Lifetime Pet Insurance

Arranged by Insurance Factory Ltd

Great cover for your furry friend, year after year

What's covered?

Quality cover for your pet, for life

Admiral lifetime pet insurance covers your pet for a whole range of conditions. Vet fee limits refresh each year you renew, so you’ll be able to claim for the same health condition multiple times over the lifetime of your pet.

How lifetime cover works for you

A typical cat may live for 16 years, but our lifetime pet cover with an annual policy limit of £5,000 lets you claim up to £80,000 during your pet’s lifetime – just by renewing your policy each year.

More details about lifetime cover

Flexible cover to suit you and your pet’s needs

Vet fees for an accidental injury or for a new illness up to £10K

Up to £2M third party liability for dogs

Up to £2,500 dentistry after an accident or injury

Continued cover for new illnesses at renewal up to cover fee limit

£250 third party legal liability excess per incident

Three levels of lifetime cover to choose from

It’s easy to get the right level of cover for your pet ‑ choose from three simple cover packages which all include an excess charge of £100.

24-hour free vet helpline service

Every level of Admiral pet insurance includes access to a 24-hour vet helpline. A veterinary professional is just a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At the first sign of trouble, or even if you just have a question or concern, call the free helpline.

More details about lifetime cover

Whereas non-lifetime pet insurance policies such as maximum benefit cover and 12-month cover will only insure your pet for a particular health condition up to a pre-set financial limit, having lifetime pet insurance means your limits reset each year.

For example, let’s say you’ve decided to buy lifetime pet cover for your cat, with an annual policy limit of £5,000. A typical cat life span is 16 years; if your feline friend lives this long and you renew your policy each year, you’ll be able to claim up to £80,000 during your pet’s lifetime.

A non-lifetime pet insurance policy will only cover you for each condition up to a certain limit, and this won’t reset. Once you’ve reached the maximum claim for a particular condition, you’ll be responsible for paying any further vet bills.

What are the advantages of lifetime pet insurance?

Pet insurance lifetime cover is a particularly good choice in case your pets develop long term health problems, such as diabetes or arthritis. However, pre existing conditions are usually excluded when you buy your policy, so to make a claim, your pet would need to contract the condition at least 14 days after the policy start date.

The costs of cat or dog care can be made more predictable with lifetime pet insurance. Rather than risking an enormous fee whenever your cat or dog contracts an illness or has an accident, lifetime pet cover means you’ll pay your insurer a recurring annual fee in exchange for them covering veterinary bills.

There are limits to the amount you can claim and an excess to pay, but if your pet experiences repeated health problems over the course of their lifetime, it could work out cheaper and more manageable to invest in lifetime pet insurance.

If you’ve already bought lifetime pet insurance with a different insurer, you still have the option of switching to a different provider, so you can continue shopping around for the best pet quotes. If you do switch, however, any ongoing conditions would be considered pre-existing and are unlikely to be covered.

How to make lifetime pet insurance claim

Making a claim on behalf of your pet isn’t as complicated as you might think – you can:

Email our claims team via

Request a pet insurance claim form by calling 0330 102 5745

Request a claims form by writing to Insurance Factory Ltd (our pet insurance provider) at Admiral Pet Insurance, 5th Floor, Connect Centre, Kingston, Crescent, Portsmouth, PO2 8DE

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