Is MultiCover right for me?

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You could find cheaper car, van and home insurance in one package thanks to our MultiCover Insurance. But is it right for you?


We're all busy, so the last thing we want to do is spend our time arranging insurance. The older we get the more policies we have to keep track of – and that’s why we've introduced MultiCover.

It's a great way to save time arranging car, van and home insurance, by bringing it all into one product, freeing you up to do something more enjoyable.

What is MultiCover Insurance?

We were the first UK company to offer MultiCar Insurance – a policy which lets you put more than one car onto the same policy and earn a MultiCar discount. 

MultiCover does the same thing with your car, van and home insurance. You get all the features of a standard Admiral car, van or home insurance policy, but all rolled into one with a MultiCover discount. You only need to have one home and one car or van to get started – you can add more to the policy later. 

And if you’re an Admiral Landlord Insurance customer, you can now add these properties to your MultiCover policy too – just give us a call

Why choose MultiCover?

It’s more straightforward – instead of juggling several policies, you’ll have just the one, with a single renewal date. You get a MultiCover discount for each new product you add to your policy and the bonus is it saves you time.

Alistair Hargreaves, Head of Service at Admiral, explained: “No one likes spending time buying insurance, especially when they have multiple policies to buy.

“Many people now have more than one car or van, and with home insurance to consider too, that can mean a lot of time spent talking to your insurance company throughout the year. MultiCover is great because you can arrange cover for all your cars and homes in one go, and you get a discount too.”

Think about all the time and effort you spend arranging insurance policies; all the forms you fill in, the passwords to remember and the renewal dates to keep track of. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just deal with it all in one go?

With MultiCover, there’s only one set of documents to read. And to make it easier for policyholders to manage their cover, each one has access to their own customer portal.

Setting up a MultiCover policy is a two-stage process. For example, you might start with car insurance before moving on to home insurance.

Because we use much of the same information for both policies, you don’t have to fill out nearly as many forms, making it much quicker. 

You can also choose to pay in full or spread the payments by monthly direct debit, whatever suits your circumstances best. 

What happens to my old policy when I switch to MultiCover?

If you’ve switched from MultiCar insurance to MultiCover you won’t have to cancel your old policy – we’ll do it for you. The same is true if you’re adding a single car policy or home insurance to your MultiCover policy – it’ll automatically join when it’s due for renewal.  

If you’re making the move from another company, however, you should make sure you don’t end up with dual insurance.

Will I lose my No Claims Bonus on my car if I claim on my home insurance?

Let’s say you have a combined home and car insurance policy. What happens if you claim on the home insurance – will it affect your No Claims Bonus? The answer’s no: each policy is treated as an individual. 

The same goes for any motor insurance claims – it only affects the No Claims Bonus of the vehicle or policyholder involved. Any other vehicles and policyholders won’t be affected. 

Will I get the same benefits with MultiCover?

Before you make the switch to MultiCover, check your new policy has all the benefits you’re used to. Our MultiCover policies include all the great features you get with any other Admiral Car, Van or Home Insurance policy.

How long does the cover run for?

A brand new MultiCover policy runs for 12 months. 

The renewal dates of my existing car, van and home insurance policies are different – does that matter?

Whether it's your home or vehicle that needs insurance first, it doesn't matter. With MultiCover we give you an annual price for the one that needs to start first.

For example, if your car's due for renewal now but your home isn't due for several months, your car comes on cover straight away and your home joins when it's due. The home insurance will then run until the renewal date of the car leaving you with just one easy renewal date to remember.

How many cars and homes can I insure?

If you apply online you can insure one home and up to seven cars, but it's possible to add more cars, vans and properties – just contact us directly and we’ll help you out.

Do all cars or vans need to be registered at the same address?

No – immediate family members can have cars or vans registered at different addresses. They’ll still be covered and will also build up their own No Claims Bonus.

Immediate family includes a person's:

  • Partner
  • Parents 
  • Grandparents
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Mother in law/father in law
  • Brothers in law/sisters in law 
  • Daughters in law/sons in law 

Adopted, half, and step family are also included.

I rent my house, can this still work for me?

Because you're renting, you won't need to take out buildings insurance – but you could still benefit from a MultiCover discount if you take out contents insurance.

What happens when it’s time to renew? 

When the time comes to think about renewing your MultiCover, we’ll give a price for each car or home on cover. If we’re not competitive, you’re free to shop around.

Insuring your car, van and home under one policy

The process of buying a MultiCover policy is the same as any other policy. You should first work out how much cover you need for your situation:

  • How many drivers do you want on the policy? 
  • How will the car or van be used? 
  • Would you like breakdown cover?

For home insurance, you should decide how much cover you need by estimating how much it would cost to replace all the items in your home. Look at the various policies and decide what additional features you need.

For example, if you live in a high flood-risk area, you’ll need flood protection. Additional boiler cover can also be valuable if your boiler packs up at the wrong time. 

If you’re not sure how much your home’s contents is worth, work it out with our handy contents calculator.

When the time comes to buy, you can get a quote quickly online or over the phone. In both instances, make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your car and home renewal dates
  • The registration and/or make and model of each car or van
  • The name and date of birth of each driver 
  • Details of any insurance claims and driving convictions

MultiCover is all about making things easier. It brings separate policies under one roof, simplifies processes and saves money. Taking everything you get from existing car, van and home insurance policies and bringing them under one umbrella, you get exactly the same benefits – the only difference is, it’s all part of the same policy.

Bundle your car and home insurance and get yourself a deal