Hire Vehicle Cover

Get a replacement car if yours is written off or stolen

Cover for all named drivers

Protect everyone on your policy with a full driving licence

Similar-sized car for up to 28 days

A replacement that suits your needs

Choose a £400 cash alternative

You don’t need to pick a replacement car

What’s Hire Vehicle cover?

Hire Vehicle cover is a car insurance upgrade that gives you a similar size vehicle (max 2.0L and seven seats) if yours is written-off or stolen and unrecoverable.

This cover doesn't include non-fault claims where the costs of a hire vehicle are recoverable from the insurer of the person who caused the accident.

We offer £400 to fund alternative travel if you don’t want a replacement car. You can add it to your policy if you’re an existing car insurance customer.

Courtesy car

Courtesy cars are included as standard for our comprehensive car insurance customers. You don't need to pay extra for this.

The courtesy car isn't intended to be a like for like replacement for your vehicle. It's usually a small hatchback while a garage approved by us repairs yours.

We don't provide a courtesy car if your vehicle's written off or stolen and unrecovered. Hire Vehicle cover does.


Hire Vehicle

Included as standard

Repairable car

Written off (fault claim)

Stolen and unrecovered car

Cash alternative

What isn’t covered?

Hire vehicle costs

We don't provide cover for hire vehicle fuel, fare, fines and fees.

Like for like

We won't provide a vehicle that is the exact make, model, and size as yours.

Hire vehicle charges after 28 days

Our cover lasts for 28 days, meaning after this time you're responsible for paying any further hire charges, should you require the vehicle for longer.


If there's an incident while you have the hire vehicle, you're responsible for paying the applicable excess.

Certain claims not reported to the police

If your claim involves malicious damage or theft, you must supply a Police Crime Reference Number.

Read our policy books for more information.

How to make a claim

To claim, contact us on 0333 220 2033, via our make a claim page or in MyAccount.

We’ll need your name, policy number and details about why you’re claiming. We’ll also need a Crime Reference Number for stolen vehicles.

What happens next

Once we confirm your car is a total loss or stolen and unrecoverable, you can choose a hire car or cash. If you choose the hire car, we'll inform our partner Auxillis Services Limited who’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time and place to deliver your hire car.

Auxillis Services Limited, who provides the hire car, will then deliver your vehicle. Or if you choose the £400, we'll arrange for this to be paid to you.

How does the Hire Vehicle process work?

Get your Hire Vehicle or cash alternative in just a few steps

Arranging your delivery time

Auxillis Services Limited will arrange the time and delivery of your car.

Receiving your vehicle

You'll receive delivery to your home or work address of a fully taxed and insured vehicle with £15 of fuel.

Speedy payment

If you've chosen to receive a payment instead of a vehicle, it usually takes 24 hours but could take up to five working days.

Your questions answered

What if I need the hire car for longer?

Contact Auxillis Services Limited at 0344 5712715.

How long does my Admiral Hire Vehicle Cover last?

Your Hire Vehicle Cover runs alongside your Admiral motor insurance policy, so it'll normally last 12 months.

I have a disability and my car is modified to fit this. Can you provide a vehicle with the same modifications?

If you drive a modified vehicle, we’ll always do our best to give you a replacement with the same modifications to keep you on the road.

If this isn’t possible, you’ll still be entitled to the £400 cash payment.