Long car journeys are key to happy relationships


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Long car journeys are the perfect time for couples to bond and catch up on gossip according to a new survey.

Road trips are often thought to be the source of friction in relationships, not so according to a recent survey which reveals long journeys may actually be a good thing.

Webuyanycar.com asked nearly 3,000 motorists who regularly travel with another person, what they did in a car on long journeys and 62% said it gave them time to discuss their relationship.

Time on the road also seems to be a great time to make big plans with 92% of respondents discussing plans like their next holiday, plans for the house or joint purchases like which car they should buy.

It also seems the privacy of a moving car results in a good gossip session with 95% saying they gossiped about everyone from family members to people they don't know.

In the age of always being connected by so-called 'smart technology', the online car buyer found the car is one of the last remaining places where couples get the opportunity to discuss their relationship, tell each other jokes, talk about friends and family members and decide on big plans for the future without distraction.

However, there are some key differences between the sexes with 82% of women likely to belt out a tune during a long journey compared to 67% of men and men more likely to crack a joke.

Rich Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar.com, said: "The lack of uninterrupted quality time means couples rarely have the time to discuss their plans or air the issues which are important to them.

"The results of our survey show a long car journey could offer one of the few opportunities for couples to have a meaningful and uninterrupted conversation about the things which are important to them both."

Don't be fooled though, it's not all peace and harmony as 59% of both men and women admit to arguing sometimes or often on a long journey.

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