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Couriers using van

Electricians, plumbers and builders have long known the advantages of a trusty van to transport their kit.

Below are a few other businesses that need a van and information on how to get the right insurance for your needs.

Four van-specific business ideas

1. Become a courier or van delivery driver

While it’s possible to operate a courier or delivery business using a car, having a van allows you to transport larger packages and heavier loads. And the more you can carry and deliver, the more you’ll earn.

If you think you’re up to delivering the goods, then look for job ads from logistics companies asking for self-employed drivers or search the websites of large delivery businesses which advertise for couriers.

To succeed, you’ll need knowledge of the streets on your patch so you can quickly plan efficient routes for your day’s drop-offs.

2. Grow a gardening business from your van

If you’re the green-fingered type who likes being outdoors and has horticultural know-how, then you could thrive as a gardener. A spacious van means you can carry all the gardening kit you may need, including lawnmowers, rakes and spades, as well as heavy pots and planters, shrubs and compost.

You’ll need to enjoy getting your hands dirty but the pay-off – creating green and pleasant places and spaces  – will be a business that’s a breath of fresh air.

3. Set up a cleaning company

There’s always a demand from busy people who need help to keep their homes clean. To stand out, you can specialise in services such as carpets, ovens, end of tenancy or using only natural and organic products.

Your van needs to be big enough to carry cleaning equipment which in some cases includes large machines to help you.

4. Start a ‘man (or woman) with a van’ business

From home and office moves to transporting heavy items, there’s always a demand for someone with a van.

You’ll need to be fairly fit and able to lift heavy loads into your van, know how to secure them safely, plus enjoy driving and dealing with people to set up this sort of service.

What van insurance do I need for my business?

You’ll first need to decide what level of cover best suits your business needs:

  • comprehensive - will pay out to repair or replace your van if it's damaged in an accident or suffers malicious damage
  • third party, fire and theft - covers damage caused by fire or theft
  • third party only - cover if you damage someone's property or injure them while driving

To make sure you have the right level of van insurance for your needs, we recommend contacting our Van Insurance team if you're not sure.

If you're using your van for a commercial business, you’ll probably need our own goods or carriage of goods for hire and reward cover

Own goods

Designed to cover tradespeople such as builders and gardeners who use their van in connection with their business.

Carriage of goods for hire and reward

Perfect for those earning money by using their van for deliveries of third-party goods.

Optional extras

If your business relies on your van being on the road every day, then you might like to take out hire vehicle cover as a policy extra. If your van gets written off or stolen, we'll replace it with a similar size vehicle that's delivered to your door (up to 3.5 tonnes and 7 seats) for up to 21 days.

If you transport tools or business goods in your van, our vehicle contents cover upgrade, covers your van’s contents if they're damaged or stolen.

Don’t forget to let your insurer know of any modifications you’ve made to your vehicle for your business; gardeners might have tipper units or caged sides fitted, for example.

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