Van Insurance Checklist

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Van insurance should be easy – that’s why we’ve created a list of things to know or check on with your van insurance


Whether you’re a new van owner or a van expert, you should always make sure your van insurance is up to date and accurate. So here’s a list of some of the most important things to check with your van and its insurance to keep you and your family safe and make sure your cover is valid.

Your details

If you already have van insurance you should be sure to update your records. This applies if you move or receive any driving penalties or convictions. If you’re unsure what details you need to update it’s always best to contact your insurer to notify them of anything that may have changed.

If you’re looking to take out or renew your van insurance be sure you have the vehicle registration, the driver’s details and know the type of cover you need. You can read more on this below.

You should also consider if you have two or more vans that a multi van policy may be a cheaper option for you, and it also means you’ll only have one renewal date to remember. You can add a second van to your existing policy by giving us a call or start a new multi van quote online.

Your drivers

Always ensure you include everyone on your policy who may drive your van. Even if someone has the driving other cars upgrade on their policy, this may not apply to your van. So it’s important everyone who drives your van is properly insured.

Type of cover

It’s important to check you have the right level of cover for your usage. If you’re using your van for things not covered on your insurance, it could invalidate your policy.

We have four cover levels:


If you only plan on using your van for personal trips and not to commute, Social cover could be the best option for you. This cover is perfect if you plan to use your van for leisure activities that require a bit more space such as surfing and fishing.

Social and Commuting

Planning to use your van for travelling to work and day to day trips? You’ll need Social and Commuting cover. You’ll be covered for travel to and from a single place of work.

Own Goods

Tradesmen such as builders, carpenters and plumbers who use their van in connection with their business will need Own Goods cover. This cover will also suit people who need to drive between more than one place of work such as social workers or classroom assistants.

If you use a van to transport tools, stock or merchandise then you may want to look at our Vehicle Contents cover policy upgrade, similar to Goods in Transit insurance. It's a higher level of contents cover which specifically covers the contents of your van. It will help you to recover costs if the van's contents are stolen or damaged.

Carriage of goods for hire and reward

If you use your van to deliver third party goods you’ll need Carriage of goods for hire and reward. Perfect for couriers or furniture removers who earn money by using their van for deliveries of third party goods.

Van upkeep 

As with any vehicle you should make sure get your yearly MOT and service to keep your van roadworthy. While the MOT is compulsory by law, we also recommend you service your van either yearly or every 12,000 miles. 

If your van is deemed unroadworthy in your MOT you must have it repaired as a vehicle that’s unsafe to drive will invalidate your insurance. 

Your van needs to be taxed every year, which you can do online. Failure to do this can also result in invalid insurance.

If you’ve made any modifications to your van you should also declare this on your insurance policy. Where possible you should declare any intended modifications to your insurer beforehand to make sure you’re covered with the modification, and be aware it may affect your policy price. 

Once you have all the details you need and have made sure your van is in good condition you are ready to take out, renew or check your current van insurance.

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