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Why does Admiral...?

Car insurance can be a confusing thing, so we've put together a helpful guide to help answer some questions you may have

We understand car insurance is a confusing business. First you shop around trying to find the best price for you, then you try to work out which is the right cover for you, and once you've done all that, you find yourself trying to decipher the insurance lingo. Sometimes it feels like everyone around you is speaking a foreign language.

Then all of a sudden everything seems to click, No Claims Bonus, named drivers, fully-comprehensive cover, these are all things you suddenly understand, you've figured it out, you speak the language and you get covered.

However, there are still things we do that leave you asking 'why?', so we've put together some information to answer those questions.

Why does Admiral…record non-fault claims?

Looking at the full claims history of our drivers is important as it helps us determine the likelihood of there being more claims in the future. We look at years of data from millions of motorists.

Statistically speaking, drivers who have a non-fault incident are more likely to go on to make a fault claim in the future. We therefore use it as a factor when calculating future premiums.

Some reasons for this include; living in a high risk area, driving busier or more dangerous routes every day or the type of car you drive being prone to malicious damage or theft.

However, even with a non-fault incident your No Claims Bonus remains unaffected, so that discount will still be taken into account.

Why does Admiral…automatically renew?

It might be irritating to have to phone to cancel your Admiral renewal if we aren't the most competitive, but as car insurance is a legal requirement we renew automatically so you don't end up driving uninsured.

Often car insurance is not at the forefront of your mind, particularly if a holiday or work commitment clashes with your renewal date. By automatically renewing the policy, unless we hear otherwise, we ensure our customers don't end up getting pulled over for driving without insurance.

Since 2011, it is an offence to keep a vehicle without insurance unless you have notified the DVLA that your vehicle is being kept off the road by means of a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN), and you don't have to be driving to be caught.

You will receive your renewal notice from us between 14 and 21 days before it is due; if you registered online this will be sent out in the form of an email.

To cancel Admiral car insurance in this case, just call our Renewals department and let them know if you don't want to renew. If you call us after the new period of insurance has started, we can still cancel the policy, although there will be a cancellation fee. If you cancel outside the 14 day cooling off period you will be charged for the days on cover.

While this information is correct in normal circumstances, our timescales are slightly different at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To find out more about your renewal at this time, see our Coronavirus FAQs.

Why does Admiral…ask for proof of No Claims Bonus?

A No Claims Bonus is earned for every year you are insured and a claim isn’t made against your policy. It allows us to add additional discounts for those drivers who are a safer risk.

By providing us with proof of your No Claims Bonus we can give you the right discount.

Our new online portal allows you to access your documents and insurance certificate online, so it is easier than ever to provide us with your No Claims Bonus details. There is a short form to fill in via the online portal and it can be submitted directly to us in minutes.

Why does Admiral…search databases for information?

Searching databases which store claims and convictions information is a way of ensuring we have the correct information for you when your policy begins.

Though it can seem Admiral is trying to find ways to increase the insurance premium, it is in fact a way of making sure all relevant information is declared and correct before an accident occurs.

We don't expect you to remember the exact date you received a motoring offence four years ago, but we do need to know the month and year it happened. We appreciate mistakes are made, so searching the databases allow us to update information accordingly which allows us to rate fairly across our customer base.

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