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The 10 cheapest cars to insure for over 25s

Find out which are the cheapest cars to insure if you're over the age of 25

Ford KA+

Car ownership can be an expensive business. From the price of fuel, to car insurance and making sure it’s serviced and passes its MOT every year – it all adds up.

So with that in mind, our pricing team has calculated the 10 cars which were, on average, cheapest to insure for drivers over the age of 25 between July and September 2021.

As you’ll see, there’s a real mix of vehicles, from classics to camper vans, and convertibles to city cars!

We’ve only included cars where we have 50 or more examples on cover, and the figures don’t take into account other data that could affect the price.

1) Mini - average annual premium: £216.09

Mini Knightsbridge, 2000

Let's start with a classic. Launched in 1959, the iconic Alec Issigonis designed Mini set the template for small cars to come and a total of 5,387,862 were built before production finally ended in 2000. 

Boasting a surprising amount of interior space for such a compact car, it was economical, fun to drive and cheap. In short, the Mini was ideal for new drivers.

2) Land Rover 90 - average annual premium: £284.66

Land Rover Defender 90

In 2016 the last Land Rover Defender left the assembly line at Solihull. If you count the Defender alongside its predecessors, the Series I, II and III Land Rovers, it was in continuous production for an astonishing 68 years. 

The ‘90’ reflected the length of the wheelbase (88 inches), compared to the bigger '110' (109 inches). Highly collectable, arguably no other vehicle matches the Land Rover in all-terrain capability and practicality. 

Big and unwieldly when compared to modern SUVs, they’re quite heavy to drive – especially in town – but they’re also truly iconic.

3) Volkswagen up! - average annual premium: £293.65

Volkswagen up!

Launched in 2012 and still going strong, the up! city car is closely related to its not-so-distant relatives, the Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo. 

The classiest of the trio, the up! is one of the most engaging small cars on the market to drive. 

With good build quality and low running costs, it's available with an eager little 1.0-litre engine, there's more space inside than you might think and it's an affordable second-hand buy. 

There's even an electric version – the e-up!.

4) Volkswagen California - average annual premium: £297.99

Volkswagen California

For some, owning a camper van like the iconic Volkswagen California is all about re-living childhood holidays. For others, it's a way of forgetting about our day-to-day lives, enjoying the freedom of the road and the ability to 'glamp' at a moment's notice. 

Ranging from £55,000-£66,000 new, a California is not cheap, but perhaps it's best to think of it more as an investment that can be enjoyed, because due to heavy demand, depreciation is low. 

Second-hand examples are available, but don't expect any bargains.

5) Skoda Citigo - average annual premium: £299.66

Skoda Citigo

The award-winning Citigo has been on sale since 2012 and is a familiar sight on our roads. Almost identical to its Volkswagen Group cousins, the Seat Mii and VW Up!, this city car is cute and fun to drive. 

It’s also surprisingly spacious, with a decent 251 litres of luggage capacity in the boot (959 litres with the seats folded down) and there's even space for two adults to sit in the back. 

6) Ford KA+ - average annual premium: £301.16

Ford KA+

Based on the best-selling Ford Fiesta, the KA+ city car (2016-2020) originally went on sale at just £8,995, yet it offered five doors and supermini space. 

At first only a 1.2-litre petrol engine was available. It was joined two years later by a 1.5-litre diesel unit when the KA+ was also treated to an update. 

It may look on the dumpy side, but the KA+ benefited from some of the Fiesta's good points, so it's unexpectedly engaging to drive, even if the engines are so-so and the ride is on the soft side.

7) Skoda Yeti - average annual premium: £311.32

Skoda Yeti

Well made and practical, the Yeti benefits from Skoda’s great reputation for reliability. This means that even though this quirky, award-winning car went out of production in 2017, there are still plenty of great used examples available. 

This highly practical car is as much a family hatchback as it is an SUV, and it’s available in two or four-wheel drive.

There's no shortage of space inside, front and back, and there's a generous 416 litres of boot space (1,580 litres with the back seats folded).

The Yeti has a lot of fans, partly down to its distinctive looks but also because it’s fun to drive.

8) Mazda MX-5 - average annual premium: £312.75

Mazda MX-5

First produced in 1989, the iconic MX-5 is now in its fourth generation and is still the world’s most popular roadster. Sharply styled, well-built and boasting superb handling, you can either choose the convertible or distinctive RF (Retractable Fastback) variant which adds a little more comfort and coupe looks. 

If a cosy two-seater fits in with your lifestyle, then there's a huge choice of used examples out there. Mk1s, 2s and 3s are great value used, starting at just £1,000, but expect to pay at least £3,000 for a good one and check for any possible damp and rust issues.

Overall, the MX-5 is remarkable value and surprisingly easy to run as a daily driver. Fun to drive and affordable, it's open-top motoring at its best.

9) Dacia Duster - average annual premium: £317.89

Dacia Duster

The chunky Duster from Renault's budget brand, Dacia, offers incredible value for money. The entry-level front-wheel drive Duster SUV is spacious, rugged and a surprisingly decent drive, but you'll have to pay more for the 4x4 version. 

Winner of countless awards, it's even received the prestigious Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended status. An amazing 92% of readers would recommend a Duster to friends and family, while owners praised the car’s value for money, looks, technology and driving experience. 

New Dacias also come with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty package. In short, the Duster is remarkably good value.

10) Dacia Logan - average annual premium: £319.22

Dacia Logan MCV

It may not be the most attractive or sophisticated car on the market, but the Dacia Logan MCV is quite simply the cheapest new estate money can buy. 

This ‘Maximum Capacity Vehicle’ offers a good space for driver and passengers, plus a huge 573-litre boot, which expands to 1,518 litres with the rear seats flipped. 

The Logan MCV doesn't claim to be anything other than basic and practical, but generally speaking, it's a comfortable, no-thrills drive. 

As with the Duster (above), the Logan also comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty package.

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