The jargon-free guide to bicycle insurance

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Do I need bicycle insurance?

Bicycle insurance isn’t a legal requirement like car or motorbike insurance - but is still useful. Bicycles are popular; in the ONS' latest survey (which they carry out every 10 years), they found that around 569,000 people cycled to work in 2021 and 2022.   

Unfortunately, bikes are also a favourite of thieves because they’re light, valuable, easy to sell, and plenty are around. There were 64,201 bicycle thefts in the UK in 2023

It’s important to protect your bike, no matter how expensive it is. If it’s stolen or damaged, insurance could help cover the costs if you need a replacement fast. 

Does home or contents insurance cover bicycles?

Your home or contents insurance usually covers your bicycle. We protect bicycles worth up to £350 inside and outside the home.

We also cover any that belong to every family member living at the same address.

If your bicycle is worth more than that

You’ll need to individually list any bicycles worth more than the limit specified by your insurer. 

Insuring modified bicycles

You need to tell us if you make changes to your bicycle. It could affect your cover. For example, if you fitted a new shock absorber that substantially raises the bike’s value, we might not cover it under your current policy.

Speak to your insurer, just in case.

Bicycle insurance abroad

You need to check your home or contents insurance to see if your insurer covers your bicycle away from home.

We cover bikes worth up to £350 anywhere in the world, up to your policy limits. 

If your bike is worth more than this you'll need to let us know so we can specify it on your policy. To make sure your specified bike is covered abroad, you'll need to choose 'cover away from home' when organising your policy. 

How to help prevent your bicycle from being stolen

You can never guarantee your bike won’t be stolen, but there are a few things you could do to help keep it safe as best you can.

Store it properly

Lock doors and windows if you store your bike in an outbuilding like a garage or shed. 

If you can, put a sheet or tarp over it so it’s not easily visible, especially if the outbuilding has windows.  

Bike locks

It’s worth investing in a good bike lock. The lock will put most thieves off, even though they can cut through one with the right tools and enough time. 

Anchor your bicycle to an immovable object, apply the lock and that’s it. It’ll also keep your insurance valid, as we can’t cover unsecured bike theft.

Use BikeRegister 

The national BikeRegister database holds details of more than half a million bikes. The police use it to get recovered bicycles back to their owners. It’s quick and simple to add your details and then mark your bike using a special security kit.

Warning labels are also available to help deter thieves.

Smart parking

Be sensible when it comes to choosing a place to leave your bike. Ideally, choose a well-lit and busy area. Try and pick somewhere with CCTV cameras around. 

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