Van Insurance optional add-ons

Extend your van cover with these add-ons

What if you could tailor your insurance around you and your business?

What are van insurance add-ons?

Optional add-ons are extra cover you can add to your van insurance policy.

They’re specific cover options for things like van contents cover or hire vehicles. Add-ons allow you to personalise your insurance to suit you or your business.

Always check your van insurance policy first – you don’t want to risk getting too much cover and paying for something you already have.

The add-on will be active in line with your van insurance renewal date.

Personalise your cover with these optional add-ons

Breakdown Cover

Getting you and your van where you need to be if it breaks down. UK-wide, 24/7, 365 – we’ll be there.

Breakdown Cover

Van Contents cover

We'll protect stolen and damaged van contents, including your trusty tools, anywhere in the UK.

Van Contents cover

Hire Vehicle cover

We’ll get you a replacement van or a cash alternative if yours is damaged and being repaired or written off or stolen and unrecovered. Stay on the road.

Hire Vehicle cover

Personal Injury cover

Personal Injury payments could help you offset loss of earnings due to being out of work or help with unexpected costs following a motor accident.

Personal Injury cover

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