Is multi car insurance right for me?

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Find out more about how multi car insurance works and whether multi car insurance could be cheaper for you with our guide


If you have more than one car in your household, multi car insurance could be right for you. 

At Admiral, we offer a discount when you insure your first car and then you can save money every time you add an additional car. 

Find out more about whether multi car insurance could be right for you. 

What is multi car insurance? 

Multi car insurance allows you to combine all your car insurance with one insurer. This works by insuring all the vehicles under one policy. 

This makes it easier to arrange your cover, and when the time comes to renew you only have one date to think about. 

Each car on cover also gets its own No Claims Bonus for every year it remains claim-free. 

How does multi car insurance work?

In many ways, multi car insurance works in the same way as any other car insurance policy. 

Like other car insurance policies, multi car cover lasts for one year and, if eligible, you can spread the cost across 12 months with added interest.

You may be asking, whose car can I add to my multi car policy? Usually this would mean partners, children or parents but you can insure any car that’s registered to your address, regardless of who it belongs to. 

Basically, anyone who lives at your address and has a car registered there can be added and insured under the same policy. 

How do multi car insurance renewal dates work? 

If only one of your cars is due for renewal right now then you pay for that one - or start your monthly payments - straight away.

The great news is you get your Admiral MultiCar discount straight away too.

Although we take the details for your other cars (including car and driver details) they don't join the policy until their car renewal dates.

How renewal dates work depend on your insurer, so make sure you check beforehand. 

For example:

  • If cover on car A starts in April, but car B's insurance doesn't renew until September, car A's price will still include immediate discount. 
  • Car B would then join the policy in September earning its own discount and its cover would run from September until April. 
  • Both cars renew on the original Admiral MultiCar renewal date in April and both would have a full year's No Claims Bonus. 
  • As long as a car is insured for at least three months on the MultiCar policy it will earn a full year's No Claims Bonus.

How many cars can go on a multi cover policy? 

The number of cars that can be added to a multi car policy varies for each insurer. If you are thinking of getting another car, make sure you contact your insurer first for a quote to see if it can be added.

Can I insure two cars in my name? 

Yes, you can insure two cars or more under your name with a multi car policy as long as they are registered in your name.

Is multi car insurance cheaper? 

Multi car insurance can save you money. Every time you add a car to an Admiral MultiCar policy, it earns its own multi car discount – this works to bring down the price of your policy overall. 

In some instances multi car cover may not be right for you, depending on the car or on your circumstances. Make sure you price cover for cars separately first to make sure. 

Who is multi car insurance for?

Combining car insurance policies together under one, easy-to-renew policy may seem like a dream solution to your car insurance woes. But who wants to spend more time thinking about car insurance than necessary, especially when you are unsure whether multi car cover is right for you. 

We’ve looked at some real-life scenarios to see whether Admiral MultiCar could be right for you – take a look and see if one applies to you. 

"I've got two cars but they have different renewal dates. I don't think it's for me."

Getting an Admiral MultiCar quote is designed to be just as simple as getting a quote for one car. We don't ask you to cancel your second car's insurance policy just give us some of the information about that car and its drivers. You get discount on your first car straight away.

Verdict: Yes, MultiCar could be for you

"My boyfriend owns the other car registered at our address."

That's okay, if both cars are registered at the same address you can both benefit by insuring both your cars through us. And don't worry you will each build up your own No Claims Bonus separately. If one of you is involved in an accident in your own car that won't affect the other driver's No Claims Bonus.

Verdict: Yes, MultiCar could be for you

"The kids live here too so there are four cars at the address, won't it get a bit confusing?"

No, just like a couple deciding to take out a multi car policy, this should make life for families easier as the renewal of the policy will result in one renewal date for all drivers. What could be easier than only having to deal with the car insurance company once a year?

Verdict: Yes, MultiCar could be for you

"My son has moved out and taken his car to university with him."

As long as all the cars on the policy belong to immediate family members then you and your son will be able to benefit by both getting your own MultiCar discount.

Verdict: Yes, MultiCar could be for you

"I live on my own and only have one car, no one in my family drives."

In this instance, your best option is to get a single-car quote for your car.

If you have a high insurance premium and are only looking for a Single-Car policy, get a quote for Admiral's black box policy, LittleBox, and you could get a discount on a standard Single-Car quote. Eligibility criteria applies.

Verdict: No, MultiCar isn’t for you this time

Insure more than one car with us and get MultiCar discount