Having trouble paying back your Admiral Loan or Car Finance?

If you are having problems paying back your loan, we may be able to set up a payment plan for you.  

Call our team on 0333 234 6009 and we’ll talk about your circumstances and help agree a payment plan based on what you can afford to pay back.

We can also look at a better date for your repayments and a different way to pay that suits you more.

You’ll have time to think about what you’d like to do after we’ve explained the different options you have. If, for some reason, we can't offer you any of these options, we’ll explain why.

You’ll have a reasonable amount of time to pay back the debt and, if you’d like, we will be happy to talk to an independent debt advisor, acting on your behalf about a payment plan.

We’ll only start proceedings to recover the outstanding balance (and/or vehicle if the loan is secured) if we can’t agree another solution with you.

Additional help available to you

For free help managing your finances, speak to an independent debt advisor.

Other agencies can offer support and guidance in times of financial and personal hardship:

We strongly advise you seek independent debt advice.

Arrears Management Fees

None of the fees listed below are taken in your direct debit payments. Fees will be applied to your account and should be paid by calling 0333 234 6009.

Type of fee Amount
Field Agency Up to £135.00
DCA Referral £45.00
Legal Action Various (These fees are dependent on balance and litigation stage, so we’ll keep you informed.)
Vehicle Inspection Up to £250 (This fee is dependent on the type of inspection carried out, so we’ll keep you informed.)
Vehicle Repossession Up to £350

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