Classic Car Insurance

Expert cover for your classic car

Crammed with features and benefits

Our comprehensive policies (excluding Essential tier) include these great features and benefits as standard.

Windscreen Repair

Policyholders are eligible for the repair and replacement of windscreens (excess applies).

Agreed Valuation

An agreed valuation of your car up to £25,000 fixed for two years.

European Cover

Up to 90 days cover in Europe so you can enjoy a driving holiday in France without having to arrange extra cover.

Stereo Cover

Unlimited cover for standard audiovisual equipment.

£5,000 Personal Injury Cover

Get £5,000 of personal injury cover for you and your partner.

Sat-Nav and Personal Belongings Cover

If your personal belongings or effects are damaged or stolen while in your car, we'll pay up to £150 to help you replace them.

24 Hour Emergency Helpline

Comprehensive and third party, fire & theft customers can call if they have an incident and we're liable for the damage.

Bonus Match

Insure a second car with us and, in most cases, we'll match your No Claims Bonus on that vehicle as well.

Get a great deal on your Classic Car Insurance

You've put in hours of hard work to make sure your pride and joy stays pristine, so you’ll want to be sure it has the right cover.

Our Classic Car Insurance is so much more than your run-of-the-mill cover because we understand when it's a classic, it's more than just a car to you.

What's the definition of a classic car?

You could get an Admiral Classic Car discount if your car is:

  • Over 35 years old
  • Under 70 years old (anything pre-1940 is vintage)
  • Valued between £1,000 and £25,000

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Start with a home or car and bundle others for a lower price. Sign up now and your other cars or home join when they’re ready.

Multi cover insurance

Top 20 Classic Cars

See if your vehicle is in the Top 20 cars.


Volkswagen Beetle

Austin Mini

Landrover 88

Volkswagen T2

MG Midget

Morris Minor

Triumph Stag

Landrover Series

Triumph Spitfire

Ford Escort

Fiat 500

Porsche 911

Triumph TR6

Landrover 109

Rolls Royce Silver

Morris Mini

Ford Capri

Austin Healey

Mercedes 350

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Read our frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

How do I make a claim?

Please refer to our Make a Claim page for details on how you can claim.

What is No Claims Bonus?

Every year you drive without making a claim or having a claim upheld against you, earns you an additional year of No Claims Bonus (NCB). For every year of claim free driving, you earn a discount off the cost of your renewal. If you have already earned No Claims Bonus with your previous insurer, we will ask you to send us written proof (usually a renewal notice or Proof of No Claims Bonus letter from your previous insurer). Your No Claims Bonus builds up to a maximum of 15 years.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you must pay in the event of any claim, regardless of who's to blame for the incident. The excess will vary depending on the car that is covered, the age and experience of the drivers on your policy and if you have opted to take protected or guaranteed No Claims Bonus protection. Details of your policy excess can be found on the reverse of your Policy Schedule.

Will I get a courtesy car if my classic car needs repairs after an accident or is stolen? 

Due to the unique nature of each classic car claim we can't always give you a courtesy car while yours is being repaired after an accident. 

If you know you’ll need a replacement car if your classic car is written off (either from an accident or a theft) then you can add our Hire Vehicle Cover optional upgrade to your comprehensive or third party, fire & theft cover.

Am I covered if I lose my keys or if they’re stolen?

With our comprehensive or third party, fire & theft insurance, we’ll pay up to £300 towards the cost of replacing the locks if your car keys are lost or stolen from somewhere other than your car. 

If you need a higher level of cover, Admiral Keycare Cover provides up to £2,000 of cover for the costs of replacement keys and locks including arranging locksmith services, if yours have been lost, stolen or broken.

What is the process for getting an agreed valuation?

So we can provide you with an agreed valuation, we need you to complete an agreed value form and send it to us with six photographs of your vehicle (one of the interior, four of the exterior and one of the engine).

Your car’s agreed valuation is fixed for two policy terms.

How do I send my classic car documents to you?

You have three options: 

  1. Email: Please forward your documents or any queries to 
  2. Post: Send them to FREEPOST EUI LTD. Please note future communication may come from our Customer Services email address
  3. Online (customers who receive their policy documents by email): Your policy document email will also include a link which will take you to our secure online submission form. Here you can enter all the relevant information, along with your photographs

What happens if I don’t return my documents within the time frame?

Until you receive your agreed value certificate from us, your vehicle remains at market value. If you don’t send the documents, we won’t be able to provide a valuation and you’ll lose the classic car discount. 

If you need an extension for any reason, please contact us

What happens if the information provided on the agreed value form differs from that given when I bought my cover?

In some cases, you may provide us with information that doesn’t match what was originally provided when you bought your insurance. Examples of this include undeclared modifications or an increase in value. Any new or different information may result in an additional charge.

Can I revalue my car at any time?

Yes, please contact us if you feel the vehicle valuation is no longer accurate. To revalue your vehicle, we’ll need you to send another completed form, along with new photographs. 

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