the taps. This includes your property's leaks, burst pipes, blocked sinks and drains. We only cover toilet unit emergencies when there isn’t another working toilet in the property.

Landlord Emergency cover won't help with sourcing issues like leaks; other parts of your landlord insurance may cover this.

Windows, doors and locks

We'll sort out smashed windows and damage to your property's locks if it's an immediate security risk.

Roof damage

We’ll cover a temporary repair of roof damage due to storms or bad weather. We won’t cover damage due to poor roof maintenance or wear and tear.

What isn’t covered?

Claims made within the first seven days of cover

We can't cover claims made within the first seven days of your policy.

Emergencies reported after 48 hours

We can only respond to emergencies reported within 48 hours.

Problems that aren't a total failure

Landlord Emergency cover is only for problems that are a total failure.

Unoccupied properties

We don't cover properties that have been left unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row.

Work needed after immediate repair

We only provide cover for the callout and immediate repair. We can't cover any subsequent damage beyond that.

Trace and access cover

We won't cover the cost of work to find the source of the emergency.

However, this may be covered in your Landlord Insurance policy. Find out more about trace and access.

Boilers under manufacturer warranty

If your boiler is under warranty, you must contact the manufacturer for any repairs - Landlord Emergency Cover can't cover boilers under warranty.

This isn’t an exhaustive list – read more about our Landlord Emergency cover in our policy books.

How to make a claim

If you have an emergency in your property and want to make a landlord emergency claim, please visit our make a claim page for our contact details.

Alternatively, it's quick and convenient to register your claim online. Simply log into MyAccount and click the link in the 'Emergency Assistance' section.

If you think you have a gas leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

Your questions answered

If I make a landlord emergency claim, will this affect my premium?

No, landlord emergency claims don’t affect your premium.

My boiler is beyond economic repair, will you make a contribution to its replacement?

Landlord Emergency provide temporary repairs only - we won't cover replacing your boiler or any contribution towards replacing it.

What happens if the cost of a repair is more than £500?

If your emergency repair costs more, you’ll need to pay any amount over £500.

Can I contact my own tradesperson?

Only if we’ve agreed to it beforehand.

Do you need help with a landlord emergency?