SERVICE UPDATE [09/04/2020]

Thank you for your support and patience while we take measures to protect our staff, due to Coronavirus.

We are open for business and here for you. Our call waiting times are currently much longer than usual (approximately 30 mins) so you may prefer to call us only if urgent. We are continuing to prioritise calls for existing customers and new claims, for example, if you’ve been involved in an incident and your car’s undriveable, or your home’s uninhabitable.

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What you need to do after a car accident

There's nothing worse than having a bump in the car, whether someone crashes into you, you crash into them, or you hit a bollard in a car park, knowing what to do next can be a worry


How do I make a claim?

1) Make sure everyone involved is safe.

2) Collect key information, including:

a. Who was involved, contact details (particularly telephone numbers) of any other drivers and registration of any other vehicles, details of passengers, witnesses, and emergency services on the scene

b. When the accident happened, record the time of day

c. How many cars were involved, and how many passengers were in each car

d. Where the accident happened

e. What happened, and what damage was caused to cars and property? If possible, take pictures.

3) Contact Admiral right away, even if you don’t have all the information, so our experts can help you. You can report the accident online at - it's that simple!

If you have an accident don’t worry, car accidents are very common and as your insurance company, we are here to help you through it and make the car insurance claims process run as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

What do I need to do after a car accident?

At the scene of the accident, first of all make sure you get to a safe place out of a main road and out of any oncoming traffic. Avoid staying in the vehicle if you are on a motorway or any other type of main road. Once you are in a safe place please try and obtain all the details of the other party/parties involved. You will need:  

  • Full names, contact telephone numbers, insurance details, including the policy number and car registration details and the car make and model. You should stay calm and polite to the third party, but don't admit you were at fault for the accident, even if you think you were. Remember to make a note of any passengers in the other vehicle, include details such as their age
  • Most people have a phone with a camera which makes it much easier than it used to be together photographic evidence at the scene. If possible and safe to do so, take a photo of the damage to all cars involved. Likewise, any damaged property was damaged and the scene as a whole including road markings and signs
  • Gather any information you can from any witnesses to the accident ask for their details, including an address and telephone number. An independent witness can be useful to prove who was at fault in an accident.

If your car is obstructing the road, try and move it to the side. Only do this if the car is safe to drive don't put yourself in any danger. If you are unsure at all, do not attempt to move it. If your vehicle is safe to enter and not in a dangerous place you can collect all of your belongings out of the vehicle if it’s undriveable and it needs collection.

When should I inform my insurer?

You should call us as soon as possible to report the incident, even if you aren’t planning to make a claim. Make sure you’re in a safe place before calling us as your safety is paramount. If possible you should call us from the scene of the accident, otherwise preferably the same day.

If you are at the scene of the accident when you call us then we can access your policy details with your car registration number. If the accident happens outside our opening hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 9pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm, and the car isn't driveable, call the 24-hour Accident Recovery Helpline, you'll find the contact details on our Claims page. They will be able to collect and store your car until it can be assessed for damage. Of course, if anyone is badly injured in the accident and requires urgent medical attention, telephone the emergency services.

What will we discuss when I report the accident?

When you call the Admiral claim line to report the accident we will need to take as much information as possible about the incident and the details of all parties involved. Based on the information provided we can discuss the options available to you. We will also explain all other information we need from you, repairs to your vehicle, liability, excess, No Claims Bonus and answer any questions you have.

What happens after I've registered a claim?

After you have decided how to proceed, the agent you speak to will start the process and advise on timescales. Until we have clarified the extent of the damage it can be difficult for us to state how long the process will take. Liability can be a complex process with no set timescale so we might not be able to provide you with timescales on the initial call. We understand having any form of incident can be stressful and confusing so we are here to help you through the claims experience.