Brexit: Your Cover

Green Card FAQs

Our guide to driving in Europe now and after Brexit.

If you're an Admiral Travel Insurance customer and want to find out more about travelling after Brexit, please see our Travel FAQs.

How is my cover affected by Brexit?

Customers driving UK-registered vehicles will need a Green Card to drive in the EU, EEA and other countries noted below from 1 January 2021. 

This page will be updated as we know more so please check your documentation and this page before you leave. Up to date information is also available at GOV.UK.

What's a Green Card?

A Green Card is an internationally recognised insurance document that proves you have the minimum level of cover for third party property damage and personal injury in countries that are part of the Green Card system. It isn't evidence of your full policy.

Do I need to request a Green Card?

Yes, and you can request one using our online form.

We'll update the FAQs on this page if anything changes, so check back regularly if you're due to travel.

What countries will I need a Green Card for?

You'll need a Green Card to drive in the following countries after 31 December 2020:

  • Countries in the European Union (EU)
  • Countries in the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Andorra
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland

Will I be insured to drive in the countries listed above after Brexit?

Your policy will still provide the same level of cover when you drive in these countries after Brexit. But if you drive your vehicle in Europe without a Green Card, you may be breaking the law and you might face a fine or your vehicle could be seized.

Please contact us if you need to drive abroad for longer than 90 days.

Your Questions Answered

The situation could change, so we'll keep our customers updated. If you have any questions please contact us or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Should I request a Green Card?

Yes, if you'll be driving your vehicle in one of the countries listed above after 31 December, you should request a Green Card using our online form.

Northern Ireland customers: We’ll automatically send you a Green Card when you buy your policy or when you change your car or van, registration number, address or add or remove drivers. If you need another Green Card because you’re towing a trailer, please contact us.

How much does a Green Card cost?

Green Cards are free for Admiral Car and Van Insurance customers.

Can all drivers be listed on the Green Card?

If your licence allows you to drive abroad, you'll be able to request a Green Card. Policyholders and named drivers who hold provisional licences won't appear on the Green Card.

Why is my Green Card on white paper but still called a Green Card?

The Green Card system has been in place since the 1940s and the documents were traditionally green in colour. Changes to the regulations in July 2020 mean they can now be green or in black and white and will be accepted by authorities on white paper in all 48 countries that are part of this system (including all countries in the EU).

To make it easier for you to print them if needed, we’ve chosen to produce them on white paper, and any Green Cards we send to you will be white. We’ll still refer to them as Green Cards.

What happens if I drive in the European countries listed above without a Green Card? Will this invalidate my insurance?

The local authorities in each country need to see a hard copy of your Green Card to prove you have valid insurance. You could be stopped from entering at the border, pulled over to check minimum requirements and your vehicle could be seized.

Why are there crosses on the Green Card?

There are many countries within the Green Card system where we won’t provide any cover and regulations mean insurers must show these countries by putting a cross over them. You’re covered to drive in countries without a cross within the terms of your policy. 

For a full list of the countries in the Green Card system, please visit the Council of Bureaux.  

How long will it take for me to receive my Green Card?

Please request your Green Card at least 7 days before you travel using our online form.

Once we’ve received your request, we’ll send the Green Card to your postal address, and we can email it if you prefer or if you need it urgently. If you receive it by email, you’ll still need to print a hard copy to take with you as it’s not enough to show it on your phone or other device.

Can I print a Green Card myself if you email it to me?

We'll post your Green Card to you and you can also print it out yourself – the important thing is you take a hard copy.

If you print your own, use white A4 paper with black ink (no colour). Make sure the ink hasn’t smudged and there are no other marks on the page as the Green Card won’t be accepted if it's unreadable.

Why can’t I just display it on my smartphone or device?

This isn't currently allowed as part of the Green Card system. You must make sure you have a physical copy of the Green Card with you.

What if I’m towing something, like a trailer or caravan?

If you're towing, you'll need two Green Cards – one for your vehicle and one for the trailer being towed, as many countries in the EU and EEA require a Green Card as evidence the trailer being towed has the minimum level of third party cover. Please contact us so we can provide you with another Green Card depending on what you're towing.

What other documentation do I need to take?

You should take your vehicle logbook (V5C) with you and other similar documentation if you're leasing a car when driving abroad. Please check GOV.UK for the most up to date information on driving abroad and what documentation you'll need to take with you.

You may also need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in some countries, as well as your UK driving licence. For more on this, check the Government's guidance.

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