Making a Car or Van Insurance Claim

Your guide to a stress-free claim

What to do if you’re involved in a motor accident.

We hope you never have to make a motor insurance claim, but if you do, you know you’re in safe hands with Admiral.

There are plenty of ways you can start your claim with us, which we'll talk about below. It's important you do this quickly and with as much information as possible. This way we can get the ball rolling and help you back on the road with little upheaval.

So, before you make a claim, read the important information below to make sure you have everything you need. We’ll look at:

  • The ways to report a claim to Admiral
  • The best time to report your claim
  • Information needed for a claim

Easy ways to report your claim

Claims can often come at a stressful time, particularly if you’re involved in an accident. To make the process as easy as possible, we’ve created a few ways of reporting a claim so you can choose the option that best suits you.

If you’re on the side of the road, our emergency recovery helpline details can be found on our claims page.

Online claim

It’s simple and convenient to report your claim online. Just go to MyAccount and click ‘Claims’.

Telephone claim

Or if you’d prefer, you can call and report your claim over the phone.

It’s important you have the right contact information for Admiral’s claims team. Whether you’re at the side of the road, or safe at home, all the contact options you need are here.

Best time to report a claim

You need to report any claim, accident or loss (regardless of fault) involving you or your vehicle within 48 hours, but the sooner you tell us the quicker we can take the stress away. It can also help to keep any potential claims costs to a minimum.

The earlier we can manage your claim, the easier the process becomes for you - our claims handlers are experts in their field and will go the extra mile to get the best result for you.

How long will my claim take to settle?

As every claim’s different it's difficult to give an exact time frame, but we'll make sure your claims experience is as stress-free as possible.

Do I have to make a claim after an incident?

You don’t have to make a claim, but you do need to tell us if you’re involved in an accident no matter how big or small, or who’s responsible. Our dedicated claims team will tell you how we can help and what you’d need to do if you decide to make a claim.

Not sure what you need to report to your insurer and when? Take a look at our guide on what you need to tell your insurer.

When someone else is involved

If another person is involved in the incident (we call this a third party), we’ll try to speak to them immediately with the aim of stopping them from making an expensive or false claim against you.

Our specialist claims handlers can offer the third party our services even when its our customer at fault – this too can help reduce costs.

If you have more questions like this, you can find the answers on our Claims page by clicking below.

Information needed for a motor insurance claim

We don’t need much information to get your claim started, but a few basic details from the other person (third party) involved will help us get it sorted even quicker.

So, if you’re involved in any kind of motoring incident with another person, the most important things to ask for are their:

  • Full name
  • Vehicle registration
  • Contact telephone number

It would also be a benefit to get their:

  • Address
  • Insurance provider

If there are any witnesses, ask for their contact details too.

The good stuff...

By registering your claim directly with Admiral, our comprehensive insurance customers can take advantage of our Approved Repairer service – guaranteeing your vehicle will be looked after by one of our approved repairers who work to our high standards of service.

And you’ll get all these stress-free benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty on repairs
  • Free courtesy vehicle for the duration of the repairs
  • Free collection and delivery service
  • Your vehicle will be returned to you fully cleaned inside and out
  • Excess will need to be paid to the repairer, however in some cases depending on liability it can be claimed back from the third party’s insurer, through your Motor Legal Protection (if you have it).
  • Your No Claims Bonus will remain untouched if the third party admits liability

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