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Death of the old banger?

New investigation reveals once popular cars closest to ‘extinction’

New research from Admiral Car Insurance has revealed the once common cars on UK roads that are now endangered and close to extinction.

Working with a car sales expert Admiral analysed 1500 previously popular cars that are now rarely seen on UK roads to reveal the list.

Looking at makes and models mass produced in the last 35 years (between 1984 to 2001) that have since been discontinued, Admiral has revealed the 10 popular cars at risk of disappearing from our roads completely.

Taking the top spot as the most endangered is the Ford Granada, with fewer than 800 working models still registered in the UK.

The Ford Granada was in production from 1974 to 1994 with more than 1.4 million made throughout its lifetime, meaning fewer than 0.1% of those produced (and registered between 1984 and 2001) are still on UK roads today.

The Vauxhall Nova, with just over 1,000 left and Peugeot 405 complete the car expert’s top 3 most endangered old favourites.

Admiral have released a new video showing the top 10 most endangered cars.