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Learn what to do during a storm, and what to check afterwards.

Our homes are our happy place, and we know protecting them is important to you. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about storm damage and our home insurance policies to help you get the peace of mind you deserve.

What to do in the immediate event of a storm

Stay at home

It's safest to stay inside and wait for the storm to pass

Turn off the power

If there's a flood risk and no standing water, turn off your electricity and gas

Don't fix anything

While the storm is still going, don't repair any damage outside

What to check after a storm

Once the storm has passed and only if it’s safe to do so, you could check:

Your roof

Stand back to check your roof and note if there are any visible problems like missing tiles or damaged flashing (the flat, thin pieces of metal). Watch our video on how to check your roof for damage.

Your guttering

Loose tiles or debris from the roof could slip into the gutters and cause 
a blockage.

Any moss or leaves in your guttering will be prone to freezing, so clear them out. We have a four-step guide to gutter clearing.

Your windows

Strong winds could have caused branches to bang against windows and cause cracks, while heavy rain may have leaked through, highlighting weak spots.

Your garden

Look around for any damage, like broken furniture. Make a note of it and clear out any debris if it’s safe to do so.

Unfortunately, we can't cover you for anything that was previously damaged before the storm.

Make sure your shed is secure too. Learn more about looking after your garden shed.

Am I covered for storm damage?

It depends. Damage caused by normal weather or wear and tear isn’t covered. We define a storm that can cause damage to well-maintained homes as:

Wind with gusts of at least 55mph

Heavy rainfall at a rate of at least 25mm per hour

Snow to a depth of at least 30cm in 24 hours

Hail that causes damage to hard surfaces or breaks glass

What we cover

Under storm conditions, your home insurance policy covers:

  • wind damage
  • water damage
  • damage caused by snow or hail

During cold weather, you’re also covered for frozen pipes inside your home.

What we don't cover

  • gates, fences or hedges
  • damage caused by wear and tear
  • unfinished alterations or extensions

For full details of what we do and don't cover read your Home Insurance Policy Booklet.

How to claim on your home insurance

The first part of any claim isn't covered. This is known as “excess”.

Check your policy documents

Find out whether you're covered and what your excess is

Gather your evidence

We need to know what caused the damage and when

Register your claim

You can make your storm damage claim in MyAccount

Policy documents

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You can download it for free from the Adobe website.

Preparing your home for a storm

How to storm-proof your home

How to storm-proof your home

To avoid last-minute panics and potentially invalidating your home insurance, read our guide on storm-proofing your home.

Preparing for a storm
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How to check your roof for damage

How to check your roof for damage

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