10 steps to spot-on signwriting: how to brand your van

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A branded van can be a brilliant advert for your work, acting like a mobile business card with a well-designed company logo and clear contact details. But bad signage can confuse customers, give a poor first impression and let you down, rather than inspire confidence in your professionalism

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Some van drivers opt to avoid signwriting for fear of advertising their wares to potential thieves, but in a busy city with thousands of passersby, the advertising opportunity outweighs the fear.   

If your work relies on driving a van, follow these 10 tips for top van signwriting to show you really are the business!

  1. DIY signwriting to save budget - If you’re a creative type, why not design your own sign, or use an online template? You can fit adhesive-backed vinyl or magnetic lettering to your van. But be aware, it might be more difficult to get straight than it looks! Cost: Expect to pay from £150 plus VAT.
  2. Using a professional signwriter for a polished edge - You can opt for professionally designed and fitted signwriting or vinyl wraps are becoming increasingly popular. Always ask to see examples of previous work and customer feedback or testimonials; if the van signwriting company’s good, they’ll have plenty. Cost: From £525 to over £1,500 plus VAT. 
  3. Design inspiration - Take a look online, such as at these award-winning vehicle graphics from 2019. If you spot a business van you admire, say hello to the owner and ask for advice
  4. Less is more -  Don’t overload the info - your business name, logo, contact number and website is enough. Fellow drivers will only have seconds to read your sign, so it needs to be clean and clear
  5. Be clear - It might seem obvious, but don’t forget to state what your business actually does. It’s not enough to say you’re Jack Trade & Partners; you need to say you’re professional builders etc
  6. Size matters - Make lettering large enough to be read from afar or when your van is on the move. Make sure wording stands out; yellow lettering on a white van, for example, could be hard to read from a distance
  7. Call me - Add contact information on the sides and back of your business van to capture attention from every angles
  8. Be on brand - Match your signage to any branding your business already has, such as uniforms, business cards and your online marketing. It will help your brand stand out and stay in the customer’s mind
  9. Spellcheck! Don’t think a professional signwriter is guaranteed to have good spelling and grammar, before you hand over your money make sure you proofread the signage.  Doing it yourself? You won’t spot your own mistakes so ask a trusted friend or pay a professional proofreader to double-check
  10. Keep it fresh! Clean your van regularly to keep signage clear and pristine. Washing your van by hand is best, using a mild, non-abrasive detergent that won’t scratch your vinyl signage. Vehicle wrapping experts 3M advise against waxing or polishing your wrap, especially on matte or textured finishes. But do talk to your signwriting company for the best way to care for your particular lettering or wrap.

Will signwriting affect my van insurance?

Getting the right insurance and level of cover for your van is important for your business. Signwriting is seen as a modification, so you’ll need to tell your insurer it’s been done, as well as where it’s located on your van, to make sure you’re covered correctly.
For drivers who use their van for business, Admiral Van Insurance offers Own Goods or Carriage of goods for hire and reward cover, depending on how you use your van and what you transport in it. 

There’s also the option to add a Vehicle Contents Cover upgrade, which covers you if your van’s contents are damaged or stolen, and you can also claim up to £150 for damage to the signwriting itself.
Admiral’s comprehensive van cover will also pay to repair or replace your van if it’s damaged in an accident or suffers malicious damage. 

If you’re unsure which class of van insurance best suits your business needs, contact the Admiral Van Insurance team for our expert advice

What is black box van insurance?

Driving your van safely and considerately will get you noticed for the right reasons - and could even win you business. Driving it badly, however - with your logo for all to see - could have the opposite effect! 

Safe drivers might want to look at our black box insurance for vans - LittleBox. It’s a small device fitted out-of-sight in your vehicle that monitors how you drive and gives you a driving score. The information collected helps reward safe drivers with a reduced premium.

Plus, Admiral LittleBox is fitted with a theft tracker, so if your van is ever stolen, we can help locate it.

To qualify, your van must:

  • Cover more than 1,900 miles a year 
  • Be under 14-years-old 
  • Worth more than £750 

To find out more, call our team on 0333 234 0038.

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