Bonus Accelerator

The Bonus Accelerator policy runs for 10 months rather than 12 but at the end of your policy you still get a full year's No Claims Bonus.

Great for young drivers

Admiral's Bonus Accelerator policy is suitable for drivers of all ages. However, younger drivers who haven't built up their No Claims Bonus yet could really benefit.

A bigger No Claims Bonus saves you money on your premiums, but can take years to build up. Admiral's Bonus Accelerator will help you build it quicker.

How does it work?

Our Bonus Accelerator does exactly what it says: speeds up the rate you build your No Claims Bonus. It gives a year's No Claims Bonus in just 10 months, so you start saving on car insurance premiums sooner. After 10 months we'll give you a renewal based on another full year's No Claims Bonus.

What if I don't renew?

Of course we hope you'll stay with Admiral. But if you decide to leave us after the 10 months, we'll still give you proof of the No Claims Bonus you've earned with us.