Happy campers and vintage vans

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There's something so quintessentially British about caravan holidays.

vintage camper

For some, they bring back memories of idyllic trips to the Welsh coast with glorious sunshine and picnics on the beach. For others, they bring back memories of nightmarish trips to the Welsh coast with relentless rain and never ending games of Monopoly with gran - what a difference the Welsh weather can make eh?

Nowadays, caravanning has a new face, or at the very least, it's had a facelift. Gone are the days of week long trips to static caravans, and here are the days of roaming free in quirky, gadget-packed campervans.

So should you buy or rent? Which campervan should you choose? And where should you take your camper?

First timers

Happy campers and vintage vans

First things first, how do you get your hands on the campervan of your dreams? You could jump straight in, decide every holiday you have for the next 20 years will be in the campervan and buy one.

However, campervans are a slightly larger investment than the ill advised exercise bike you bought in '92, you can't just shove a campervan in the attic if you don't get much use out of it!

So maybe your best bet would be to try renting one first, visit sites like Wicked Campers, Camplify or Hippy Campers for more information.

The campervan for you

The campervan for you

There are lots of fab campervans to choose from whether you're looking for a basic, 'gets from a-to-b with minimal fuss' option, or something a bit flashier, designed to your specifications with a gadget for every eventuality.

The Peugeot Expert Tepee may not be the snazziest to look at - it's a bit like a people-carrier from the outside - but inside it's pretty spacious and there's plenty of room for all your holiday gear.

Similarly, the Mazda Bongo may look a bit 'plain-Jane' from the outside, but on the inside it's anything but. The elevating roof means there's plenty of room inside for some stylish furnishings and space for all the family to have a comfy night's sleep.

Finally, what would a guide about campervans be without the VW T2? Incomplete, that's what. The VW is the granddaddy of campervans. There's something so carefree about a VW camper, and so many have undergone complete retro makeovers, you can step inside and feel like you're back in 1970 and heading to the original Glastonbury festival.

Campervan-friendly destinations

Campervan friendly destinations

So once you've picked out your campervan, whether rented or bought, your next decision is where to set up camp.

When the sun is shining in the UK it really is hard to beat for beautiful holiday destinations and fantastic day-trips.

Pencelli Castle Caravan and Camping Park in Brecon is a gorgeous spot to set up camp for a night or two. Set against the backdrop of the Brecon Beacons, can you imagine waking up to a more glorious view?

Well, maybe you can if you've ever been wild camping in Scotland. In 2005 the Scottish Outdoor Access Code came into operation, it allows you to camp on most land in Scotland as long as you stick to the code.

So if you fancy taking in some truly spectacular views from the comfort of your campervan then head to visitscotland.com for some inspiration.

Insure your campervan with Admiral

Insure your campervan with Admiral

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