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Safe driving on Britain's roads deserves to be rewarded

If you're a young or inexperienced motorist, you often face high insurance prices no matter how you drive. Admiral believes in affordable car insurance for safe drivers, which is why LittleBox was created.

It's designed to help Admiral give safe drivers insurance prices based on your motoring skills.

What is LittleBox?

LittleBox is a black box system which notes a motorist's actions and tells Admiral. This lets us price your insurance accurately and fairly, based on how you drive rather than just your age and postcode.

The smartphone-sized piece of technology records:

  • Careful cornering
  • Good braking
  • What time you drive
  • Journey lengths 

Admiral gives regular feedback as well as hints and tips on how to improve. We also congratulate you on areas where you do well.

Because we only want to reward safe drivers, we'll cancel policies of the very worst drivers who can't improve their scores.

Benefits of safe driver car insurance

Showing Admiral know how well you drive means we can offer safe driver insurance for you, not your stereotype.

Bad drivers are everywhere, so make sure you get the cover you deserve and aren't punished for the mistakes and claims of others.

LittleBox's comprehensive cover includes a courtesy car, so if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident and your car's being repaired at one of our approved repairers, we'll keep you on the road.

You can drive anytime you like with LittleBox, but regular night time driving will decrease your driving score, meaning you may not get as big a discount at renewal.

If you need to do a lot of evening trips, this might not be the best policy for you.

Three reasons to choose Admiral LittleBox...

Voted by consumers Best Car Insurance Provider

Voted by consumers as the Best Car Insurance Provider 2019/20 for the seventh year running (Personal Finance Awards).

Your car, your miles

You choose your maximum mileage – it just needs to over 1,900 miles a year.

Free Theft Tracking

If LittleBox is active, our Theft Tracking service is included as standard. If your car's stolen, all you need to do is call our claims team with your Crime Reference Number and we'll work with the Police to give you the best chance of recovering your car.

Your questions answered

We know this page is packed full of information, but just in case you have any other questions, we have answered the most commonly asked questions here...

Voted Best Car Insurance Provider seven years in a row