What is car sharing insurance?

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Both parents and their student children could share the family car over the Christmas break, but how do you make sure everyone has the cover they need to borrow a car?

After surveying 500 students who are returning for Christmas, it became clear that a personal lack of transport caused many family squabbles.

In fact, more than one in three students said they argue with their parents because they ask them to act as a taxi service when they are home from uni. One in four students said they feel stuck when they're in their parents' home without a car to drive, and nearly one in five are frustrated because they don't have use of their own car.

Parents also feel the frustration, as 21% said they expect to have to drive their grown kids around over Christmas break, and a further 47% estimated that they'll have to do it at least a few times a week.

To help prevent the headaches and squabbles over the festive season, Veygo by Admiral's Temporary Car Insurance could be the ideal solution for those times the family car needs to be borrowed, here's how it works:

How does car sharing insurance work?

Veygo's Temporary Car Insurance Insurance acts as an instant, comprehensive policy that allows someone to drive a car belonging to a friend, family member or colleague for any duration between one hour and thirty days. The policy is taken out online, and cover begins immediately. This means that if someone needs to be insured quickly to pick up a family member or to grab something from the store, they can do so in minutes.

Head of car sharing at Admiral, Jean-Baptiste Limare, explained, "The way we use our cars is changing, sometimes you might just need to borrow a car for a short period of time. Veygo by Admiral's Temporary Car Insurance is for anyone who needs to temporarily use a car belonging to someone they know. It could be a group of friends going on a road trip, a friend who needs to borrow a car for the weekend or a student returning home from university for the holidays and wants to use the family car. It's like on demand insurance."

Another benefit of the insurance is that should the person borrowing the car have an accident, the owner's No Claims Bonus won't be affected. Additionally, anyone who borrows and insures a car through car sharing insurance for thirty or more days, without a claim, will receive a No Claims Bonus valid for use on any future Temporary Car Insurance policies. Should they remain claim free for a 12 month period, they will get one year's Admiral No Claims Bonus.

Who does it benefit?

For parents, it can give back invaluable time to their already busy days during the Christmas season as they won't have to bother with acting as taxi driver for their grown-up students who are home on break. Also since there are always errands to run and shopping to pick up, having an insured son or daughter who can borrow the family car will help lessen the burden of those Christmas time chores.

Students benefit as well since they'll have more independence while home on break. They'll have the option of borrowing the family car to see their mates, and won't feel that they're back in their teenage years stuck at home without freedom. The tables may even turn and it could be the children picking up their parents after having a festive night out.

In fact, nearly four out of ten parents who were surveyed said they expect their children to drive them around should they go out for an evening.

Jean-Baptiste Limare said: "There are enough things to worry and argue about over Christmas, car insurance definitely shouldn't be one of them. With Veygo Car Sharing Insurance, we like to think that we can help make the period the family is together a happy and peaceful one."