What do I need to tell my car insurance company?

Arranging car insurance can feel like quite the chore. Filling in your details, your car's details, any named driver you'd like to add and all of their information - after setting up car insurance you probably find you know a lot more about yourself than you did before.

But what happens once your policy is up and running? Do you know what you're expected to tell your insurer and when?

Modify your car

Let us know if you're re-spraying your car, making cosmetic changes or adding any modifications that affect performance.

Change your car

Different cars have different insurance rates so it’s better to get your new price before you buy a new car.

Change the use

If you start using your car for business we'll need to know about it, for example, we don't provide company car insurance.

Let someone else drive

If someone is going to drive your car regularly you will need to add them as a named driver.

Change the car’s registration plate

If you drive with a new plate but haven't updated your insurance, you could face points on your licence if you’re pulled by police.

Drive abroad

Your car’s covered in any EU country and your policy includes an International Certificate of Motor Insurance, but still let us know you’ll be out of the country.

You have an accident

No matter how big or small, you need to tell us. Even if you don’t make a claim the third party might so we need to have your version of events.

You sell your car

No longer the registered keeper of the car? Tell us so you avoid liability for anything that happens to it when it’s no longer yours.

You change your address

We need to be able to contact you and send your renewal docs. Same goes for your email address.

You change where your car is parked at night

Usually keep it on the drive but now it’s on the street? If something happens when it’s not where you said it was, it could invalidate your insurance.

You change your annual mileage

Underestimating your annual mileage could invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim.

You or your named driver's circumstances changes

You'll need to let us know if your name, occupation or country of residence changes.

Penalty points

If you or any named drivers receive a fixed penalty, motoring conviction or are disqualified during your policy term you must tell your insurer at renewal.


You'll need to tell us about any accidents or incidents whether fault or non-fault that you or your named drivers have had during the previous year.