Admiral Claims: Make sure you have the right phone number

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Don’t get caught out – make sure you have the correct phone number if you need to make an insurance claim.


We’ve recently discovered that a number of customers searching for a phone number for Admiral Claims have instead ended up on the websites of claims companies that have no affiliation with Admiral.

Customers have reported to us that they clicked on adverts leading to claims companies in error when they were intending to contact us. These companies often don’t clearly identify who they are and won’t correct customers who believe they’re speaking to Admiral. They also use eforms that are designed to look very similar to ours. 

If customers end up dealing with companies we have no affiliation with, we then have no awareness of or involvement in the claim. This can then cause issues as we don’t have the option to assist or work with any of our carefully chosen suppliers to deal with your claim.

Why is this happening?

The reason why claims companies are showing in search results ahead of Admiral is because they’ve paid to have adverts shown when people type certain phrases into search engines.

This issue has only been reported among customers searching on mobile phones. Those using laptops or desktop computers haven’t had the same problem, although you should always take care.

How not to get caught out

To avoid being caught out by this, look out for the word “Ad” next to the website address if you’re searching for our phone number. This indicates that you’re looking at a paid advertisement for the website.

These paid adverts will be similar to your search criteria but they may not be exactly what you were searching for. Ads could cause you to contact the wrong company, so take your time. If you think you’ve seen a scam ad, you can now report it to the ASA so they can investigate.

The Admiral website might not be the first one in the list, but it should have the Admiral icon next to it, and this URL:

Better yet, follow the advice in the next section to make sure you never need to search for our contact number should you need it. 

How to make a claim with Admiral

If you or your vehicle are involved in any type of incident, you must tell us about it within 48 hours. You don’t have to make a claim, but we need to know if something happened, regardless of who’s responsible. Our dedicated car insurance claims team will then advise you how we can help, and what would be required if you decide to make a claim.

By reporting to us quickly, we can act quickly and keep the potential costs of any claim as low as possible. The earlier we can manage your claim, the easier the process becomes for you.

If there is another person involved in the incident, we’ll attempt to speak to them immediately and potentially stop them from making an expensive or false claim against you.

To find the correct contact details for Admiral, please either check the welcome text you received when buying your cover or visit the ‘Make a claim’ page and choose the kind of insurance you have with us. There are different ways to make a claim, including online and by phone, and these are all listed on the ‘Make a claim’ page along with the telephone numbers you need.

You could also bookmark the ‘Make a claim’ page in your phone or other device. Then if you’re ever in the position where you need to make a claim, you’ll be able to find the correct contact details even if you feel upset and shaken up.

What to do if you accidentally call a claims company

If you attempt to contact Admiral to report a claim and your policy details aren’t discussed or the person on the other end of the phone isn’t aware of your details, the chances are you’ve contacted another company in error.

Don’t be afraid to ask which company you are calling and who you’re speaking to. Companies are required to identify themselves by law when asked.

If it isn’t Admiral, hang up and don’t discuss the claim or your details further. Then head to our ‘Make a claim’ page to make sure you’re speaking to us.

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