What is telematics?


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Some insurance providers now offer you the choice to install a little device in your car which looks at your driving style commonly known as a “black box”, Admiral calls it LittleBox

What is telematics insurance?

• A type of car insurance where a small box is fitted to your car. This telematics device, or black box, then measures aspects of how you drive

• It offers you a chance to show your car insurance company you’re a safe driver. Your renewal premium is then based on how safely you drive.

Telematics – where it all began

• Telematics is said to have started with a tachograph over 60 years ago

• The term was coined back in 1978 by Simon Nora and Alain Minc in their report titled “L'Informatisation de la société,” written for the French prime minister in response to the development of computer technology and the beginning of the information age

• In 1988 major research programs launched to experiment on vehicle telematics with the objective of improving road safety and reducing environmental impact

• In 1993 GPS technologies reached the consumer market as the US government offered full GPS access to civilians

• By the mid-2000s, the consumer market was flooded with GPS-based vehicle navigation systems

• In 2013 Admiral launches its black box product. We call it LittleBox.

The benefits

• Telematics insurance gives you more control over the cost of your insurance and helps good drivers get a fairer price

• If you’re in a high risk group, such as young or inexperienced drivers, then this could be ideal for you.

A fairer system

• Conventionally, companies base premium on factors such as the vehicle's insurance group, the age of the driver, their experience and history on the road

• These factors do play a part in telematics, but rather than just relying on statistics for all drivers in an age group, for example, insurers use electronically-gathered data to calculate, and recalculate, your quote based on how good a driver you are.

Can I get an Admiral LittleBox?

Almost anyone can get telematics insurance. To get a LittleBox policy you need to:

• Drive more than 1,900 miles-a-year

• Have a premium over £650

• Have a car worth more than £750 and less than 15 years old.

Find out more about Admiral's black box insurance.

Tackling those myths

Some people think telematics technology is there to catch drivers out, but it’s actually there to help drivers get a fair price for their car insurance.

• LittleBox collects information about when the car is used, how far it travels and its location, as well as information on your driving behaviour including speed, acceleration and braking

• The information is used to work out what kind of driver you are, and ultimately, how safe you are behind the wheel

• This can help you get a lower insurance price at renewal

• Your information won’t be shared with anyone else

• Check out our Mythbuster which includes even more great information about telematics insurance


See how many miles our black box drivers have covered since LittleBox launched in our fun infograph

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