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Top 10 cheapest hybrid and electric cars to insure

We’ve provided thousands of insurance quotes for hybrid and electric vehicles so we crunched the numbers to find out which have the most competitive insurance prices.


We’ve provided thousands of insurance quotes for hybrid and electric vehicles, so we crunched the numbers to reveal the eco cars with the most competitive insurance prices.

There’s a mixture of pure electric vehicles (EV), mild hybrids (MHEV), full or self-charging hybrids (HEV), and plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

Take a look at the lowest average annual premiums for Electric Car Insurance based on sales from January to March 2021. 

Please note all figures used are averages based on internal data where there’s a minimum of 50 cars on our system, and they don’t take into account other data relating to demographics and behaviour that can affect insurance prices.             

1) MG ZS EV - average annual premium: £351.97


This all-electric SUV from MG offers remarkable value for money. It may have a modest range of up to 163 miles, but it more than makes up for that when you consider that it's an EV with enough space for five, yet it's in the same price bracket as a petrol-powered family hatchback. 

It's also well equipped and simple to drive, while charging the battery to 80% can take as little as 40 minutes at a 50kW DC public chargepoint. 

Oh, and it comes with a seven-year/80,000-mile warranty!

2) Hyundai Tucson - average annual premium: £365.07

hyundai tucson

Whether you go for the dramatic new fourth generation Tucson (pictured), or the outgoing model, you're getting a good-sized family car that's a great alternative to other SUVs including the Ford Kuga, Peugeot 3008 and Volkswagen Tiguan. 

There's also extra peace of mind thanks to Hyundai's reputation for reliability and the five-year/unlimited mileage warranty offered. 

The latest Tucson is particularly impressive and is available as a mild or (full) self-charging hybrid – and there's a plug-in hybrid option. The Mk 3 Tucson (2015-20) makes a great second-hand SUV buy, starting at less than £10,000.

3) Ford Kuga - average annual premium: £374.85

Ford Kuga

Launched in 2020, the latest Ford Kuga SUV is available with a choice of mild, full or plug-in hybrid powertrains, giving eco-conscious private buyers and company car drivers the chance to slash their fuel and tax bills. 

The plug-in hybrid is perhaps the most tempting model in the range, offering up to 35 miles of electric-only motoring on a full battery charge and (in theory) as much as 200mpg, while CO2 emissions are as low as 32g/km. 

Also, if all-wheel drive is essential, that's on offer too.

4) MG 5 EV - average annual premium: £395.81


Despite costing less than a Nissan Leaf, MINI Electric or Renault Zoe, the all-electric MG 5 offers estate car space and up to 214 miles of range on a full charge. 

There's plenty of room inside for five people, its 464-litre boot expands to 1,456 litres with the back seats folded down and it can be charged to 80% in just 50 minutes from a 50kW chargepoint. 

It's not marketed as sporty but it can sprint from 0-62mph sprint in just 7.7 seconds, while MG's generous seven-year/80,000-mile warranty gives it a ring of confidence.

5) Renault Zoe - average annual premium: £397.36


Europe best-selling electric vehicle has had the cute supermini end of the market to itself for years, but now it's facing tough competition from the likes of the Honda e, MINI Electric, Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e. 

The good news is the latest Zoe is better than ever and is hanging in there with its winning combination of space, equipment, driver engagement and personality. 

With a useful range of up to 245 miles, up to 90 miles of driving range can be added in as little as 30 minutes via a 50kW public chargepoint.

6) Volkswagen ID.3 - average annual premium: £406.88


Effectively replacing the outgoing e-Golf (see below), the futuristically styled ID.3 is about the same size, yet offers more space inside and a generous boot capacity. 

Inside it's almost as minimalist as the Tesla Model 3 with a large floating centre touchscreen and a small display ahead of the driver with a dinky twisty gear selector attached to the side. Fast, agile and smooth, it boasts an impressively tight turning circle. 

Available with three different sizes of battery, the most expensive version (77kWh) has a claimed range of 336 miles.

7) Nissan Leaf - average annual premium: £415.13

nissan leaf

The pioneering Nissan Leaf is still one of the world’s most popular electric vehicles. Built in Britain, the second-generation version (launched in 2018) is more conventional looking than its predecessor. 

It's also practical, pleasant to drive and comes with a range of between 168-239 miles, depending on the size of battery pack chosen (40kWh or 62kWh). 

Just like any EV, it can be charged at home overnight or it takes as little as 60 minutes to reach an 80% charge using a 50KW fast charger.

8) Volkswagen e-Golf - average annual premium: £424.56


Now superseded by the purpose-built ID.3 (above), the e-Golf (2014-2021) was the 100% electric version of the popular family hatchback, blending kerb appeal and top build quality in a package that was much like the regular Golf to drive. 

Later versions had a range of 144 miles and could be charged to 80% in just 45 minutes via a 50kW public chargepoint. 

If you're looking for a swift, second-hand EV with a modest range, then an e-Golf with low mileage starts at around £12,000.

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