Is MultiCover right for me?


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You could find cheaper car and home insurance in one package thanks to our new MultiCover Insurance. But is it right for you?

We're all busy, so the last thing we want to do is spend our time arranging insurance. The older we get the more policies we have to keep track of, which is why we've introduced MultiCover. It's a great way to save time arranging car and home insurance, by bringing it all into one product, freeing you up to do something more enjoyable.

What is MultiCover Insurance?

We were one of the first UK companies to offer Multi-Car Insurance - a policy which lets you put more than one car onto the same policy and earn a MultiCar discount. MultiCover does the same thing with your car and home insurance. You get all the features of a home and car insurance policy, but all rolled into one .

Will I get a discount?

You could get a MultiCover discount. You'll spend less time filling in forms, when you give us information for your car insurance, we can use lots of those details for your home insurance. If you call one of our multiskilled agents, you'll need just one phone call for all your insurance needs - give you the cover you need, change your details and sort your policies all in one call.

There's only one renewal date and one payment date to keep track of. It takes a lot off your mind and frees you up for other things.

The renewal dates of my existing car and home insurance policies are different, does it matter?

Whether it's your home or car which needs insurance first, it doesn't matter. With MultiCover we give you an annual price for the one which needs to start first. For example, if your car is due for renewal now but your home isn't due for several months, your car comes on cover straight away and your home joins when it's due.

So, no cancellation fees with your existing insurer to worry about! The home insurance will then run until the renewal date of the car leaving you with just one easy renewal date to remember.

Will all drivers build up a No Claims Bonus?

As with our MultiCar insurance, each driver will build up their own No Claims Bonus. This is ideal if you have a son or daughter who is a named driver on your car insurance as they can build up their own bonus to use on their own policy.

Will I lose my No Claims Bonus on my car if I claim on my home insurance?

No. If you make a claim on your home insurance, it will not impact your car insurance.

How many cars and homes can I insure?

If you apply online you can insure one home and up to seven vehicles, but it's possible to add more cars and more properties.

All you have to do is call 0330 134 3207.

Do all cars need to be registered at the same address?

No - immediate family members can have cars registered at different addresses. They will still be covered and build up their own No Claims Bonus.

I rent my house, can this still work for me?

Because you're renting you won't need to take out buildings insurance but may want to choose contents insurance and you could still benefit from a MultiCover discount.

Where can I find out more? Go online or speak to an advisor to see if it's right for you? We also have this handy guide telling you more about MultiCover and what it can do.

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MultiCover Insurance

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