Single Trip Travel Insurance

Cover for a single trip up to 365 days - perfect if you have a home abroad or just fancy an extended holiday.

Worldwide cover at your fingertips

Whether you're sightseeing in the UK, city-hopping around Europe or sunning yourself on a beach across the pond, Admiral Travel Insurance covers the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

With our single trip cover, you can rest assured that you are covered should things go wrong on your holiday. Lost luggage, cancelled flights or medical expenses can feel very daunting in a foreign country but you can put your mind at rest with Admiral Travel Insurance.

What are the benefits of Admiral Travel Insurance?

  • Three levels of cover
  • Secure online booking
  • 24 hour emergency assistance helpline
  • Cancellation CoverUp to £5,000 dependent on cover level
  • Personal BelongingsUp to £2,500 dependent on cover level

Single Trip Insurance is a cost-effective option if you're not a frequent traveller. With Admiral Single Trip policies you can choose from three levels of cover: Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum. If you plan on taking a few holidays in a year, our Annual Multi-Trip cover may suit you better and save you money.

What level of cover do I need?

With Admiral Travel Insurance you can choose from Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum Cover.

Here are just a few of the benefits (excesses apply). You can read the full list in the policy summary booklet.




Cancellation or cutting short your trip
(Limits up to)




Emergency medical treatment & repatriation
(Limits up to)

£10 Million

£15 Million

£20 Million

Personal belongings
(Limits up to)




Money & documents
(Limits up to)




If you're fancying the adrenaline rush of a skiing holiday, or you're taking to the seas on a cruise, you'll need to add on our Winter Sports Upgrade or Cruise Upgrade to your travel insurance policy as these activities are not covered otherwise. If you're buying Admiral Platinum cover, cruise cover comes as standard, but you must add these Upgrades to all other available tiers to be able to claim on any part of your travel insurance.

Are there any exclusions?

Like any insurance policy there are some things that are not covered by Admiral Travel Insurance including:

  • Claims made as a result of drug-use or excessive alcohol consumption
  • Failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Any claims resulting from an illegal or criminal act carried out by the policyholder
  • Any losses or expenses you can recover from elsewhere, or are more specifically insured by another policy

You can read the full list of exclusions in your policy documents.

Do I need travel insurance if I have a European Health Insurance Card?

Yes, you do. Research by the Foreign Office shows 48% of holidaymakers don't realise that without travel insurance they would be liable to pay for their own medical bills abroad; a lot of people believe they're covered just by carrying their European Health Identity Card (EHIC).

However, if you need medical attention the chances are that only part of the costs will be taken care of. The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance; it will not cover potentially very expensive costs such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, flights back to the UK, or lost or stolen property.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you still may be able to get insured. Simply call Medical Screening on 0333 234 9913.

Your pre-existing medical conditions won’t be covered unless you have declared all conditions, received acceptance of this in writing, and paid any additional premium in full.

What happens if my holiday is cancelled?

In the unfortunate event your holiday is cancelled, you will be covered for certain reasons for cancellation with Admiral Travel Insurance. Depending on the level of cover you choose - Admiral, Admiral Gold, or Admiral Platinum cover - you'll receive up to £5,000 to cover the costs of your trip.

How do I get a quote?

Call 0333 234 9913 for a Single Trip Travel Insurance quote or buy online.

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