Keycare Cover

Up to £2,000 worth of cover for keys and locks

If your keys are lost, stolen or broken, our Keycare Cover will provide you cover for the costs of replacement keys and locks.

Cover for your locks and keys

Keycare Cover includes...

Car keys

Cover for car keys apart from those given to you by others, such as a friend, neighbour or relative.

House keys

Cover for house keys apart from those given to you by others, such as a friend, neighbour or relative.

Personal property keys

Cover for keys to your personal property apart from those given to you by others, such as a friend, neighbour or relative.

Emergency helpline

Emergency helpline open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Nationwide locksmiths

Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths.

Vehicle hire

Up to three days hire of a vehicle with a maximum cost of £40 per day, if your car is unusable due to lost or stolen keys.

Losing your keys can be inconvenient and expensive to replace

With Admiral comprehensive car insurance, you’re covered in the event of your car keys being lost or stolen from somewhere other than your car as we will pay up to £300 towards the cost of replacing the locks. You also get the same keycare cover with third party, fire and theft insurance.

Admiral Keycare Cover offers up to £2,000 of cover for the costs of replacing any keys that you own if they’ve been lost, stolen or broken. The costs include the arrangement and services of locksmiths as well as lock replacements.

What's more, there's no excess to pay and you can avoid claiming on your car insurance or home insurance policies, so your No Claims Bonus won't be affected.

Keycare on MultiCar

Our Keycare protection covers each car or van you have with MultiCar.

If you don’t think £2,000 is enough cover for all your keys and costs, you can add further Keycare cover to other cars on your MultiCar policy. Each additional Keycare policy adds an extra £2,000 of protection.

How do I add Keycare Cover?

To add Keycare Cover to your policy let the advisor know when you phone us about a quote.

Policy documents

Please ensure you choose the PDF associated with your product's start date. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You can download it for free from the Adobe website.

Need to make a claim?

Call our claims line

Claims must be reported within 45 days of the loss or theft of the keys.

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